5 Most Reliable Fashion Newspapers For Brands To Analyze Fashion Trends
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5 Most Reliable Fashion Newspapers For Brands To Analyze Fashion Trends

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Fashion is a rapidly evolving industry. Trends come and go, and it can become difficult for brands to receive regular news and updates from reliable sources. The Covid-19 pandemic threw the fashion industry into turmoil, and several brands announced store closures, filed for bankruptcy or announced mergers. 

Fashion industry experts and professionals are now looking forward with renewed optimism, as they hope to revive the business in 2021. Fashion newspapers can be a valuable resource for regular industry news and updates. Here’s a list of the top 5 fashion newspapers for every fashion brand.

1. The Business of Fashion

The Business of Fashion is a popular daily fashion newspaper. This publication is of a more sophisticated nature. Its target audience includes industry insiders and fashion enthusiasts. As such, this news source is for people who are serious about the fashion industry. 

From its humble beginnings as a blog in 2007, the Business of Fashion has now become a widely-read fashion newspaper. It is a digital industry publication, and an excellent resource to analyze fashion trends. It also offers a perspective on modern media, investment, marketing, commerce, and designs related to fashion. You will also find plenty of educational material on The Business of Fashion website. It is a very relevant fashion education platform for fashion professionals and entrepreneurs. 

2. Women’s Wear Daily

Reliable Fashion Newspapers

Experts term the Women’s Wear Daily as the “The Bible of Fashion.” The publication has earned such a prestigious appellation due to its beneficial content. This fashion newspaper has been serving the fashion industry for more than 100 years. As one can judge from the name, the bulk of information here relates to women’s fashion.

Nevertheless, one should not presume that Women’s Wear Daily is just for women. The platform is also very handy for fashion industry professionals. Apart from fashion news, it also features sustainability quite prominently. So, if your business is looking to get into fair trade fashion, this is the resource for you. Fashion professionals can also catch up on the latest news about fashion and the environment, materials, business and social impact. 

3. Nowfashion

Nowfashion is yet another fashion-forward newspaper that features the latest industry news and trends. Furthermore, it features live fashion show streams as well as photos. Nowfashion prominently features fashion reviews and offers extensive coverage of the latest fashion weeks. This makes it an excellent resource for fashion industry professionals. They can easily browse the latest fashion collections by date, so that they don’t miss out on couture weeks in emerging fashion capitals of the world. Nowfashion also has detailed fashion calendars for anyone who wants to keep a close eye on them.

4. Fashionista

Fashionista is oriented towards pop culture. Therefore, you are likely to find more information about teen and young adult fashion choices. It’s a good place for brands and industry professionals looking to tap into this growing market. Fashionista is the place for the latest information on trending bags, makeup, outfits and accessories. 

It also features insightful stories, and not just the latest runway fashions. For instance, the publication’s digital edition features maternity wear and this segment of clothing is such a  big waste generator. You can expect to find similar stories on a regular basis.

5. Apparel India by DFU Publications

Reliable Fashion Newspapers

It may not look as glamorous as its other counterparts, but Apparel India by DFU Publications has some of the best news about the fashion industry in India. Whether you want to know about the latest textiles in the industry, or find out about the newest ethnic trends, this is the place to go. Brands can also find out about the latest fashion stores to open their doors in the Indian market.


Fashion is not a frivolous industry. It is driven by consumer behavior and market forces.  It is a dynamic industry that makes it difficult to predict trends. However, successful fashion industry experts religiously follow news in every part of the world, so that they are up to speed on the latest developments. This also means that they can tell which trends are likely to take off, and which ones are likely to stagnate. Reliable fashion newspapers can help to a large extent, so make sure you add the above titles to your list of daily must-reads. 

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