A Complete List of Wholesale Home Decor Vendors from Asia, Europe, America
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A Complete List of Wholesale Home Decor Vendors from Asia, Europe, America

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If you’re in the market for wholesale home decor, you’ll want to check out this complete list of vendors from around the world. Wholesale home decor can be a great way to furnish your home on a budget or add a new dimension to your brand’s offerings, and with so many options available, you will surely find something that fits your style.

1. Salehoo

With the help of Salehoo, small businesses can spot fashion trends and use them to their advantage. Salehoo is a wholesale directory that maps online buyers with suppliers worldwide. It’s a great resource for finding quality, affordable home decor.

The platform also integrates with Shopify to simplify importing accessories for your drop-shipping businesses. Finally, if you are still not convinced, there’s also a full refund guarantee should any problems arise.

2. Alibaba

Alibaba is a popular website that offers wholesale items to customers worldwide. The China-based company covers more than 40 different sections, including house and garden items, fashions, and electronics, with wonderfully established delivery services serving 190+ countries!

Alibaba is a great source for wholesale home decor from Asia. You’ll find a wide selection of products, including furniture, wall art, and more. It’s famous, and you might have heard of it—but can they be trusted? 

Despite its popularity on Trustpilot and the seventeen thousand buyers who have given Alibaba a respectable 4 stars out of 5, there are still some concerns about quality control. Because this marketplace has millions of suppliers, many flaws may go unnoticed.

Wholesale Home Decor Vendors Home Decor Wholesale Suppliers

3. Worldwide brands

Worldwide Brands is a wholesale supplier of home decor products from Europe and the Americas. You’ll find a wide selection of products, including furniture, wall art, and more.

Worldwide Brands is a reputable website that provides you with reliable suppliers of wholesale and dropship products in 20+ categories. 

All the companies on their list have been thoroughly screened for authenticity, so your purchase will be safe! They also update this information weekly to ensure customers always get the best deal possible.

4. Tradekey

Tradekey is a wholesale marketplace that connects buyers and sellers from all over the world. It’s a great resource for finding quality, affordable home decor.

Tradekey is the ultimate international business to consumer (B2C) platform connecting over nine million very small, small and also medium-sized businesses for trade across the globe. The company has a wide range of 30+ categories that include products from chemicals, agriculture, sports, environment, F&B, toys, and entertainment. They have suppliers from more than sixteen countries across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and you can filter by country or supplier type on their website. In addition, you can easily find product descriptions, materials, MOQs and trust points in one place, making sourcing new products a piece of cake.

5. Banggood

China-based Banggood has a wide range of products from 100 thousand suppliers. They offer 5% to 30% discounts on their products along with attractive coupons and bulk buy incentives, which can save you money in your next purchase without any MOQs or rejection of quality standards! If you order above 100USD, the shipping fee will also be waived.

Home decor stickers, decorative painting, clocks, decorative crafts and artificial decorations are the notable home decor offerings from Banggood.

6. Lightinthebox

This company has a powerful shipping service partnered with DHL. They offer new items every day to ensure variety for buyers. Depending on the location, you can get your order as soon as three days or up to 45. 

This China-based global wholesale vendor has a wide range of products, including home decor. With tracking details available on request, no matter what you purchase, you will always know exactly when it arrives.

Wholesale Home Decor Vendors Home Decor Wholesale Suppliers

7. Pound Wholesale

The UK-based company Pound Wholesale can help fulfil all your sourcing needs. The business has been around since 2000, and they have established themselves as one of the most reliable vendors in Great Britain with their dedication towards high product quality. They also offer global delivery services, and they don’t need a minimum order for delivery in the UK. The notable home decor items from Pound Wholesale include cleaning equipment, DIY kits, photo frames, interior decorations, home numbers & stickers, etc.

8. Wholesale Deals

Wholesale Deals is the best place to buy wholesale and drop-ship products. They have a wide variety of items, including baby supplies like diapers and wipes, the latest clothing, electronics of all sorts such as headphones and accessories, and even gadgets! You can get high-quality goods at 45–95% margins from famous brands like Adidas or Skullcandy.

Fashion spice racks, metal wall shelves, fancy wall brackets, moon lamps and wooden antique rocking chairs are some of the notable home decor offerings from Wholesale Deals.

9. Takaski.com

Takaski is a popular Japanese e-commerce store that offers clothing, food and drink, health products, and home decor items. The company has partnered with many well-known brands from Japan, including Meji, Kao, and Muji. They provide delivery services across America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania, shipped via EMS. Additionally, customers can get free samples on every order placed.

10. Q-depot

Q-depot is a wholesale vendor that provides authentic cosmetics from over 70 Japanese brands and over 250 Korean ones. For products shipped to countries outside North America, the company will apply an MOA (minimum order amount)of $300 for every order they receive—this way, you can buy with confidence knowing there won't be any hidden fees!

