Dominating Textile Trends For A/W 2022
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Dominating Textile Trends For A/W 2022

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The winter of 2022 is expected to bring along some unique and creative apparel trends. 

Amid the feeling of this never-ending winter and longing for spring, fashion enthusiasts, buyers, fashion designers, brands, and retailers eagerly anticipate the A/W 2022 textile trend that will rule the market in the coming days. From textured winter skirts to well-tailored prints and checked wools for warm, soft coats – this winter, everyone is going to see some quirky fashions along with the revival of 90's vibes. 

All thanks to The New York, London, and Paris Fashion Week runways that have been setting the expectations and trends in the textile and fashion industry for seasons!

Below are some top favourite textile trends for Autumn/Winter 2022-2023 that are likely to dominate the apparel industry.

Here are the glimpses of what autumn/winter 2022 wardrobes will look like. After all, there is nothing like getting prepared.

What are the dominating textile trends for A/W 2022?
  1. Floral Prints for Winter Too

This season you are going to love the winter floral twist. 

Wait! What! Floral outfits in Winter!!!

Who said florals are just for Summer? From playful and quirky floral patterns to vibrant colours on outfits, scarves, and bandanas, the coming winter trend is about arty twists and glamorous looks. At the same time, there will be a subtle touch of fun, even in winter.

So, the textile trends for A/W 2022 will be dominated by luxurious printed silks with a lot of unique patterns.

While the floral prints are mainly associated with spring/summer vibes, you can expect to infuse some different touches with more intense, darker, and earthier tone floral palettes.

  1. Texture! Texture! And Textures!

Who doesn't love a bit of texture!

There is no wonder that technological advancement is also influencing the fashion industry. It reflects on the rapid increase of the texture-heavy and unusual fabrics in apparel.

This A/W textile trend is all about collaborating innovative structures with sturdy yarns, which will create vibrant and bizarre textured fabrics. And this textile collaboration is going to produce a wide variety of soft, flexible, and colourful materials. Both hand-stitched techniques and high-tech machinery will work for this trend.

The bridal fashion will experience a textural trend by bridging lush flowy sateen fabrics and feather-soft accents. In this fall/winter, you will also find a massive amount of chiffon work for bridal attire as clocks are going to take over this time. The capes will also rule the everyday wear apparel industry with feathery, tailored, woollen fabrics.

  1. Big City Wanderers

The textile industry is going to experience a new trend – 'Big City Wanderers'. The trend will focus on refined apparel for autumn or winter and for all seasons. Buyers, especially those fashion enthusiasts, will be more likely to invest in versatile and adaptable apparel that will make them look smarter.

The trend also hints at including more trans-seasonal basic apparel. After all, the ongoing lifestyle shifts are the main reason for this surge of demand towards this trend.

Following this trend, you will also find some classic textures knitted with functional yarns evolving into must-have essentials such as crepe jersey, rib, or waffle.

  1. More Focus on Sustainability

The year 2018 was a remarkable year for the textile industry when many great designer brands, including Gucci, Furla, Versace, decided to stop producing real fur and vowed to produce apparel consisting of fake fur only. This was indeed a significant breakthrough as the apparel industry is currently the second-worst industry contributing to environmental pollution. However, there are still lots of things to be done, which will reflect on this autumn/winter trend.

This winter, you will experience the use of a lot more natural fibres with more focus on sustainability, versatility, and performance. Wool, linen, cotton, pure silks, flax, bamboo, rayon, mohair, and many more materials are going to be the key textile drivers for next autumn/winter. Buyers will be more interested in trying apparel made from natural fibres this winter as they feel much nicer against their skin.

Recycled creora regen spandex, regen polyester, and regen nylon are going to be your sustainable fibre solutions as these are durable, toxin-free, and environmentally friendly.

