Color trends for 2022: which are the best colors for interior paint?
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Color trends for 2022: which are the best colors for interior paint?

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Summary: A home should reflect the personal taste of its owners while still looking fresh, trendy, and homely. The new year is a good time for everyone to deck their walls with a fresh coat of paint in the trending colors of 2022.

We live in color and with every passing year, the color trends change to reflect the mood of the upcoming year. Right from the diverse shades on the walls to the different hues on the furniture, color helps set the mood of the interiors and reflects the style of the people living in that home. The paint color of your home defines the vibe of the space, thereby becoming one of the most significant elements of home decor.

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The interior color palette for this year shows a sense of positivity and hope while adding elements of well-being into the home. As colors echo in different ways for different people, some have been pulled toward appeasing neutrals, while others have chosen to immerse their space in cheerful and striking colors that signify optimism. The home decor color trends of 2022 are reminiscent of serenity. Industry experts suggest that the interior paint color trends of 2021 will be replaced with fresh, tranquil, and calming hues. Clarifying blues, soothing greens, and rustic earthen tones will awaken the interior decor of many homes in 2022. 

Remodeling and renovating a home is an ever-changing landscape. While we are on the verge of getting over the pandemic, it is only fair that homeowners and renters alike are craving some much-needed color therapy for their homes. Be it painting a home, office, or a small area in these spaces, you will certainly find a color that will downright transform the space.

Let’s dive into some home decor color trends of 2022 that are expert-approved to enliven any space and make heads turn.

1. Muted Whites - The avant-garde neutral shade of the classic white

Whites never go out of style! The shades may range from cooler to warmer whites, but white is a neutral color one can never go wrong with. The muted white is a simple, unpretentious hue, which would blend effortlessly with practically any other color. It is ideal to hang dramatic artworks and pair them with vibrant, statement furniture.

Muted Whites

2. Beautiful Blues - A splash of freshness and calm

The airy and fresh shades of blue are sure to breathe new life into any space. This stunning shade of blue, an almost powdery and softened hue, is both serene and fresh. This chalky shade is almost greyish and is a safe bet for anyone who wants to explore the realm of colors without going overboard. This color pairs well with neutrals as well as cool dark shades like navy blue, deep gray, and teal.

Beautiful Blues

3. Sage Green - The color of nature on your walls

Most of us were deprived of the outdoors during the past two years, and that’s why it makes perfect sense to bring a slice of nature indoors. To fill your space with a color that’s aplenty in nature, sage green seems like a safe and contemporary choice. 

This shade blends well with indoor plants or nature-themed art pieces. This color also works well to foster a sense of calm and well-being inside any space. Sage green interiors complement well with wooden floors and clean contemporary furniture in a bright and well-lit room.

Sage Green

4. Mellow Yellow - A slice of the sun’s warmth

In the coming year, the focus is to relish vivid colors that make the heart happy. This sunny yet subdued shade of yellow is the perfect pick to enliven any dull space. While this mellow yellow may still be a bold interior color for some, it is never flashy or overbearing.

Despite its bold tint, it’s not excessively bright or gaudy, making it ideal for a bigger room, where it looks peppy and cheerful. While pairing this color with other elements in the room, opt for minimalist furniture and art pieces along with real plants that bring out the best of this shade.

Mellow Yellow

5. Charismatic Crimson - Deep incarnadine that makes a bold statement

Using red in your interior design scheme can be a big and bold move, so it’s essential that you not only love the shade but also know how to use it correctly. This deep crimson color would pair perfectly with warm wooden furniture that has rustic gold accents. To give the space a rich look, make sure to add plenty of velvet upholstery, deep forest greens with real plants, and classic antique furniture.

Charismatic Crimson

6. Very Peri - Pantone's Color of the Year 2022

One of the most distinctive home decor color trends of 2022 has to be incorporating Very Peri into any home’s interior design. One of the biggest color trends of 2022, Very Peri made its mark in every aspect from fashion to home decor. Use this color as an accent on one wall of the room and complement it with a single sofa, some artwork with neutral colors, and minimal furniture that has chic golden hardware.

Very Peri

Give your walls some love

The interior paint color trends of 2021 have eased their way into much brighter, cheerful, and more experimental colors for the new year to look forward to. Put on your aesthetic lenses and chalk out remodeling ideas from these hot and happening home decor color trends of 2022. Give your walls some love with a fresh coat of paint! You can even check out this year's fashion color trends to draw inspiration for your interior space.

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Key Takeaways

  • Bright, bold, and positive colors are a big game changer for this year.
  • Pick interior colors that reflect your taste and give your space a new makeover post the dreary pandemic days.
  • Offbeat and vivid hues are the vibe of 2022. Drench those walls in feel-good and wholesome shades to uplift and enliven your space.

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