Customers are impressed by how quickly their packages arrive once delivered, thanks largely because it uses efficient shipping methods such as FedEx Smartpost or UPS Express.

Apart from cosmetics, Q-Depot also offers home decors items such as wall brackets, wooden clocks, and a customised wardrobe to Korean customers.

11. Pex Wholesale UK

Pex Wholesale UK has sold baby clothes to buyers in the UK and EU for 80 years. They offer a variety of designs, sizes and colours. The clothes are made from quality materials that are gentle on sensitive skin. Under the home decor umbrella, the notable offerings include customised racks, customised clocks, etc.

12. Style Korean

With over 12,000 SKUs and six offices worldwide, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for no matter the occasion. As an international buyer with fast shipping available globally through 500 channels in 60 countries, it's easy enough that even a first-timer can get their hands on some great deals! 

Style Korean offers wooden vases, anti-fatigue kitchen rugs, tabletop fountains, ceramic hollow vases, etc., as home decor items.

13. Asianbeautywholesale:

The company offers an attractive and affordable $250 MOA with no minimum order requirement. This is perfect for new businesses, as it allows you to test out the product before making a larger investment if needed! You can find reviews about each item on their site. They have dedicated sections devoted to review-based information. 

The estimated shipping time ranges between 3-30 business days depending on where your package will be going, but rest assured knowing there's always a tracking number attached when orders are shipped outside North America.

Wallpapers, colours, velvet made chairs, etc., are their notable home decor items.

14. TradeKorea:

TradeKorea is an online marketplace for Korean products that sells everything from food and clothing to electronics. They have a free matching service to help you find the perfect supplier, so all it takes are some simple details about your needs!

TradeKorea offers various home decor items, including custom made rocking chairs, wardrobes, racks, etc.

15. Tradewheel.com:

Tradewheel is an innovative, global vendor with 6+ million suppliers and 22 million SKUs. They provide quality products to shoppers worldwide through their vast catalogue of categories, including apparel, beauty supplies, sports toys, machines, home and garden supplies, etc.

16. Brandsgateway.com:

Brandsgateway is a marketplace for luxury goods. It has been around since 2016. They offer high-end fashion from over 70 brands with 15,000+ items, and they require MOQs as low as $12k, which isn't bad considering some other competitors may ask up to 500%. On top of this great service offering, you also get professional sales managers who will help find the best sellers each month, so your purchases are sure not to miss out!

Square wall mirrors, lighted mason jars, floating shelves for walls are a few of the notable home decor offerings from Brandsgateway.com

17. Amazon Business:

If you're a small business owner, then Amazon Business is your new best friend. With special landing pages and streamlined buying experience for businesses to take advantage of the quantity discounts available only through this program and flexible shipping options like the free premium ground or wish-listed items over $25 with delivery within 6 months, you'll never have an excuse not to use it! Amazon listed home decor items are the main trademark for this.

18. BuyKorea:

BuyKorea helps create buyers across the globe with more than fifty thousand Korean sellers of health and beauty products such as wooden furniture, wooden clock or food & beverage. For reliability, they are operated by KOTRA -Korea's official trade promotion agency! 

Small to medium businesses can find it easy to find through their website's helpful features like contacting your supplier(s) via email, which will give you better insight into what type of deal may suit both parties involved in any transaction; MOQ applies differently per product but generally speaking there isn't one set minimum order quantity (MOQ).

19. FashionTIY

Fashion TIY is a US-based wholesale marketplace for fashion, from accessories and home goods to kids' products. They handpick quality goods from over 1000 suppliers at 30-70% lower prices than retail stores!

This site has no minimum order size, so small businesses can buy in bulk without worrying about MOQs. You also get samples packs with every shipment, making it easy to decide what colours or styles would work best among your collection of clothes already pieces – plus, you have real-time tracking services if something goes wrong during delivery.

FashionTIY provides customers with wall racks and wooden bathtubs as home decor items.

20. Go4worldbusiness:

Go4Worldbusiness connects wholesale buyers to nearly 2 million worldwide suppliers in various niches of agriculture, electronics construction, and more. You can find product descriptions on any page along with MOQs for each niche; this information is available via Trust Score, which measures reliability by looking at review history (and passing verification test), membership length-time active status within go4 world business, among other factors that contribute towards your score. They offer various home decor items such as drum stool, silver banana leaf tray, honeycomb nail in polished nickel, etc.

Final Thoughts

With our list of reliable vendors, you can be sure that no matter what home decor product or service you're looking for, they will have it. These are all top-notch companies that provide great customer services and shipping capabilities, so if anyone is trying to start their own business, this should help them get started!

We also hope hearing about how others found success doing what was once considered impossible becomes an inspiring story as well.

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