  1. Multi-Functional Apparels

A lot of consumers are expecting to go with clothes that have multiple uses because they want to own less clothing. Hence, the A/W trend will focus on multi-functional apparel made of functional fabrics and adapted to changing environments. After all, this will be the future of conscious fashion where you will be able to wear the same clothing with different functional features in different social situations or different weather conditions.

  1. Head-to-Toe Wild West

The incorporation of cowgirl fashion is nothing new to the Western trend. But, what is new here is the romantic twist of the Wild West trend in everyday wear. The A/W textile trend will see the massive wearing of cowgirl boots, all leather elements with tassel-features (of course, sustainable). The trend will also influence people to look for striking leather outfits and accessories - all tasselled and studded, to create a perfect cowboy/cowgirl vibe.

  1. High-Performance Essentials

Customers prefer to invest in high-performance essentials after the launch of highly functional fabrics and increasing demand for essential items. As textile technology grows, there is a surge of demand for core items that can adapt to changing temperatures. As a result, the textile industry has come up with numerous cooling and warming techniques incorporated into the apparel.

For upcoming A/W seasons, more buyers will be looking for comfortable apparel that offers more stretch. They will prefer clothing to be lighter, durable, and above all, withstanding all changing climates.

  1. Softer, More Sensuous Fabrics
What are the dominating textile trends for A/W 2022?

The emerging apparel trend also indicates the popularity of softer, more sensual, and more comfortable fabrics. Now, consumers are looking for fabrics that can offer physical as well emotional comfort. Moreover, there will be a demand for textiles that can soothe anxious consumers with their smoother textures!

The winter essentials are going to be upgraded with soft-touch and eco-friendly fabrics that will make users feel comfortable and secure with smooth and decorative textiles.

  1. Touch of Neon

This fall, you can expect to bring back the youth and techno trends reviving from the actual 90's vibes as there will be some fluoro accents throughout your outfit. The perfect collaboration of festive neon colours and quirky architectural designs will rule the apparel industry for the coming seasons.

Some renowned designers, including Balmain, Prada, and Balenciaga, have already projected this trend on their A/W runways. So, you can stay tuned to see how to incorporate a pop of colours into your outfit without going over the top.

It's great to see some vibrant colours in everyone's winter wardrobes – be it a fluorescent pink floral jacket or a neon green tracksuit.

By using technological improvement, the textile industry is now able to produce feathery, faux fur fabrics, which are much similar to the winter fashion's leopard prints. Now, you can see that leopard and cheetah prints have already dominated the collections of ace fashion designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Victoria Beckham. Now, the signature feline print is also going to crawl the party wear and gowns as evening wear.

From a textured georgette to eye-soothing silk chiffon, the leopard print will add a touch of femininity, fierceness, and glamour to the stunning apparel.

  1. More Inclusion of Checks

Remember the checkered look presented in the Michael Kors and Versace runway? Of course, chequered prints are always there with their vintage touch. But, this season, they are coming with all new variations, with the inclusion of fun, unique patterns.

Undoubtedly, this A/W textile trend is going to make all fashion enthusiasts ecstatic. Chequered prints are no more a typical winter woollen dress. Instead, the 2022 trend is all about the tailored look.

Everyone is going to love the unique combination of 90's schoolgirl-look with quirky colour-blocking. The trend will triumph everywhere – from classy blazers to fitted tailored pants made from soft woollen check fabrics.

Final Thoughts

Fashion has come a long way from the concept of mere clothing that you wear to the betterment of everyday life and the ecosystem. Today, the textile industry is more focused on designing the future by creating a unique combination of fashion, sustainability, comfort, ethics, and social responsibilities.

Whether you are an apparel brand owner, retailer, or fashion enthusiast, staying up-to-date with the latest textile trends is always important. That's where Fashinza comes – your one-stop solution for all textile needs. Whether you need a reliable material supplier for your textile business, a trained quality checker, or proper guidance to establish your apparel brand, contact Fashinza, the leading name in the fashion supply chain management.


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