5 Designs to Experiment With While Producing Women’s Polo T-Shirts
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5 Designs to Experiment With While Producing Women’s Polo T-Shirts

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The t-shirt with a collar and short sleeves is usually called a polo t-shirt. It is a popular casual wear for men and women. Stylish women love to wear polo t-shirts of unique designs. Hence, many garments manufacturing companies experiment with the designs for women’s polo t-shirts. Some categories of designs are suitable for experimentation to produce exclusive polo t-shirts for modern women.

Customized printed logos

Often corporate companies provide polo t-shirts to all their employees, bearing the same designs on the front parts of these garments. Usually, company logos and slogans are printed on such women’s polo t-shirts, which show their professional identity and also renders a stylish look to their personality. Some polo t-shirt manufacturers accept orders from corporate clients to customize their products. 

The base color and the colors used for the logos should be exactly the same to make all the t-shirts for the employees of a company look identical. T-shirts for female players of sports teams are printed with the individual name and number of each player. Different clubs and educational institutions also order polo t-shirts with their emblems printed on the chest, sleeves, and collars. Special inks can also be used for printing logos on these polo t-shirts, like fluorescent ink, glitter ink, neon ink, reflective ink, and ink that glows in the darkness. 

Embroidered cute pictures

Experimental designs for Women’s Polo T-Shirts

Though screen printing or DTG printing is the easiest option for creating beautiful designs on polo t-shirts, embroidery is another popular way of customizing this garment. A graphic design can be created on the computer and then embroidered with suitable colored threads on a collared t-shirt. Usually, women prefer catchy designs on their t-shirts, which will make perfect attire for wearing at social or corporate events. Photos or pictures of flowers, sceneries, or cute figures can also be embroidered for beautifying colorful women’s polo t-shirts. Many stylish women prefer to personalize their t-shirts with embroidered designs that suit their personalities. It is difficult to provide identical embroidered polo t-shirts to a large group of people. Thus, beautiful collared t-shirts with distinct embroidered designs are very popular among young women.

Uses of various colors

Multicolored polo t-shirts are popular among women who love bright shades. Thus, stripes of different colors can make a polo t-shirt more attractive, and it is a trendy design used on this garment. Sometimes, women customize their t-shirts by requesting the addition of all their favorite colors to garment designers. Since flags of many countries are made of multiple colors, many women like to sport polo t-shirts bearing the colors of their country flags. It is very easy to customize women’s polo t-shirts in this way, as designers only need to know the chosen colors of their customers in this regard. They may further adorn these multicolored stripes with polka dots or other tiny patterns.

A contrasting collar

Experimental designs for Women’s Polo T-Shirts

This design is ideal for fashionable women who feel the single-colored t-shirts are quite boring. Thus, designers make the collar of the polo t-shirt in a contrasting color to the one used on the body of the garment. For example, if the t-shirt is of a dark color, the lighter shade of that color or a different vibrant shade can be used. Narrow stripes of the same contrast shade can be applied to the terminal part of the sleeves of the t-shirt to make the garment more attractive. This design is very popular for women’s polo t-shirts, as wearers can use trousers of the same shade used in the collars to look smarter. Thus, this design is widely used in all types of t-shirts, irrespective of the size of their sleeves or the type of shade used as the body color of these t-shirts.

Bright floral designs

Lovely floral prints can add a cute feminine touch to a polo t-shirt and make it look more attractive. Many women prefer large floral designs of vibrant colors on light-colored t-shirts or white flower prints on dark-shaded t-shirts. This type of design is meant specifically for women, as men never prefer floral prints on their t-shirts. Sometimes, floral prints of the same color as the background color can be used to make the t-shirts look more attractive. Floral prints on light cotton t-shirts form perfect summer wear for fashionable ladies. Sleeveless polo t-shirts are also popular among young women, who prefer sleeveless tops with their jeans as casual wear. Some designers make pockets with cute embroideries on polo t-shirts, where wearers can carry their sunglasses or hankies. Thus, women’s polo t-shirts of stylish designs are very popular worldwide for females of all ages and social statuses. Check out the options on Fashinza or connect with a manufacturer who will deliver the design you want!


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