Designer Motivation: 10 Times when Fashion Crimes became Fashion Trends
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Designer Motivation: 10 Times when Fashion Crimes became Fashion Trends

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As we prepare to enter a post-pandemic era, we all reflect on the events that have changed our lives. Several fashion crimes have become fashion trends, ranging from political benchmarks to lifestyle fads. Because fashion is constantly changing, we're going to go through all of the current fashion hits. Designers have introduced new fashion trends and developed fashionable apparel that has captured people’s attention worldwide.

So, what are these trends that became a motivation for designers? Let's unfold the top ten trends, know why designers are influenced by them, and some key factors that led to fashion trends in the market. 

The rising digitization of the economy is a major aspect that has led to fashion trends in a competitive environment. The fashion business is becoming increasingly intertwined with the internet world. With the growth of ecommerce, which allows firms to interact with customers through virtual reality, digital platforms and digital marketing tactics are becoming more popular in the fashion sector. The trends popularized through online media gain much attention and allow designers to decide which trend to follow!

Another factor takes us to the  “data-driven” aspect of the fashion world, which involves algorithms. Amazon is working on a machine learning program that will automatically determine whether an item is “stylish” or not. Google is experimenting with user-driven AI fashion design, which uses algorithms to generate new things and trends. Data of all types will be woven into every facet of fashion soon. Another vital factor is sustainability.  According to research, 88 percent of customers want businesses to assist them in becoming more ecologically responsible. Therefore, firms are shifting toward more sustainable materials and production techniques.

What inspires you to create a distinct but captivating style? The current trends are most likely your solution. Fashion trends serve as the foundation for the concepts that are created each season. All of the main publications include current trends, celebrities have stylists who dress them attractively, and both designers and customers buy the trends since they are accessible in stores.

Consumer behavior and tastes continue to vary at a quick pace, necessitating firms' swift adaptation to emerging trends through product innovation and the development of new designs for generating new fashion trends. Here are some of the fashion crimes that became a fashion trend and motivated ambitious designers.

  1. Athleisure 

Wellness trends like staying active, eating healthy, and going to the gym have become increasingly popular of late, encouraging athleisure apparel. Celebrities, sportsmen, and social media influencers all loved this look. Their demands never subsided, and they remain the most powerful trend of the decade.

  1. Millennial pink
Times when Fashion Crimes became Fashion Trends

This color has had a significant influence over the last ten years, dominating Instagram with thousands of images of houses and manicures, restaurants and furnishings, as well as the catwalks of Gucci, Fendi, and Fenty, Valentino, for several seasons.

  1. Stretchy jeans

Although there has been a steady transition from skinny jeans to more stretchy and diverse designs, this supposed fashion crime became a popular trend.

  1. Tinted shades

Shades with a pink tinge and a little rhinestone heart in the corner can be considered a fashion crime, but they became a fashion trend in no time.

  1. Streetwear 

Social media, skateboarding, and hip-hop culture revolutionized this look. This look consists of hoodies and baggy t-shirts with many logos and designs.

  1. 90’s fashion trends
Times when Fashion Crimes became Fashion Trends

Everything in pop culture runs on a pendulum of nostalgia, with what is old becoming a hot new fashion trend once more in an interval of approximately 20 to 30 years. Several designers have drawn inspiration from the previous era, and the public has embraced them passionately.

  1. Printed slogan t-shirts

Rather than formal clothing, youth choose to wear diverse slogan-printed t-shirts paired with any pair of jeans. 

  1. Khadi

It used to be a sign of freedom, but now, it reflects a changing India, with Khadi becoming more fashionable and crisp.

  1. Jumpsuits 

People have come to embrace jumpsuits as more than just a blue-collar worker's uniform, and they may now be worn on any given day.

  1.  Scandinavian Fashion
Times when Fashion Crimes became Fashion Trends

It got popular as a result of social media influencers and Instagram. Scandinavian fashion has also grown in popularity over the previous decade. 

These are a few out-of-the-box fashion statements that made headlines and became popular over the period of a decade.


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