Best and Worst of the Gender Neutral Loungewear: Comparing Outfits
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Best and Worst of the Gender Neutral Loungewear: Comparing Outfits

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A lot has changed in terms of gender identity recently. Previously it was ingrained in us that there are only two genders – male and female. Anyone who identified themselves as neither of the two accepted genders was treated differently by our society. With time there has been a change in the mindset. The change has been visible through the inclusivity adopted by various big and small fashion brands to produce fashion that fits all.

New small businesses are also launching their own loungewear line because of its huge popularity. Many online and offline clothing brands now come up with ‘unisex’ designs, which is assumed to be a huge step in eliminating the existing gender biases. However, not all the brands or trends are worth raving about.

The best gender-neutral loungewear in the market:

  • Beyoncé’s Athleisure

The famous musician Beyoncé launched her very chic collection of athleisure in 2019. It sold out at record speed right after its launch. The clothing line was extremely successful because Beyoncé broke her commitment to the stereotypical rules of fashion and produced something ground-breaking. She told the Elle Magazine that she had purposefully included unisex pieces that were meant to fill all genders, shapes, and sizes in the world.

  • Big Bud Press
Big Bud Press; Gender Neutral Loungewear

Based in California, USA, Big Bud Press is a brand that makes colorful gender-neutral garments. All their apparels are genderless and made to fit everyone irrespective of how they identify sexually. They produce premium loungewear while also keeping in mind ethical manufacturing. The best thing about this brand is their size range which ranges from XXS to 7XL.

  • ASOS Loungewear

ASOS makes some of the best loungewear smart casuals. Nothing is comfier than an oversized pair of track pants and a sweatshirt on a cozy monsoon or winter day. Their clothes are genderless and come in all sizes. ASOS Loungewear’s inclusivity in terms of colors and sizes is top-notch. Their clothing pieces are versatile and can be worn on their own paired with other pieces of items. They are also less heavy on the pockets in comparison to the other existing brands.

  • FILA’s Athletic Wear

FILA came out with its Spring athletic collection in 2020. Their collection included unisex loungewear with sweaters, hoodies, etc., with their iconic blue and red logo. FILA is particularly known for its fashion forwardness, gender neutrality, and comfort. Their loungewear outfits are one of the best available in the market in India and abroad.

There has often been debate comparing various loungewear. Most of the time, the brands that come up with unisex smart casual outfits are luxury brands. It is, therefore, quite an expensive type of clothing. Therefore, it is not the best and most affordable option for everyone who wants to buy unisex outfits. In comparison to the huge demand, the supply of smart casual loungewear is limited because it is unaffordable.

A Twitter user recently posted – “great news! The ‘agender’ fashion has graduated from GREY SACK to BROWN SACK’ meaning that the ‘gender-neutral’ clothing is nothing but a bunch of baggy clothes. People have also called the trend boring and dull. Smart casual outfits have also been called ‘shapeless’ because of their lack of any particular design. Gender neutral loungewear usually lacks variety in comparison to gender-conforming designs. There have also been arguments that gender neutral smart casual clothes do not truly challenge gender norms as they claim to. However, no such particular brand or clothing line has been labeled as the ‘worst.’

Gender Neutral Loungewear

There is no point denying that gender-neutral loungewear has emerged as big business. But with inclusivity comes a great price. It is unaffordable for young people who are looking for comfortable clothing. There has been a constant tension between the brands offering gender-neutral clothing and the actual demand of the customers. The whole concept of gender-neutrality is based on the idea that anyone can wear anything they want without conforming to a specific gender.


At some level, the demand has not been met by the brands claiming to produce unisex garments. There has also been a disagreement on the popular notion that only men’s clothing can be gender neutral and women’s clothing are not. This is a debate that must go on. Meanwhile, Fashinza is doing its best to connect you with the best manufacturers if you want to make gender neutral clothing under your brand’s name. No matter how big or small, you can always make your clothing line inclusive. You must check Fashinza’s website. 


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