Cool Trendy Colors for Daily Yoga Wear
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Cool Trendy Colors for Daily Yoga Wear

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What is Women’s Activewear?

The clothes specifically designed for us to wear for physical exercise or sports are called activewear. The fabric used to manufacture women’s activewear should be stretchable and flexible. The yoga and sportswear clothes need to be breathable with good insulating properties so that you can wear them in any weather.

It is essential to choose the right women’s activewear while working out. Good activewear will not only help you perform better at the gym, yoga or sports but also keep you comfortable during vigorous activities. Yoga wear is a mix of clothes, shoes, and other accessories that you wear while working out.

5 Trendy Colours for Women’s Activewear

The correct fabric, perfect fit, and trendy colors are the factors that make the women’s perfect activewear. You know how the perfect activewear can make all the difference, right? These days, activewear is not just for workout sessions. Women’s activewear has taken on a completely different appeal. We love to wear our activewear throughout the day. Hence, it becomes essential that we choose our activewear wisely.

Be it yoga, athletics, or gym that makes you move, the perfect activewear is a must in your wardrobe. It boosts confidence and also keeps you motivated to get up and get going. Here we bring the five trendy colors for women’s gym wear that would never go out of style. 

  1. Pastels

Pastel shades perfectly add a pop of color to your wardrobe. Go for the shades of lilac, pink, peach, and mint to add some fresh colors to your daily women’s activewear. You can pair these with natural tones to create the perfect gym wear matching your fun style.

  1. Earth tones

Tones of grey, olive, and green in women’s gym wear are trending this year. These tones complement and flatter most skin tones. You can also mix and match earth tones with other colors to create your gym wear style.

  1. Shades of blue 
Blue Gym Wear for women

Shades of blue can never go out of style. Choose different shades and wear them together to create a bold style. Blue goes well with other hues and different skin tones too. Go for blue women’s activewear if you are looking for alternatives to black and other dark shades.

  1. Tie and dye patterns

Tie-dye patterns have taken over the fashion industry in recent times. These patterns are colorful and go perfectly with dark tones. You can pair a tie-dye hoodie with plain black leggings to create a bold look. Tie-dye activewear is also an entertaining DIY activity. You can reuse your old t-shirts, crop tops, or hoodies to create your tie-dye women’s activewear.

  1. Burgundy

Burgundy is a timeless color. You can pair this shade with both dark and light tones. Many gym enthusiasts believe that burgundy gives them the energy to work out. Burgundy activewear is the perfect choice for both men and women. Don a burgundy T-shirt with white shorts and sneakers and get ready to impress the world.

Some other trends in women’s activewear that you can see coming up this year are animal prints, sustainable clothing, and mesh. Animal prints are bold and have allured fashion enthusiasts for years. You can add a few clothes in animal prints to your wardrobe for variety.

How to Choose the Best Women’s Gym Wear?

Choose the Best Women’s Gym Wear?

Activewear manufacturers are investing more money and skills in creating better and more appealing activewear. There is nothing more versatile than women’s gym wear and activewear. You can consider the following factors when choosing the best activewear:

  1. Go with sustainable brands that manufacture eco-friendly clothing and accessories.
  2. Pick what fits most of your workout regimes.
  3. Choose the correct fit. Your activewear should not be too loose or too tight.
  4. Go for breathable fabrics that can help evaporate the sweat easily.
  5. For women who love working out outdoors, your activewear should change according to the seasons.

If you are a women’s yoga wear brand and want to connect with different suppliers and manufacturers in one place then consider Fashinza. We make the apparel manufacturing process hassle-free and fast for brands like you. Our team of experts helps you connect, place orders, track your orders, make payments, and much more.


Choose activewear that fits you perfectly and stays comfortable to wear throughout the year. Be mindful of selecting the colors, choose colors that match your skin tone and also compliment all the seasons. Ladies, do not let anyone tell you how many workout pieces you need in your wardrobe. Add variety to your activewear collection and stay motivated to stretch for yoga and sweat every day.


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