Fashionable Plus Size Clothing Trends for the Modern Millennial Woman
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Fashionable Plus Size Clothing Trends for the Modern Millennial Woman

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Summary: Plus-size fashion is a game changer in the current industry scenario owing to its widespread demand. Check out these plus-size fashion trends and outfits that are popular and here to stay. 

Finding fashionable plus-size clothes is no longer as difficult as it was a decade ago. While a lot of fashion brands are including plus-size lines in their collections, there is still a long way to go. With the ever-growing demand for fashion-forward and statement-making plus-size outfits, plus-size fashion is gaining prominence in the industry.

Being plus-sized does not have to mean dressing in basic or boring clothes anymore. The women of today want to express their sense of style and individuality with the latest trends in plus-size fashion. Be it for work, play, or travel, here are a few plus-size fashion outfits that can be used as inspiration to start a plus-size fashion brand or collection.

Chic and Sharp - For Work and Formal Occasions

Formal occasions and work necessitate outfits that are flattering on a plus-size figure while remaining sharp and stylish. Plus-size clothes for work don’t have to be the basic white shirt and ill-fitting trousers anymore. Formal dresses in simple patterns or textures that define the waist are an ideal pick for any formal plus-size collection.

Simple and neutral-colored dresses are perfect for the daytime and can be layered with well-tailored blazers for boardrooms and important meetings. If brands prefer to add a bit of color to their plus-size work collection, then satin or georgette blouses, peplum tops, printed formal skirts, and textured or striped trousers are good picks. Check out more inspiration for plus-size formal dresses here

Chic and Sharp

Laid-back and Comfortable Plus Size Fits - For Casual Wear

Fashionable plus-size clothing does not have to be complicated. When it comes to plus-size casual wear, less is more. It is best to keep your casual plus-size collection easy-breezy yet trendy. Stretchable high-waist jeans in different styles like boyfriend, mom, or slim fit are a great option to have. Well-fitting and comfy sweaters, cardigans, t-shirts, and tops are other must-haves. Fashionable plus-size dresses for casual occasions have a huge market too.

A comfortable and relaxed fit is a must for plus-size dresses. Bright colors, tropical prints, florals, and solid patterns are a huge hit among plus-size fashion wearers. Plus-size corsets are a raging trend too. Wearing corsets over shirts is sure making a statement everywhere.


Contemporary and Stylish - The Ultimate Occasion Wear

Gone are the days of basic and bland plus-size occasion wear. Women today are embracing and celebrating their bodies like never before. They are looking for stylish, sexy, and trendy occasion wear options that speak volumes about their personalities. Since women are not afraid to experiment anymore, the plus-size fashion market is open for players who can create fashionable plus-size occasion wear.

Right from slip and bodycon dresses to sequined tops and tube dresses, plus-size fashion is taking a 180-degree turn for the better. Brands like ASOS Curve, Nordstrom, and Pretty Little Thing are making heads turn with their plus-size occasion wear and know the pulse of their consumers well. Newer brands and retailers can check them out for inspiration to initiate their plus-size occasion wear line. 

Contemporary and Stylish

For Fitness That’s Fun - Fashionable Plus Size Active Wear

Track pants available up to size L are a thing of the past. The worldwide women's activewear market was valued at US$178 billion in 2021. A significant portion of this includes plus-size activewear from well-known sports brands. The forecast for the activewear market is for it to increase by upwards of US$90 billion in 2029. Starting a plus-size activewear brand with fashionable plus-size clothing could take your business to the next level in the coming years.

Bright neon colors, bigger cup-size sports bras, and bottom wear that’s breathable and comfy are a huge hit in the activewear market right now. Different types of activewear are preferred for different types of activities. A plus-size full-coverage sports bra and matching track pants in pretty pastel or neon colors are in high demand. Stretchable shorts, tank tops, and sweatshirts are chosen for running or cycling. Easy-flowing pants and loose-fitting cotton t-shirts are the go-to yoga staples.

For Fitness That’s Fun

Relaxed and Comfy Fits for Travel and More 

Traveling for vacations and holidays is always fun. Plus-sized millennial women want to dress up comfortably while still looking stylish for their Instagram travel photos. Plus-size travel clothing needs to be comfortable. Long flights, road trips, and walking around the city demand that these outfits are laid-back and breezy.

Apart from plus-size swimwear and bikinis for vacations, flowy printed dresses, rompers, and loose-fitting tank tops are preferred by many curvy women. The demand for plus-size denim shorts that are stretchable and breathable is also on the rise. Other curve-sized travel outfits to add to your brand’s collection can include A-line skirts, jumpsuits, jackets, and trench coats.

Relaxed and Comfy Fits

Plus-size Fashion - A Paradigm Shifter in the Fashion Industry

Plus-size fashion is here to stay. With the ever-evolving fashion landscape, trends in the plus-size segment are also due to change. Hopping on the plus-size bandwagon has already started to become a norm for many big labels today. With an ever-increasing demand for trendy plus-size clothes, retailers, small business owners, and independent labels need to become more inclusive and learn how to make better fashionable plus-size clothes.

Key Takeaways

  • Adding a fashionable plus-size clothing line to your brand’s collection or starting a brand that targets plus-size fashion is a win-win. 
  • The plus-size clothing market is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 5.70% between 2022 and 2032, so adding a line of plus-size options will help your brand grow manifold.
  • The days of body-confirming fashion styles are bygone. To keep up with the ever-increasing demand of the curvy customer, big labels as well as small retailers are going all in.

If you too are planning on launching a new line of plus-size fashion clothing, get in touch with us to learn more. Fashinza can help you grow your fashion business most easily and conveniently.

For more information on trending plus-size styles and choosing suppliers who can help deliver them, visit us today.


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