Five Bestselling Rug Designs for 2022 - Fabric, Cost, Wholesaler
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Five Bestselling Rug Designs for 2022 - Fabric, Cost, Wholesaler

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If the ongoing pandemic has taught the world any lesson, it is the value of a home and a family. With the increasing popularity of ‘work-from-home’ or ‘hybrid’ work culture, people are spending more time at home. As a result, home improvement and decor have started receiving significantly more attention in the past two years.

When it comes to home decor, an area rug is not just a necessity. It is a style statement. A rug tells a story; it gives the living space a character and reflects the taste and personality of its dwellers.

This growing demand for rugs has directly translated into an exponentially growing rugs wholesale and retail market. The carpets and rugs market is estimated to grow from $91.60 billion in 2017 to $112.69 billion by 2022, thus witnessing a compound annual growth rate of 4.2%. As noted by rugs wholesale marketers, this growth is driven by various factors, including rapid urbanization, changing lifestyle, increased disposable income of middle class, reasonable costs, ease of maintenance and usage, and a high aesthetic quotient.

Introducing an area rug into a living or office space is similar to introducing an artwork. The floor is a canvas, and the rug is a piece of art that brightens the room up. It adds colors and patterns to the ambiance, sets an impactful design tone, and elevates the charm without taking over the space.

A rug provides a multisensory experience. Vibrant and bold rugs lift the spirit, while minimalistic rugs with a neutral palette and earthy tones create a soothing and tranquil atmosphere. Their soft and cushiony texture creates a cozy layout to sit or walk on.

Fabric and Prices

Fabric and Prices

Rug wholesalers offer a wide variety of area rugs made from different materials. Depending on the usage and the anticipated foot traffic, either soft and smooth or weatherproof and hard-wearing rugs are selected. Rug materials can be divided into two broad categories: natural fibers and synthetic or artificial fibers. Various commonly used natural rug materials include animal wool, animal skins, cotton, silk, jute, sisal, seagrass, etc. Polyester, polypropylene, nylon, recycled PET, viscose, wool & viscose mix, etc., fall under the category of artificial fibers.

Usually, the rugs made from natural fibers are valued higher than synthetic rugs. Similarly, handwoven and custom-made rugs are preferred over machine-made rugs due to their intricate artisanship. Depending on the size, material, design, knot density, quality, and crafting technique, the rug prices vary. Just like any other home decor item, rugs’ wholesale prices can range anywhere from INR 500 to 80,000 and beyond.

Based on the trends observed by rug wholesalers, these five bestselling rug designs will dominate the rugs wholesale market in the year 2022.

Bold and Beautiful

A bold rug with rich supersaturated hues elevates the pizzazz of its surroundings. It adds a joyful spirit to an otherwise neutral space, while it also perfectly complements interiors with sophisticated deep and warm colors. Vivid blue, vibrant green, or lively magenta combined with striking geometric patterns create a dramatic color palette, giving any minimalistic decor a confident makeover.

Vintage Is Forever

Heirloom-worthy Persian, Moroccan, Oriental, Turkish, and other vintage rugs look classy and go well with diverse design styles. These handmade rugs are highly practical and easy to maintain. They last longer and only get better with time. When paired with contemporary furniture and modern home decor, a beautifully faded and perfectly aged vintage rug enriches the environment, creating a unique look. Kilim rugs are so versatile that they are even used as wall decor, furniture upholstery, and pillow covers.

Geometric Patterns

Rugs with geometric patterns add a subtle dimension to the environment, without creating a distraction. They syndicate well with both bright colors and neutral hues. Sharp lines create a feeling of stability, while circles add softness to the overall vibe. Although a uniform geometric pattern running all over a rug may suit a formal setting well, merging several contrasting and complementing patterns and graphics to create surprising and inspiring combinations is a new trend.

Abstract and Animal Prints

Abstract and Animal Prints

Abstract rugs communicate through randomly scattered colors and textures. They connect with the soul and convey a story that is open to interpretation. Just like an abstract painting, they may soothe one’s mind or take another’s on a roller-coaster ride. In contrast, animal prints strike a perfect balance between intrigue and simplicity. They ooze a soft and luxurious appeal while maintaining a neutral palette. Tiger, cheetah, leopard, zebra, cowhide, and other animal prints lend a glamorous and rustic touch to existing decor. These rugs can be paired with different prints and styles for creating stirring impressions.

Japandi Style

A fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics, Japandi style rugs represent simplicity and minimalism. This trend combines a darker palette and natural materials with minimalistic decor to evoke a feeling of tranquility and relaxation. These rugs mostly embrace earthy tones like green, beige, brown, and aim to create a peaceful ambiance.

Apart from serving its practical purpose, a rug determines the mood of the entire room. As observed by rugs wholesale marketers, some rug trends are timeless, while others call for courage and out-of-the-box thinking. Trends may change, but the rugs will always have a place in society. Reach out to the experts at Fashinza if you need any help with the sourcing and manufacturing of your fashion house. We can simplify the process of sourcing clothes for you so that you can relax and focus on the big picture.


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