Acing the wedding fashion game with Pantone white
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Acing the wedding fashion game with Pantone white

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Summary: White is a timeless and classic color that has been associated with weddings. It symbolizes purity, innocence, and new beginnings, making it the perfect choice for a wedding. Pantone White is a good reference point to get the white shade right as per the liking of the bride.

White is a symbol of purity and innocence and is often associated with simplicity, minimalism, cleanliness, and perfection. It is a serene and calming hue that can also symbolize a new beginning and hence, seems like the perfect theme for a wedding.

Till a couple of centuries, brides also appeared in colors other than white. There is historical trivia that explains the preference for a white dress for women in Church weddings. When in 1840 Queen Victoria got married to Prince Albert, she chose a white gown in finely detailed Honiton lace, just to support the floundering British lace industry. Her fashion choice was widely discussed in newspapers and magazines, and soon the trend became a tradition.

The right shade of white: The ultimate bridal dilemma

One of the biggest dilemmas facing the bride is selecting the bridal dress. There is another difficult choice to be made — the right shade of white which matches the skin tone. Brands decode this puzzle by breaking down the difference between stark white and natural white and ivory with the help of Pantone white shade card.

The brightest stark white

The brightest white is achieved by bleaching to get a crisp tint. It is the synthetic fabrics such as satin, taffetas, and polyester blends that are more amenable to bleaching. The hue can absorb colors from surroundings and can appear too glaring for some tastes, though this was the preferred shade earlier.

Over the years it has ceded ground to the paler shades of white as brides and designers prefer universally flattering shades.  There is another issue with the color. The HD cameras catch the blue tint and can spoil the most precious moment. Designers are therefore often cautious in using this tone. The Brightest White range of Pantone acts as a matching reference for this shade.

The natural glow of diamond white

Often referred to as diamond white or silk white, this is the whitest shade that any natural fabric can achieve.  It falls somewhere between the stark white and ivory shades. Some brides could have reservations about natural white since it is not the brightest level of white, but natural fabrics such as silk have their own charm and allure. The fabric is also much more flattering to a wide range of skin tones. The Coconut range of Pantone white palette best matches this hue.

Soft and pale white eggshell

Often called the eggshell, this version of white, commonly referred to as ivory, has gained in popularity over the years. The soft white look is not only camera friendly but also goes down well with most skin tones, especially the ones with yellow undertones. Some ivory shades can be soft white while others can carry a yellowish tinge. It is a general misconception that all the ivories have a yellow tinge. It works best on skin tones with fair or pink undertones. Stark white here may give a completely washed-out look. Designers have a wide range of ivory shades to choose from in Pantone white cards.

Enhance the glam factor

For those open to experimentation, the wedding dress can be embellished with embroidery in bold or pastel hues. For the minimalist bride, a fitted and sleek silhouette adds a contemporary twist to this normally traditional color. For a more dramatic way to incorporate Pantone white into the wedding attire, consider using it as a statement piece. A white fur stole or shawl can also add a touch of luxury and opulence to your outfit.

glam factor

Match up the accessories

Another way to include Pantone white into the wedding look is through accessories. A white veil, jewelry, gloves, or handbag can add a touch of grace to any bridal look. A white pair of shoes or a white hair accessory can also add a touch of sophistication to the outfit.

Say yes to white flowers

A way to enhance the white look is by adding white flowers to the bridal bouquet. Considering it'll be in the bride’s hands for most of the ceremony, flowers almost become a part of the attire. The monotony of white can be broken by adding a few bright colors to the white bouquet to ensure a spirited charm for the special celebrations.

white flowers

Stay calm, there is a reference point

The noise around different shades of white can be quite confusing for customers. After all, it is for brides the most special day of their lives and they want everything to fall in place.  Designers need to make things simpler for them by picking the right Pantone white shade. There is a variety of white’s out there and knowing if you want a cooler or warmer tone will make all the difference.

Key Takeaways:

  • The beauty of white is in its versatility. It can be paired with any other color and can be incorporated into any wedding theme or style.
  • The Pantone white color palette is the best reference point to reach the right shade for bridal dresses and accessories like shoes.

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