Get Inspired By The Alexa Chung 2021 Spring Collection
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Get Inspired By The Alexa Chung 2021 Spring Collection

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Alexa Chung’s spring collection 2021 epitomizes everything that the Chung brand embodies — a classic blend of strong masculine silhouettes with dainty feminine prints. The best part about the clothing line is its practicality combined with a unique sense of style. It is something that every designer wants to add to their collection, but not everyone gets it right. 

Here, we look at a few highlights of the Alexa Chung 2021 line, which are bound to be trendsetters in the future.

How to infuse the Alexa Chung 2021 Spring vibe into your designs

  1. Combining the feminine and masculine

A large part of Alexa Chung 2021 designs include a combination of masculine and feminine elements. The entire collection is made of floral dresses with extremely feminine silhouettes paired with long, tailored double-breasted trench coats or jackets to keep the wearer from the springtime chill. 

This combination of masculine and feminine elements is also seen in the choice of colors and prints. Whereas some pullovers come in neutral checks, the skirts and dresses come in vibrant pinks and dainty motifs. The most iconic outfit from her lookbook would be a floral shirt paired with a striped dungaree.

  1. Inspiration from music and movies

Alexa Chung has always spoken about how much music and movies have influenced the design of her clothes. The Alexa Chung 2021 clothing line has been inspired by absurd motifs found in every David Lynch movie, blended with ordinary elements of real life. 

The collection also relies heavily on late Victorian designs and frills. It has several statement pieces like dark silhouettes or very long midis with frills at the neck. The color palette, too, immediately reminds one of horror and noir films. There are also gothic patterns inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining’s carpet or the noir vibe from Blue Velvet. The overall theme is dreamy and nightmarish, blended with elements of real life. 

  1. A brand that is classic and practical

Alexa Chung talks about her collection and inspiration fondly: “London is a result of a deep dive into the cultural and sartorial history of the world that exists right on my doorstep.” She tries to make cult elements from the fashion scene more practical — something that you would view as a part of London streetwear. 

Alexa Chung 2021 Spring Collection

Furthermore, she speaks about how the trench coat became an icon for her entire design philosophy. She wanted to reintroduce something that withstood the test of time in fashion history. Equally, she wanted to reinvent fashion to reflect the current times. Her collection thus has chunky cable-knit oversized pullovers teamed with dark blue corduroy pants. It also has something as simple as a white dress with a long jacket. She also brings her version of the sweater vest, pairing it with a floral printed shirt. 

  1. Let the designs reveal the quirky you

Alexa Chung 2021 perhaps visits polarities in terms of design but also seamlessly makes all of them work. This is reflected in the adorable mushroom knit in the middle of a bright red sweater or just a handwritten ‘Alexa’  in block font over a white t-shirt. 

Even though the elements of every piece seem disparate at times, she pulls them all into a cohesive whole to reinforce the mantra of the ready-to-wear brand. The design could be something as plain as a long blue corduroy jacket or something OTT such as a metallic blue skirt; at the end of the day, the design reveals the wearer’s inner quirky side.


Alexa Chung is a fashion model turned television host turned writer turned designer. However, she has always been very grounded in the fashion scene throughout. Her designs have never just been for the runway. She has always brought together very accessible designs but in very different ways. That’s where her appeal lies. 

Alexa Chung 2021 Spring Collection

She talks about drawing inspiration from various sources for her collection - both famous personalities and ordinary people, and both British and Japanese street styles alike. It is probably this combination of various elements, inspired by films and music, presented on the runway that has created all the magic. 

The Alexa Chung 2021 collection can be envisioned in every wardrobe across Britain come next spring, and this is exactly why we think you should take inspiration from it!

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