Designing a Shopify Store for an American Brand
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Designing a Shopify Store for an American Brand

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Shopify has been an essential tool that is being employed by clothing brands worldwide to boost their sales. Today, it is home to approximately four percent of all the online stores in the world. Shopify clothing stores have garnered about 400 million dollars of revenue for the company. 

Why Shopify?

Many brands take themselves to this platform because it has a convenient and customizable outlook. One can create a design for their store in simple steps. Moreover, with its simple design, this platform also allows businesses to focus more on their core business than on the technical details of setting and editing their websites. 

How To Set Up A Shopify Store

How To Set Up A Shopify Store

Whether American or Indian, every brand can set up Shopify clothing stores. However, many clothing brands that want to be a part of this platform lack the technical know-how. They can follow the steps listed below and take their brand to the next level. 

1. Choose A Name

If an American brand is establishing itself on the Shopify platform, it needs to choose a name that reflects American values. The name of the clothing shop should be unique to make the brand stand out from the existing brands on the platform. 

2. Register On Shopify

To register the brand on the portal, visit the Shopify app and fill in all the details in the registration form. Fill in the brand’s name and get a custom domain for your store on the platform. Pick the plan that suits your budget and get started on Shopify. 

3. Add Products

Adding the products is one of the crucial steps, and the way a brand arranges its product greatly impacts its sales. Furthermore, brands are also required to add a product description on the page. This is a space where brands can uniquely pitch to their customers. For instance, if an American brand wants to design a Shopify page, they can add product descriptions that appeal to the American people.  

Brands can also use high-quality images to present their products more attractively. Brands can also use lifestyle images to make a catalog of products shown on the page. 

4. Pick A Theme

The store’s theme adds an aesthetic appeal and reflects the brand’s image. To pick a brand theme, one can use the following tips. 

  • Decide what information to showcase on different blocks of the store’s page. Choose what to display on the home page, collection, and on each product page. 
  • Look for theme ideas online, explore various websites and select a theme that suits you. 
  • Look at the customer reviews for any features they would like to be incorporated and make changes to your theme accordingly.

5. Configure Shipping And Delivery

The shipping and delivery options on the store are indeed significant game-changers when it comes to generating sales. A brand needs to set up some carrier and delivery charges to ensure that the customers know what they are paying for the delivery of products to their doorsteps. They can explore options such as free shipping and flat rates, which act as key triggers in generating sales. 

6. Set Up Taxes

Every business needs to pay taxes to the government for the sales they make. They need to set up taxes from the Taxes option under Settings on their Shopify clothing stores. Tax is charged on each product they sell on the platform. Moreover, one can monitor tax money by visiting the Reports section under Analytics on their dashboard. 

7. Choose Payment Gateways

A brand that does not have a simple checkout window often loses customers as they get confused or find the payment options unsuitable. To simplify this process, brands can use Shopify payments to configure checkout and accept payments in multiple currencies. 

8. Build Your Domain

After following all the above-listed steps, the clothing brand is ready to do business on Shopify. The only thing they need to do is create a custom domain name to make their brand unique on the platform. Any user can do this under the Domains option on the Settings page in their Shopify admin. 

9. Launch The Page

After doing all of these things, remove the password protection from the preferences option under Online store, and land into the competition with the various Shopify clothing stores

Designing The Shopify Clothing Store For An American Brand

Designing The Shopify Clothing Store For An American Brand

To design a Shopify suitable for an American brand, one needs to make some key changes to the existing page. Some of these changes are: 

Choosing The Right Theme

To decide the theme, one needs to observe the themes of various American Shopify clothing stores. The shop’s theme directly affects the mind of the customer and the feel of your shop. So if an American brand wants to set up a theme, it must resonate with the American public. Any brand can do this by making its text, images, and layouts more appealing. 

Take some help from the competitor’s websites and observe how they manage and display their products. Try to incorporate as many ideas and features as the budget allows. 

Declutter The Page 

Most people in America do not like an e-commerce website bogged down with a lot of information. So while designing a Shopify store for an American brand, ensure that it only has information that may seem relevant to the buyers. 

Brands can include information about their origins on their page to make themselves more relevant to their customers. Furthermore, brands should display their bestselling products on their page to attract more customers into buying products that other customers in the region are buying. 

Get A Designer

Many Shopify clothing stores hire designers to help them create their online shopping spaces. Designers can use different plugins, themes, and features to make a shop suitable for American brands. They can use various database features to create a good shopping atmosphere for American buyers.  

Showcase A Value Proposition

To be able to sell the products to their target audience, an American brand should present a value proposition to every customer. Customers should know how this brand can add meaning to their lives and why they should be buying from here rather than any other American brand. 

Customize It Occasionally

To make an American brand more successful on Shopify, the brand must customize its theme, features, and layouts according to the customers’ preferences. This will also help an American brand make itself relevant in the market even with changing times. 

These were the steps to be followed by an American brand to set up a Shopify store. However, to set up a store in such a busy market space, they need to have sufficient inventory that can meet the demands of the new customers. To source good quality clothes, the brand can contact Fashinza. Fashinza is a B2B apparel manufacturing platform. They help clothing brands manufacture their collections by connecting them with suppliers.  


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