Dress Up With The Best Dress Jackets For Stylish Men
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Dress Up With The Best Dress Jackets For Stylish Men

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Summary: Jackets are inherently a style statement for men, once the functionality has been taken care of. Most of the styles prevalent today have been there in some form or other for centuries. From rugged looks to collegiate ones, they come in handy for the dressed-up look on all occasions.

For lovers of men’s fashion who want to stay outdoors longer, raise the oomph factor higher, and create more memories, jackets are staples. Jackets are all about excess in the best manner possible. They have remained reliant and their performance remains highly dependable.

Puffer jackets, parkas, men’s winter jackets, or bomber jackets have remained in vogue for generations albeit with passing time, the material used has become more refined.

Men out there would acknowledge that a jacket is for ages, and hence, special care is taken as to how to wear them. Once the initial buying call is taken, it is all about adding a personal touch to styling. After all, great men have worn the jacket with aplomb for centuries.

Exploring Dress Jackets For Men That Make A Statement

Here is a look into the best dress jackets available in men’s jacket styles today.

The legendary flannel shirt jacket

The legendary hooded flannel shirt jacket checks all the boxes of a great travel staple. Due to its fuzzy fleece lining, versatile look, and comfortable fit, this piece garnered 5,000 plus five-star reviews, when it opened up for online sale recently.

The standout features of this men’s fashion piece are comfort and softness. It has got a brushed flannel shell with a fleece interior made from cent percent cotton. Depending on the weather it can be worn as a shirt or a jacket.


Stay Warm With Parkas

When it is really really cold out there, Parkas are out. When it comes to dressing up for the worst side of winter, be it arctic exploration or Hawk’s cold cutting down Chicago city, the go-to option remains this timeless jacket.

Brands like Everlane and Tommy Hilfiger come out with performance parka jackets that don’t cost a bomb. They come with a detachable faux trim hood to insulate the head and ribbed cuffs keep the warmth inside. Parkas are integral when it comes to men’s jacket styles.

The Top Gun Bomber Jackets

For generations of military and Airforce pilots, bomber jackets were uniforms of the day and key to men’s fashion. Remember watching Tom Cruise in the iconic movie Top Gun? This heroic image has beautifully rubbed on to this classic style.

The patented Eddie Bauer Skyliner is slim-fitted and the diamond-stitched pattern is a cynosure to the eye. This jacket is capable of giving warmth and expels moisture in strong wintry conditions.

Fashion War In Field Jackets

Another classic jacket that has a legacy and history rooted in the military, is the field jacket (also known as M65). A serviceman returned from active duty to civilian life, and the field jacket also crossed over. These jackets, a legendary part of men’s jacket styles, are a versatile way to capture the historicity.

To provide insulation against cold, the jacket has a fuller cut with a removable liner. The Field Coat from Orvis is handsome and rugged at the same time and protects from snow, wind, and rain.

Adventure Outings in Peacoats

In open seas when the weather plays foul, peacoats come out. This men’s fashion centerpiece captures the adventurous spirit of the open while providing good insulation from the wintry chill. There is something charismatic that fashion brand Buck Mason does with Peacoats.

Along with premium material upgrades like brushed Japanese satin liner, corduroy-lined pockets, and smooth Melton wool, the fashion label also trims down the boxiness of the original naval piece. The anchor buttons remain there to add authenticity to this men’s jacket-style original.

Age-old Leather Jackets

Leather Jackets

One enduring feature of a leather jacket is endurance itself. These jackets are a staple product for men’s fashion brands since they go on for years and years. Schott Classic Perfecto and Cole Haan’s masterpieces are a part of ensembles lovingly donned by adventurous men.

A classic leather jacket is literally the original motorcycle jacket and is representative of the timeless American style. These men’s jacket styles are often imitated but never duplicated.

Lighter Puffer Jackets

 All weather is what comes to mind when describing puffer jackets. Whether someone is simply going to the workplace or is ascending a peak, this crown jewel of men’s fashion makes its presence everywhere. Their down baffles insulate the body against the cold in a very natural manner.

Patagonia has a vast and diverse collection of puffer jackets on offer. Their puffer jackets are one of the greenest available in the market as the company sources recycled polyester insulation as well as poly shell.

Timeless style, modern touch

Timeless, historic, trendy, and macho are a few words that come to mind when describing jackets, an essential part of men’s fashion. From classic leather jackets to all-permeating puffer jackets, the men’s jacket styles offer a unique combination of all-weather yet trendy fashion wear.

Brands have been recycling these everlasting styles with a modern touch here and there.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jackets are an integral part of the wardrobe with their timeless appeal.
  • With some personalization thrown in, brands can make their jackets hot sellers.
  • Jackets are versatile pieces of clothing that can be included in your fits all around the year, making Jackets any men's wardrobe must-have.

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