Dominating Textile Trends For S/S 2022
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Dominating Textile Trends For S/S 2022

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Finally, the coldest season is over, and everyone is busy doing some spring-cleaning packing away the heavy coats! Most of us are eagerly waiting to reunite for our favourite Spring/Summer fashion pieces. 

After all, this is when trends showcased in New York, London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Weeks remain on the top of your mind. By now, everyone is ready to welcome the dominating fashion trends for S/S 2022. After the COVID-19 pandemic's toll on the fashion industry, the fashion houses are focusing high on significant issues – reducing the harmful effects of this industry on the environment. The fashion brands, manufacturers, and designers have been working hard to establish the key fabric trends that are going to dominate the Spring-Summer fashion 2022.

From eco-sustainability to responsible fashion practices, from sourcing better raw materials to instilling a sense of comfort through apparel – there are so many things to follow for the S/S 2022.

Let's dig deep into the rundown of key textile trends you should keep an eye on.

  • Sustainability With Strategic Planning

Like previous years, the fabric trends will be focused on sustainability, but this time with more strategic planning. Apparel brands are coming to the forefront with in-depth product decisions and brand initiatives.

Under the sustainability umbrella, we can see the growing use of recycled materials, including plastic and cotton.

Recycling cotton and reusing plastic is not a new concept for the textile and apparel industry. What's new here is the collaborative efforts of the manufacturers, retailers and brands that have shown their increasing interest in sustainability. The process also includes their evaluation of the supply chain footprint.

  • The Textured Fabrics of Summer

Spring and Summer are the seasons of enjoying lightweight, cosy, and breathability fabrics. Whereas cotton will continue to rule as the king of summer fabric, it will come with a wide range of blends, weights, textures and weaves.

Apart from cotton, there will be a surge of interest towards topical wools or woollen blends with fabrics. This comes with an array of textures, patterns and colours. So, for anyone who wants to go out of their comfort zone and experience a refined, sophisticated Spring/Summer look, the woollen fabric is the suitable material for them.

The fabric trends towards sustainability will also reflect this time. With the technical advancement in the textile industry, more clothes will be produced using low sustainable chemicals on fibres and yarns. As a result, you can experience an amazing raw textured effect on fabrics: cotton, topical wool, linen, or something else.

  • Going All Naturals

One of the essential fabric trends for the S/S 2022 is looking into Nature. In this post-pandemic era, people are more inclined to connect to natural cycles. Hence, you can see a surge of creating softness for the fabrics.

The more we appreciate Nature, the more our creativity towards natural products increases. The textile trend continues to flourish with innovative plant-based materials. You can also see the surge of raw materials such as flax, vegan leathers and hemp.

You can find another exciting feature – the presence of unfinished edges in the apparel. This creates a rugged appearance with more functionality with big pockets. The use of intricate layers, carefully woven details, mesh and knit constructions indicates the shades of naturalness in your clothing. Hopefully, some nature-infused colours, including refreshing greens, dark browns and various shades of oranges, will also dominate the fabric trends.

  • Less Is Better: More Focus on Essentials
Fabric Trends\n

This pandemic has taught everyone to appreciate the idea of living with essentials. Less is better as we continue to focus on what really matters. This reflects in the latest Spring-Summer fashion trend where we can see more handmade materials and purposed garments.

Using recycled products or deadstock items to craft something creative also eliminates the scope of adding more waste to the environment. While reusing or recycling materials, the trend goes with hand-woven leathers, linen blends and multiple weaves. 

Just like going with the natural trend, here also, we can see the addition of a lot of natural, raw colour palettes – naturally-infused colour groups of pinks, root greens, purples, and browns.

  • Broader Scope for Vegetable Prints

It's evident that the trend of eco-friendliness is going to rule in 2022. It shows in the use of vegetable prints on fabrics. The fabric trends of producing natural raw vegetables will emerge in the S/S fashion. The homemade form of producing vegetable prints on raw linen fabrics is both sustainable and eye-catching. Moreover, it creates a fabulous colour palette with all vibrant natural tones. In 2022, the use of vegetable colours on fabrics also encourages all purpose-driven apparel brands that they are helping the plant during manufacturing fabrics in this natural way.

