How to Dress for an 80s Party?
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How to Dress for an 80s Party?

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Summary: Big hair, shoulder pads, puffed sleeves, and neon colors were all the rage back in the 1980s. With an upswing in 1980-theme parties, designers can recreate all the 80s outfits using these elements. Here’s how your buyers can rock the party look, 1980s style, this season.

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Caption: Sequins for that 80s vibe

Nitty-Gritty of the 80s

The 80s are back in full force and with that comes everything vibrant, colorful, and bold. We can see a lot of 80s trends popping up in fashion, movies, and of course music! As goes with fashion trends, this one also has made way for some interesting party themes. Needless to say, buyers would want to lay hands on all the 80s outfits that brands and designers can conjure up.

With many wonderful styles and dynamic icons having set trends back in the 80s, designers can draw from a mix of elements to put together the best of 80s-inspired party wear. Designers should use bright neon colors, shoulder pads, puffed sleeves, animal prints, leather, and lace. The trick to putting together an outfit for an 80s party is to pick something that is 80s inspired but still stays true to what's trending today.

Read on to know more about the 80s elements that can be used in 2023 dressing.

All Your 80s Jam

Come to think of it, the 80s were part of the last century. Interestingly, some of these styles from the decade are still relevant today. All the 80s outfits and trends that have made it to 2023 can still rock a party look today!

Polka Dots

While this may sound like an unusual style for a 1980s party, the fact that polka dots are still going strong in 2023 makes them a versatile print to wear. Polka-dotted dresses with an 80s-style oversized corset belt over it can make a head-turner outfit. While polka prints are already all the rage, designers can use corset belts for layering a bodycon dress, turtle neck shirt, or a flowy dress to create a party look. Slip dresses, tops, and skirts featuring polka print look great too.

On an Animal Song

Image: Unsplash

Animal print, if done right, is luxurious and stylish. It has been around for a while, attaining peak popularity during the 80s and then returning in the 2000s. It can be used on a variety of outfits and accessories to recreate the 80s wear that will slay a party look. Designers can pick up cheetah skin, leopard spots, and zebra patterns in prints and faux fur to style bags, shoes, dresses, or coats in a luxe party look. 

Shining Sequins to the Rescue

Image: Unsplash

When in doubt, take that sequinned dress out! Sequins are like the all-weather friend of party outfits and surpass all trends. Still relevant in 2023, sequins can be any fashionista’s go-to look for party wear. Brands can explore this 1980s trend to create mini skirts, slip dresses, sweaters, and accessories. Sequins can also do justice to all the flaunt of wealth that the 80s prided on. Bring on the pomp, glitter, and sequins in all the 80s outfits!

Roll Out the Leather Outfits

Photo by: Patrick Pahlke on Unsplash

Image: Unsplash

Leather is again very 1980s, but it still works because it adds a bold aura to the wearer’s personality. Brands dealing in leather apparel can make it a part of their party wear collection as well. Leather jackets, leather pants, and chunky boots radiate a very 80s vibe and can be worn to a party. Leather works for both genders, and brands can add variations to create a suitable 80s-style men’s fashion collection as well.

Goth 80s Fashion

Image: Unsplash

Dark, mysterious, and edgy! Whoever said the goth look wouldn’t work at parties was probably lying. Emerging from the punk movement, gothic fashion in the 1980s was known for its dark romanticism and was heavily influenced by the new wave movement. Goth was, and still is, about counterculture. Design a little black dress, goth style, for your buyers’ next big party moment. Brands can stock up on bodycon dresses, tailored gothic jackets, and full-length gothic gowns to go full goth in partywear.

Bright Neons for an Unconventional Look

Photo by: TANYA LAYKO on Unsplash

Image: Unsplash

Neons are undoubtedly a 1980s staple. Designers can use bright shades like green and pink in the foreground while keeping more subtle shades in the backdrop. Bright and bold neon colors are trending everywhere, from fashion to technology. Bright neons, which can be used to design outfits for all occasions, will create a vibrant and unusual party wear line inspired by the 80s when everything was big and bold.

Adding Elements from the 80s

Gender-neutral clothing was big back in the 1980s, which made way for padded shoulders, oversized blazers, and moto jackets. The 80s era of fashion used a lot of interesting elements to create distinctive designs, which can inspire designers today. Brands can make use of leather, black lace, chunky boots, oversized corset belts, and more to recreate the 80s outfits that will rock a party look. 

To Nail Current Trends, Go the 80s Way!

Designers can dress up their clients in all the 80s outfits to impress at an after-party. While bright neons, polka dots, leather, and sequins look great for a party look, designers should incorporate other 80s-style elements like puffed sleeves, corset belts, padded shoulders, and oversized blazers to complete their collection. The AI-powered platform of Fashinza can help brands stock up on their designs in time with the help of trend forecasts.

Key Takeaways:

  • From neon colors to leather outfits, brands can make use of many 80s-style elements to create looks that are still relevant today.

  • Brands should focus on adding layers, textured materials, and detailing to create the 80s outfits that fit into a party setting too.

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