Best 10 Magazines To Showcase Your Work On
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Best 10 Magazines To Showcase Your Work On

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Magazines are luxurious. Yes, technology is getting advanced day by day. There is always something new waiting for you when you scroll down your social media feed. But none of this can replace the feeling that you get while going through the silky pages of the magazines, lazily lying on the couch. Magazines take you to a dreamy world of fashion and lifestyle. With every flip, we aspire to have all of it that we see on the pages. And how are we even forgetting the thrill we get while reading the “exclusive celebrity column.” The luxurious and exclusive vibe that reading a magazine gives is incomparable to any social networking site. 

Even in the age of digital applications, there are magazine labels with over 10+ million subscribers and are popular all over the world. Some of them even sell over 20 million copies a month. It is said that a magazine is simply a tool to induce people to read advertising. This is the main motive of a magazine, to promote the works of artists and showcase their talents. 

When you read a magazine, you will always find 10 ways to be better at some or the other thing, but in this blog, we will tell you about the 10 best magazines to showcase your work on. 

1. Vogue 

With over 24 million+ readers across the globe, Vogue is, undoubtedly, the biggest and the most influential fashion and lifestyle magazine in the world. The debut issue of Vogue was published in New York on December 17, 1892, as a weekly newspaper. 

However, later in 1905, Condé Montrose Nast took over Vogue and made it bi-weekly. Vogue didn’t sell as a monthly magazine until 1973. After the takeover, Nast steered the magazine’s focus from men to woman-centric topics. 

They started covering what women desired in the fashion and lifestyle, though it is a unisex magazine. It started covering a host of columns for women. Vogue got its biggest breakthrough in 1988 when Anna Wintour took over. With over 11 million subscribers, Vogue heavily dominates the fashion world and its trends.

2. Elle

The word Elle has a French origin, which means “she” or her.” As suggested by the name, Elle is a worldwide women’s lifestyle magazine from France. It was started by Hélène Gordon-Lazareff and her husband, Pierre Lazareff, in 1945. 

Elle’s first issue was published on November 21, 1945. Elle focuses on fashion, health, beauty, and entertainment. With 69 million readers, Elle produces content that is a fusion of the latest fashion and lifestyle trends, and important women’s issues. 

After a few years of publishing, Elle started a campaign. Its slogan, when translated meant “if she reads, she reads Elle”. This made Elle gain a lot of attention and helped it turn into a dominating name in the world of fashion and women. Elle publishes in over 44 countries, and continues to grow to be one of the biggest names in the fashion and lifestyle industry. 

3. Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar

In 2016, Harper’s Bazaar completed 150 years in the fashion and lifestyle industry. First published in the year 1867, on November 2, it was founded by the Harper brothers, and hence, the name. James, John, Joseph Wesley, and Fletcher Harper ran a New York-based publishing firm. It was the idea of the youngest brother Fletcher who got inspired by a Berlin-based local magazine. 

In the earlier times, Harper’s Bazaar was thought provocative. It published polished and informative content which targeted upper-middle-class women. It was America’s first fashion magazine to do so. The editorials of this magazine cover exciting content, everything ranging from the latest trends and runway shows to fashions updates in both casual and couture. Currently publishing worldwide in more than 32 countries, Harper’s Bazaar is a big game in the field of fashion and lifestyle. 

4. Cosmopolitan

This magazine has seen many phases. From transforming from a family magazine started in 1886 to a literary magazine and now since 1965, it has become a truly global women’s magazine with over 64 international editions published in 35 countries and 110 languages. 

Popularly known as Cosmo, it started publishing revolutionary content related to fashion, sex, feminism and relationships, and other things which were considered unconventional after it was taken over by Helen Gurley in 1965. The magazine’s theme became “Fun Fearless Feminism” and started going off the shelves like hotcakes. With over 32 million readership, Cosmo has a massive influence on fashion trends across the world. 

5. BoF- Business of Fashion

Started in 2007 by Imran Ahmed, BoF is a coming-of-the-age fashion magazine. BoF gained massive followers and subscribers in a short time. Its content is loved by fashion enthusiasts as it writes and publishes about the real scenes that go behind in the making of fashion trends and patterns and how it influences the economy. Serving its members in more than 125 countries and with over 1 million readership, BoF is changing the perspective of fashion worldwide.

6. W

Another influential magazine which was taken over by Condé Nast publishers in the year 2000, W is making names in the fashion industry for publishing engaging content which most magazines run away from. First published in 1972, W is demanded worldwide for its groundbreaking and authentic content on lifestyle, fashion, culture, celebrity news, etc. With over 7+ million footprints worldwide, W is gaining popularity for its controversial columns and features every day.

7. InStyle

With a distribution range across 16 countries internationally, InStyle is a magazine for everyone enthusiastic about lifestyle and fashion. Its first issue was published in June 1994 in New York. Currently headed by Laura Brown, it publishes celebrity styling tips, lifestyle choices, style, and lifestyle advice. With more than 1 million readership, you can turn to InStyle for all the fashion advice you need.

8. Allure 


Founded by Linda Wells in 1991, it is an American magazine solely focusing on health, wellness, and beauty for women. Known for its cultural content and precise detailing, it has a readership of over 13+ million people. Allure has been growing every day ever since its establishment.

9. V

Founded by Cecilia Dean in the year 1998, V is an exclusive quarterly magazine. As of 2010, it had a readership of 3+ million. V releases its magazine in 4 seasons - spring preview, fall preview, winter preview, and summer preview. It covers trends in culture, music, fashion, etc. Stephen Gan, the magazine’s creative visionary head, created a safe space for artists and fashionistas to showcase unique and unheard talents through V’s columns. 

10. Numéro

Founded by Elisabeth Dijan in 1998, Numero focuses on innovative, intellectual, and intelligent women. Its publishes content on fashion, design, lifestyle, music, art, etc. With a total circulation of about 80K internationally, it is still growing to be one of the most influential fashion magazines for women. 


These worldwide magazines with millions of readership and viewership can be the perfect place for you to showcase your work of fashion and lifestyle. Most of these magazines are women-centric, but with growing times and the breaking of stereotypical walls, they are becoming more gender-inclusive. Flipping through magazines seems like a small task but can be very influential for its subscribers. Using a magazine to showcase your work can help you reach your target audience in a large number. 

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