Design of Women's Pants Based on the Pants Silhouettes
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Design of Women's Pants Based on the Pants Silhouettes

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New fashions arrive on a regular basis in the market, especially for women. Pants may remain in fashion always but the choice of the pant shape varies according to the season. Pants have always been the very first choice of women in every age group. The reason behind this is comfort and the variety in the shape and design they offer. The design and shape of pants matter with the sitting and walking style of the wearer. Pants can be sported on any occasion and suit any woman, no matter if the wearer is tall, long, blonde, etc.

The body shape of every woman is different. It is necessary to find the perfect fitting pants that suit your body. A pant consists of two main parts i.e., the waist and the silhouette. The waist of a pant can be low, medium, high, and super high. Clearly, these types define how high or low a pant can be worn. One can decide the waist according to their height. For example, a low waist is generally meant for short girls, medium for curvy, high for tall, and super high for those wanting a long-legs get-up.

Silhouettes can be of four different types: cigarette, flare, boot-cut, and wide legs. Cigarette shape is best for an athletic or hourglass body. Flare and boot cut look good on a rectangular-shaped body. Wide-leg pants are the best for curvy bodies, apple- or pear-shaped. These can also be worn by women with the shape of an inverted triangle as they add volume to the bottom part of the body.

A variety of shapes and designs in pants are available based on these four categories of silhouettes. You can pick them according to your body shape and choice, team them with the right kind of upper wear and make it the best outfit for any occasion.

We shall explore the design of women's pants based on pant silhouette:

  1. Cigarette Pants: These pants are cigarette-shaped. They are slim silhouettes, which are straight from the knee to the ankle. Cigarette pants give an hourglass shape to the body when worn and best suit the athletic type body.
  1. Stirrup Pants: These slim pants have a linking strap that holds the pants from the bottom as a belt. They give a perfect and stylish get-up. These pants are ideal for both formal as well as casual wear.
  1. Boot Cut Pants: Boot cut pants are fitted at the thighs and have flares below the knees. These can be worn best with boots. The high-waist wide-leg pants are fitted at the midriff region and flared toward the bottom. They are most-trending in women's wear these days, which are available in a diversity of materials, such as cotton, denim, and more. You can wear them for any occasion, formal or casual, by pairing them with a suitable top or blouse.
  1. Culottes: The old-aged skirt pants of the 1930s have come back to fashion again in the form of culottes. They are extremely comfortable and versatile in style. You can pair them with cropped tees, camisoles, t-shirts, and boxy tops.
  1. Punk Pants: Punk pants are a perfect pick as a decorative attire with visible stitch lines and multiple pockets. These pants give a funky look that makes them popular among the youngsters. You can pair it up with a contrast-colored fitted tee tucked inside and a pair of sneakers or heels.
punk pants
  1. Straight Leg Trouser Pants: These pants are trending nowadays as they are relaxing to wear and are tapered-fit. These are the pair of pants that can be transformed from office wear to date by simply switching the make-up and accessories. The length can vary from under the calf to below the ankle. The ones with a high-waist and a hem with ankle length are the best ones that you can go with.
  1. Ribbed Knit Baggy Pants: After a year of lockdown when almost everyone has been working remotely, activewear has emerged as a dominating trend in women's wear. The comfort over style makes these Ribbed Knit Baggy Pants come to the forefront as one of the most comfortable and preferred types of bottom wear. These pants come in different colors like cream, skin, tan, etc. When paired with a dressier top, they make it perfect outerwear.
  1. Sailor Pants: Well-known for its front or side panel of attractive buttons and wide legs, sailor pants are back in fashion. It is immensely pleasant to put on sailor pants. One can easily wear them with boat-neck sweaters, striped shirts, tank tops, and button-downs. The cinch waist and metallic buttons can be donned as a bohemian outfit.
  1. Pleated Pants: These pants are dominating over the entire range of women’s bottom wear fashion all over the globe. We can see pants, shirts, and skirts with pleats. Pleated pants are in trend because they are breezy and light in weight, making them one of the best summer bottoms. You can couple golden or silver-colored pleated pants with a blacktop to get a chic party get-up.
  1. Peg Trouser Pants: Peg trouser pants have always been a must-have item in the workwear closet. The best thing about these pants is their easy fitting around the waist and the roomy shape that flows to the hem of the pants. In the end, the cloth becomes cuffed. These pants are again in trend like the 1950s and 1980s. These look best with cotton button-downs, cropped blouses, and boxy tops.
  1. Jogger Pants: Earlier being exercise apparel, jogger pants have now become a staple bottom wear in women's wardrobes. Joggers can get you a sporty look when worn with any top or a fitted tee, and a work look when donned with a light blazer or a camisole. As a result, joggers have become versatile bottom wear for women. Joggers can be worn with any kind of shoes from basic sneakers to military boots.
jogger pants
  1. Skinny Pants: Skinny pants have been in trend for the past decade among the youth. These are also called tight-fitting silhouettes as they follow the skinny silhouette. They are close to legs and get further narrowed till the ankles. These can be donned with shirts, tees, tops, and long or short Kurtis.
  2. Slim Pants: Skim pants are like skinny pants and look like leggings. These have slim silhouettes and fit perfectly on the thighs and below the knees. These are popular as they follow the shape of the legs giving them a slim look.
  1. Bermuda Pants: Bermuda pants have their length above the knees. These pants have a short leg hem and can be made easily by cutting the jeans to the length till the knees. These look best with crop tops, tees, or shirts and make the best casual wear in summers.
  1. Bush Pants: Bush pants are loose in fitting, and the legs fall from the waist. These are the best bottom wear in terms of comfort and make the best choice for those looking for something more comfortable than trousers. These pants are quite useful in addition to being comfortable as they have large pockets on the sides.
  1. Capri: These are slim silhouettes and the length may vary from knees to the mid-calf with a flared. You can get a variety of looks by wearing them with short Kurtis, tops, tees, and cropped tops.
  1. Harem Pants: Harem pants have a look distinct from modern pants. These have a silhouette pattern, where the fabric gets gathered around the waist and thighs. These get tapered to the bottom to get closed hem at the ankle. One can easily team it with a tight-fitting tee, a sleeveless top, or a crop top.
  1. Palazzo Pants: Palazzo pants have a wide flare that stretches from the waist to the ankle. The flare gets wide from the waist to the hem. Because of the wide silhouette, these pants are best suited for summer wear. You can get a modern or an ethnic look by pairing it with a top or a kurta. You can use it as a casual wear or a party wear by teaming it with a matching kurta and a dupatta.
  1. Yoga Pants: Yoga pants are the latest addition to a women’s wardrobe. These pants follow a flared silhouette pattern. They are tight-fitting up to the thighs and flare at the bottom till the ankle. They are most comfortable to wear.


There are a variety of pants with different features due to different silhouettes. Different buyers have different choices of styles, and so they go different types of pants. Each of these categories of pants is necessary for cloth manufacturers and retailers. If any seller is facing any difficulty in getting any of these pants, they can contact Fashinza to get them. Fashinza is one of the best Business-to-Business clothing platforms that connects suppliers with different clothing brands to manufacture the required collection. They take care of the complete production process from design to delivery.


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