  • Reflection of Nourishment through Fashion

Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic generated unprecedented anxiety for illness and almost broke us physically and mentally. After leaving behind the trauma of the last two years, the fashion industry is reflecting on wellness and nourishment in its upcoming fabric trends.

The motto of this trend is to instil a sense of comfort, just like a welcome hug. Hence, the key features are producing apparel with rounded shapes and sensual curves representing motion and sensuality. Here also, the key focus lies in regenerated minimalism. You can see an increased use of organic fabrics and raw leathers, both clean and comfortable.

Since the Spring-Summer fashion trend 2022 represents wellness and healing, the colour palette is expected to be soothing and, at the same time, effervescent. The textile industry is expected to use colours that bring calming effects, while vibrant shades balance the softness and sharpness of fabrics. You can also see the inclusion of warm, rich neutrals in this palette.

  • Recycled Plastic in Swimwear!

The Spring/Summer fashion would remain incomplete without mentioning swimwear and sportswear. As expected, the textile trend broadens the use of swimwear, sportswear, walking gear and clothing for outdoor activities.

But, what's new in this swimwear fashion? Forget about a unique sexy cut, a bold, chic print or another interpretation of the tankini! It's time to move on the fabric – the use of recycled plastics in the swimwear.

Swimwear made of plastic fibres is a thing of the past as we can see the massive use of polyester, spandex and nylon in swimsuits. In this textile age, designers are focusing on using new recycling technologies so that they can produce swimwear fabrics from recycled plastics.

  • Time to Sew Fibre Blends and Recycling

"What to do with old clothes after using them?" – This question often hunts most fashion lovers and buyers. Usually, they give them for charity or resale purposes. But, there are better ways to use them – blending and recycling the used clothes.

These clothes can be recycled by using shredding machines or chemicals. After the process of fibres blending and recycling, these clothes are used for stuffing mattresses or car insulations. Similarly, the fibres of old clothes are re-spun into yarns that can be used for reweaving new garments.

  • Redefining Fashion with Recycled Cotton

In the sustainable fashion movement, the use of recycled cotton has added another feature. The concept is not new, while the massive application brings newness to this sustainability trend. With its limited scalability, fashion brands and manufacturers are now focusing on the massive use of recycled cotton. 

From circular sweatshirts to jeans, the old cotton is being recycled in chemical and mechanical recycling processes. Both of these processes have made fashion more sustainable in a responsible way.

  • Breaking the Barriers with Designs
Fabric Trends\n

During the lockdowns, a lot of people expressed their creativity and tried out various construction works. This reflected people's urge to break the barriers in unique and powerful ways. By using this urge, the fashion industry has come up with the latest S/S textile trends – focusing on design prioritizations.

With the use of new technologies such as digital printing and 3D printing, fashion designers and creators are experimenting with unique design patterns on materials like spandex, nylons and rayon.

People are getting more expressive with matters like solidarity, justice, and equity using the design patterns. This trend also reflects on the colour palette, where you can see the presence of digital neon, energised neon, futurist orange-tinted reds, and bright pink-infused shades.

In a Nutshell

To sum up, the textile trends for S/S 2022 looks a lot more perceptive, mature and celebratory than you have seen for quite some time. This is what the post-pandemic world wants. It's pretty pleasing to see how future leaders of the textile and fashion industry are coming forward and their responsible practice of eco-sustainability.

Whether you are a fashion/textile brand owner, manufacturer, retailer, or designer and aim to build an eco-friendly, sustainable brand, Fashinza would be your right destination. This is the one-stop-solution for fashion supply chain management, continuing to solve the global supply chain challenges with expertise, knowledge, technology and networks.


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