Best And Worst 90s Men’s Fashion Trends (2023 Revisited)
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Best And Worst 90s Men’s Fashion Trends (2023 Revisited)

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Summary: While fashion trends come and go, some of them stay. Here’s revisiting some of the best and worst men’s fashion trends from the 90s. Psst.. some of them are making a comeback! 

The end of the previous millennium saw some of the best and worst of men’s fashion trends. While leather jackets and turtlenecks remained a definitive staple, neon windbreakers and men’s uggs were downright ugly. Fashion is indeed a fickle friend. Sometimes it gives you trends that become classic and other times it thinks corduroy is fashionable! 

While some 90s trends like grunge fashion became a sensation overnight, there were others like acid-washed jeans and chunky accessories that were an eyesore. However, with the resurrection of retro trends in recent years, it might be worth adding some of the popular men's fashion trends from the 90s to your brand’s collection. Here’s a list of the five best and worst men’s fashion trends from the 90s. Check them out so your brand doesn’t ever get under the radar for making pleather pants and fishnet vests. 

1. Leather Jackets

Leather jackets have been a staple in every man’s wardrobe for decades now. It is stylish, versatile, and definitely sexy when paired with the right kind of outfit. The OG bad boys of the 90s know that the biker leather jacket was an indispensable part of their wardrobe. Even today, leather jackets are a popular pick among most men who want to stay on-trend yet pick something classic.

Leather Jackets

2. High-Top Sneakers

All thanks to Reebok and Air Jordan, the 90s era saw men sporting sky-high sneakers. Having said that, the most influential high-top sneaker of all time has to be the Converse Chuck Taylor. Ankle-length sports and aerobic footwear were everywhere, and everyone from the youth to celebrities was in on the trend.

Usually, when a trend blows up like this, it fades pretty quickly too. High-top sneakers are bigger today than they were back in the 90s. These sneakers are here to stay and remain popular among younger and middle-aged men alike. In fact, for many, it is their go-to pair for casual dressing.

High-Top Sneakers

3. Tracksuits

Regular joggers and track pants have been around for some time now, but the real tracksuit style from the 90s is back in trend today. We have seen celebs like Drake, Snoop Dogg, and even Prince Harry rocking the tracksuit and can solidly confirm that this trend is making a big comeback. Tracksuits in solid and bold colors and those with bright side straps are back in trend this season. Pairing a tracksuit with the 90s ankle-length sneakers would surely make one look straight out of the 90s runway.


4. Combat Boots

What’s not to love about combat boots? They are comfortable, stylish, and above everything, have remained a classic through the decades. While the 90s era saw men usually wearing black combat boots with their casual outfits, today there are more color options available. Browns and tans are second favorites among millennial men when it comes to combat boots. Be it styling with a casual button-down and chino or with a jeans and t-shirt, combat boots make the perfect pair to put together any stylish look. 

Combat Boots

5. Turtleneck

A classic 90s wardrobe staple, the humble turtleneck is making a comeback and how. These were the long sleeve choice in the 90s for men who wanted to add classiness to their outfits without wearing an all-out three-piece suit. Rocking the turtle neck was a favorite look in Hollywood (think Pierce Brosnan as James Bond) for men to show off their refined fashion sense while still being comfy. 

Even today, celebs can’t get enough of the turtleneck and usually wear it with chinos and a blazer for an elevated informal look. Add a range of bright, neutral, and comfortable turtlenecks to your brand’s collection for this season, and see these pieces fly off the shelves in no time. 


Worst 90s Men’s Fashion Trends

1. Baggy Jeans: The Denim Overdose

Baggy jeans while being a ubiquitous fashion staple in every man’s wardrobe, it was an OTT trend that wasn't short of an eyesore. They devoured the shoes, they dusted the floors, and they drank rainwater like sponges. Yet, despite their flaws, baggy jeans were everyplace in the 90s. The silhouette of baggy jeans or lack thereof made them look shabby and unkempt. To make matters worse, there were low waist ones that could make anyone look like a caricature straight out of a comic strip. Thankfully, this 90s men’s fashion trend is in the rearview mirror. 

Baggy Jeans

2. Colorful Windbreakers

These wind-beating jackets were a wild rage among the youth of the 90s. The block pattern with garish colors was popular while it lasted, but made a hard U-turn by the end of the millennium. They were replaced by muted colors and sleeker silhouettes for a non-baggy fit. This unapologetically colorful 90s trend is rightly left behind and replaced by the much cooler bomber jacket.

Colorful Windbreakers

3. Dog Tags

For some mysterious reason, dog tags were all the rage during the 90s. They were a highly sought-after accessory especially if they were engraved for personalization. Men wore them with all sorts of casual clothes and these silver necklaces were seen on everyone from celebs to the street. Gladly, they don’t seem to be coming back, and for all the right reasons. 

Dog Tags

4. Uggs

Uggs, the fuzz-lined sheepskin boots were initially marketed largely to outdoorsy and adventure-sports-loving men. They were in limelight throughout the 90s for being cozy, warm, and comfortable. However, uggs were seen more as a footwear style for women than men, and this trend slowly got towed from the men’s section. Since then, uggs haven’t become popular in men’s fashion and we’re certainly happy about that. There are multiple other men’s boot styles that supersede the uggs.

5. Rompers

For anyone that has lived through the ’90s, the chances that they wore rompers are very high. These denim jumpsuits were an indispensable fashion staple for the decade and were worn by both genders. Right from celebs like Will Smith to Tupac, rompers were a commonplace statement during the 90s. While jumpsuits gained popularity among the ladies again, men have shied away from hopping on this trend bandwagon in recent years.


The Good Wins

Trends always come and go, but there are always some that stick around to become a classic. While the flannel pattern and denim-on-denim 90s trends may be coming back, some like the low-rise pants and embellished jeans should never see the light of the day. 

Key Takeaways: 

  •  A lot of 90s men’s fashion trends are ruling runways across the globe. Styles like turtlenecks and leather jackets are in high demand amongst men of all ages. 
  • Among other things, color-blocked designs in flamboyant shades are a big thing today. This goes for everything from casual wear to sportswear like Ralph Lauren’s iconic logo polo shirt.
  • Oversized logos that were a thing of the 90s are back in a big way, and the more visible, the better. This trend seems like a good way to put your logo on the outfits for a higher brand recall, especially if you are a budding entrepreneur in the fashion business.
  • Some 90s styles like the fanny packs and tinted sunglasses won’t be coming back for good and they’re best kept out of your brand’s collection.

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