5 Fashion Trends to Avoid to 2022 – Red Flags For Brands
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5 Fashion Trends to Avoid to 2022 – Red Flags For Brands

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Calendars are discarded as the new year approaches, and resolutions are made for the months ahead. The same is true for the latest fashion trends, as any fashion retailer and merchandiser knows. There is no rhyme or reason to follow the set style rules that have become outdated. Gen-Z is all about uniqueness and self-expression. With a generation that values inclusivity and self-expression, their fashion trends will undoubtedly continue to evolve and change, becoming more inclusive, unique, and bold in every aspect. 

Here is a list of items in the Fashion Trend Forecast 2022

1. Neutral Tones

Neutrals have had their time in the spotlight and are now ready to retire. Neutrals are practical, simple, and pleasing to the eye, but they have also grown stale. People’s spirits are elevated in a post-lockdown world, and our wardrobes should reflect that. Last year, earthy neutrals were all the rage. Whites, creams, and tans kept the clothing simple and warm, but simplicity is no longer desired. Everyone is in the mood for a splash of color, so this year, it is time to get rid of the neutrals.

While it is still acceptable to wear earthy neutrals on occasion, do not build the entire outfit around them. Simply utilize them to bring the color choices to life. The days of neutrals are over, and dopamine dressing is the new fashion trend to follow in the Fashion Trend Forecast 2022. 'Dopamine dressing' is a notion that suggests that wearing particular colors might improve your mood. 

Fuschias, citrus oranges, and electric blues appear to be the top competitors for color choice. As a result, now is the time to stock up on this new color spectrum for the consumers.

Anything vibrant is referred to as electric colors. People are being encouraged by stylists to use vivid yellows and gorgeous bright blues. Instead of a white shirt and a blue skirt, some color can be added to the outfits. A yellow top and a blue skirt look great together. It’s time to stack complementary hues together but cautiously. No matter how badly one wants intense blue and blazing vibrant orange to match, it never will. It simply irritates the eyes to no end, and the merchandisers know it. 

2. Biker Shorts and High-Waisted Trousers

Biker Shorts

Wearing biker shorts in public is essentially the same as showing up in your underwear. Put on some real clothes before going out and save these 'pants' for riding. Athletic apparel is still popular, but we expect motorcycle shorts to fade into the background for the time being. They got their start thanks to the Kardashians. People are likely to embrace stylish sweatpants and donate their biker shorts now that they are out of style. 

Everyone, regardless of body form, could wear high-waisted jeans and pants. They were available in a wide range of styles, colors, and designs. The versatility was incredible, and that was the finest part. Regrettably, the 1990s are making a strong comeback in the Fashion Trend Forecast 2022. Naturally, those decade's fashion styles are making a comeback too. While most thought low-rise jeans would remain a thing of the past, they did not. It is time to put the high-waisted jeans away in the store or catalog. 

The khakis are also ready for a comeback. They are not quite as horrible as they appear. Some of the newest fashions appear to be ideal for a weekend getaway or a morning of errands. They are no longer just for nerds, thankfully. Khakis, when worn correctly, can be paired with just about anything, and retailers can use this advantage. 

Low-rise jeans were one of the biggest fashion fads of the 1990s, and they are making a comeback in the Fashion Trend Forecast 2022. Low-rise jeans can always be paired with a tie-dye shirt to complete the look. There is a good chance everyone still has some of these items in the wardrobe. 

3. Skinny Jeans and Joggers

Experts are avoiding skinny jeans like the plague and opting for a wider-cut leg instead. Consumers want to break out their wide-leg jeans and pants this year if they want to be fashionable. This one can be attributed to younger generations. For those with an apple body type, the wide-leg trend works better. The old joggers in the back of the closets, on the other hand, should be relegated to sleepwear. The industry is replacing them with something more trendy. 

As the slim jean fades away, regular and wide-leg jeans are making a comeback. Wide-leg jeans suit a variety of body types and look particularly elegant when coupled with a fashionable top. Because the wide-leg trend is resurfacing, other types of jeans are taking a backseat. As designers experiment with the idea of bringing bell-bottoms back, jeans are available with a wider flair than usual. Because the younger generations have already fully embraced bell-bottoms, the trend will most likely shift from wide-leg to full-on bell-bottom jeans by the middle of the year. 

Sweats are still in demand and are available in vibrant colors with unique patterns. Some are not even tapered at the end, making them suitable for footwear other than tennis shoes. One can stay comfy in fashionable sweats while going out shopping, and that is how retailers sell these looks. The main distinction is that fashion sweatshirts are manufactured from a range of materials, including fleece, imitation jeans, and even plain cotton. Instead of the boring grey, they offer intriguing designs like tie-dye.

4. Sheer and Ruffled/Tiered Clothing

99% of the population has no desire to see what a person would look like in their underwear. A little modesty goes a long way here, and it keeps everyone guessing. While a small amount of translucent clothes (such as in the sleeves) is still fashionable, if one can see through 30% of the outfit, it is a bit excessive. Plus, sheer clothes do not provide much warmth, which is why they are not popular in colder regions.  Clothing with tiers and ruffles is no longer acceptable by the consumers. This style had its day in the spotlight, but in terms of the current trend, it has been demoted to the bottom tier. The issue with ruffled and tiered clothes is that it tends to make women appear immature, especially when worn with a lot of colors. Because color is such a big trend this year, this style can be difficult to pull off. For the time being, try to wear something with a single shape.

Keeping everything covered is more professional. This is especially important for working-class consumers. Most managers do not like it when people show up in super-sheer clothing. A more professional appearance will earn people the respect they deserve. They will not be chilly at work either. 

Wearing shoulder pads like those on the '80s power suits is still the "in" thing to do. It is all about emphasizing the figure and elongating one's silhouette. Of course, this is especially true for blazers. This year, they are the must-have item, especially the larger blazers that one can get lost in.

5. Lace Accents and Windbreakers 


Lace reappeared and vanished in the blink of an eye. Until lace accents become fashionable again, everyone would remember the frills fondly. Lace elements will reappear as soon as the "comfy" trend of oversized sweatshirts is over. Windbreakers are quickly becoming obsolete. These light jackets may have a great design, but there is no practicality in their design. It gave everyone the appearance of their fathers exploring the power tool area at Home Depot or standing outside a traffic jam to observe what was going on. 

Tie-dye is making a strong comeback in the Fashion Trend Forecast 2022. Try some of the new designs developed like geode tie-dye, reverse tie-dye, and filthy snow tie-dye. Trench coats are also becoming more fashionable than windbreakers. They are made of a strong, waterproof cloth rather than an unattractive synthetic material. It keeps people warm, dry, and fashionable all at the same time. It can be worn by both men and women. Trench coats come in a variety of styles, from sleek and sultry to broad and mysterious. 


Designers are beginning to sort out what is fashionable and what's not at the start of the year, which is why it is such an important moment in the fashion industry. Simultaneously, department stores and clothes stores use what designers do as inspiration for their designs. The old thing becomes obsolete when new colors and designs become trendy again. Fashion follows a predictable pattern. It does not matter if the things some people like are on this list of Fashion Trends Forecast 2022. Merchandisers and retailers are keeping a close eye on all the trends to give their consumers and clientele the best of quality and trends. Nothing is more fashionable than self-satisfaction. For more such insights into the world of fashion, you can count on Fashinza to provide the latest update and trends. Connect with Fashinza to simplify your sourcing needs.


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