Guide To 80s Fashion Men's Style & Fashion Trends
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Guide To 80s Fashion Men's Style & Fashion Trends

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Summary: From the iconic Ralph Lauren Polo shirts to punk-inspired ripped jeans, the 80s were a decade of extremes when it came to men's fashion. While some of the 80s men's styles may have been a little OTT, there were also some classic looks that still remain popular. Let’s take a trip down memory lane of the 80s men's fashion style, shall we? 

The 80s were certainly a fascinating time for fashion. Replete with fearless designs and bright colors, this decade saw men fully embracing trends and proudly showing their style. When it comes to the 80s fashion scene, some classic styles born in this era stood the test of time and continue to be popular even in 2023. 


After the 80s hip-hop stars LL Cool J and Run DMC began wearing Adidas as a style statement, a new men’s fashion trend was born. Tracksuits became a fad like no other and were worn by both men and women. They were usually made of nylon, cotton fleece, polyester, or velour and had bright colors, loud prints, or color-blocking patterns. Tracksuits came with a jacket, usually full zip ones, and matching pants. 


Double Denim

The famous Canadian Tux, better known as double denim, was a rage during the 80s fashion decade. This was the kind of 80s outfit men donned all the time back. The ruggedness of this look was looked upon as cool and stylish. The tattered jeans, coupled with a sexy denim jacket, were the IT look of that era. 

Hawaiian Shirts

The fun and vibrant Hawaiian Shirt is making a full-blown comeback, and many brands like Gucci, Aries, and AMIRI are hopping on the bandwagon to bring back this staple from the 80s. These shirts were a casual fix to pair with anything from shorts to jeans. Their breezy silhouettes and bold prints made them a perfect summer pick! 

Hawaiian Shirts

Baggy Jumpers

A sweater that’s oversized and has an unstructured silhouette and loud colors is what aptly defines these jumpers from the 80s. These baggy jumpers typically had vibrant colors and patterns - the style which is only seen at retro costume parties today. They were usually paired with basic leggings or slacks and were truly a no-effort outfit of the 80s men's fashion.

All Things Fluro

Even four decades later, it’s difficult to look at neon colors and loud patterns and not think of the 80s. The Fluro or the fluorescent color trend was everywhere in the 80s. Right from flashy jackets to accessories, neon was the status quo of this era. When the 80s era meant experimental fashion, they legitimately meant it.

All Things Fluro

Leather Jackets

Leather jackets were ubiquitous during the 80s fashion decade. Every man, even those who weren't fashion savvy had a leather jacket in their wardrobe. Worn by bikers, punks, rock stars, and literally everyone, this 80s style went on to become a classic and is loved by men even in 2023. 

Power Suits

Any 80s men’s fashion guide is incomplete without the might of the power suit. Featuring sharp silhouettes and broad shoulder pads, these suits were nothing short of a style statement. Designers like Armani and Versace came out with power suits during the 80s, which had bolder colors and lightweight materials.

Made mainstream by Gordon Gekko in the movie Wall Street, power suits were aptly named so! 


Slogan & Logo Tees

The 80s decade saw T-shirt styles with big logos and slogans going extreme. Right from a rock band tee to controversial slogan tees, this style was a crowd favorite in the 80s.

Even in 2023, the logo and graphic t-shirt category remain quite popular. 

Polo Shirts

One of the most prevalent shirts in the 80s fashion style was the polo shirt. They came in various colors and patterns and were worn while playing sports or for most casual occasions. Polo shirts with horizontal stripes were immensely popular and had thick rugby-style stripes or slim stripes in alternating colors. 

Polo Shirts

Casual Jumpsuits

Laid-back and comfy, jumpsuits were quite trendy in men’s fashion during the 80s. These overalls came in bright colors and had striped or solid patterns. They initially began as a unisex trend but were later adopted more by women than men. Even so, the casual jumpsuit of the 80s deserves an honorable mention in any 80s men's fashion style guide. 

Let's go back to the 80s

The 80s was an era of eyeball-grabbing outfits. Men of that decade didn't shy away from trying fashion trends like the mullet hairdo, the mustache, or even chunky jewelry. Like every fashion era, the 80s had their share of hits and misses – some styles became a classic, while others didn’t see the light of the day for good reason. 

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Key Takeaways

  • 80s men's fashion was dominated by bold and bright styles.
  • Denim, leather, and polo shirts turned out to be classics and have remained wardrobe staples for men to date.
  • The 80s fashion scene saw the birth of athleisure and sportswear – which happens to be the hottest trend in 2023. 

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