3 Key Takeaways from Early 2000s Fashion for Every Designer
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3 Key Takeaways from Early 2000s Fashion for Every Designer

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2000 was the start of this millennium when many new fashion trends were launched all over the world. Several renowned fashion designers and clothing brands introduced new styles at that time. Many of those styles are still popular among the common masses. This is the time when a fusion of some traditional styles with modern, innovative styles came in vogue. These fusions were introduced by some leading fashion designers of the 2000s. Modern fashion designers also make use of some of these early 2000s fashion trends, as people still seem to love those styles. 

1. Jeans of different styles 

The trousers made of thick denim called jeans came into existence long ago. But it became highly popular among the young as well as the old in the 2000s. Different innovative jeans styles came into existence at that time, some of which are still in fashion. Baggy jeans are a pair of loosely-fitted denim trousers that were trendy in the early 2000s and are still preferred by many. It started in the 90s and became popular over the next decade. Women love to wear baggy jeans with tight-fitting garments, like crop tops, cardigans, and even bodysuits.  The baggy jeans resemble cargo pants to some extent, and many people feel more comfortable in these wide-legged trousers. 

Bootcut jeans also became popular in the 2000s, which went out of fashion later and currently returned as a favorite in the market. It is a type of jeans that tightly fit on the thighs and then gradually expand towards the ankle from the knee. It allows space for wearing boots comfortably, for which it got its name. It is also called Bell-bottomed jeans because of their resemblance in shape with a common bell. It can be paired with velour jackets and sleek jewelry, for which it is very popular among fashionable women. Different varieties of Bootcut jeans are available now, like mid-rise bootcut, high-rise bootcut, Dolly bootcut, and Suki bootcut.   

Ultra-low rise jeans were very popular in the 2000s, though it is basically a fashion statement from much earlier decades. These jeans are designed to start at the lower part of the hip region instead of the normal waistline. This style is also called low-waisted jeans or belly-baring chinos, as introduced by modern fashion designers. This type of trousers can be easily matched with tank tops and fashionable accessories. 

Tight-fitting jeans of vibrant shades are another specimen of the early 2000s fashion statement. Usually, jeans are made of blue denim, which may bore some young wearers. Thus, fashion designers of the 2000s introduced jeans in lime green and bright yellow shades. These colored jeans are a favourite of youngsters even now, which look more fashionable than trousers of pastel shades. They also prefer skin-tight jeans that showcase their healthy and attractive figures. 

Early 2000s Fashion\n

Exposed thongs were an innovative style in the 2000s, which has made a comeback now. It is a special variety of low-rise jeans that expose thongs when put on over them. Strappy or beaded thongs are preferred with these jeans, paired with stylish t-shirts or tops. These trousers of sleek design are comfortable for wearers, for which many celebrities are seen wearing these jeans nowadays.   

Embellished jeans adorned with embroideries and rhinestones were very popular in the 2000s, which have revived these days. Small crystals are also used for further beautifying these jeans, which make a glamorous getup. Stylish women love wearing these jeans with simple tank tops and strappy footwear.  

2. Corset tops 

Corsets were very popular among young women in the 2000s. It was originally designed as an undergarment for ladies, just like a bustier to define body curves. But fashion designers of the early 2000s promoted corsets from lingerie to a stylish garment covering the upper body. Thus, designer corsets can play a versatile role as both lingerie and top in the wardrobe of young women. 

Many celebrities wear blazers over corset tops, making them look super fashionable. Some women also wear beautiful corsets over round-necked t-shirts as a fashion change. A white corset over a black t-shirt looks great as casual wear for young ladies. Corsets are nicely paired with miniskirts or high-waist trousers, which were popular early 2000s fashion outfits and are preferred even today. 

Corsets made of fine silk can be used as an extra layer over tank tops, which are made of thin fabrics. This kind of unique garment looks great with a long skirt or a classy pair of jeans. Many reputed brands create lovely corset tops of lighter shades, which can be easily used with all types of jeans. Corsets with cute prints are chosen for wearing with loosely-fitted trousers and long fur coats or jackets. 

A black corset with a black blazer and multicolored pencil skirt can make smart formal wear for businesswomen. Corsets can be put on tank tops, paired with pants and long coats, which together render an elegant look to wearers. Denim corsets can make a stylish pair with denim hot pants, which is a stylish alternative to trousers or jeans. Gorgeous corsets are now designed by eminent fashion designers, which were also a fashion trend in the 2000s.  

3. Leopard prints 

Leopard skin looks beautiful due to the unique markings of brown or black on yellow. Fashion designers adopted this leopard print to adorn different kinds of garments. It can be printed on all fabrics, making even a simple dress look gorgeous. Leopard prints are also used on many accessories, like scarves and hats. Leopard print was a favorite of fashion designers in the early 2000s, and it still has the same craze among the public. 

Leopard print was not an invention of the 2000s, as it rose to fame in the 1960s. At that time, it was mostly preferred by the rich as a mark of power. However, it was popularized among all stylish females and became one of the early 2000s fashion trends. Now, women consider it as a mark of confidence and empowerment due to the fierce nature of leopards. Famous actresses, singers, and models of Hollywood were seen wearing coats and hats bearing leopard prints. Later, common women followed their footsteps and started wearing evening wear, casual wear, and formal wear with bright leopard prints. 

Now, leopard prints are also found in many bold colors other than the natural yellow and brown combination. Thus, designers let their creative power go wild with the presentation of this print in all varieties of vibrant shades, including crimson red. It never goes out of style despite reigning the world of fashion designing for decades now. The simplicity and gorgeousness of this print are the cause of its popularity, unlike other patterns. It looks much purer than other multicolored patterns, as it is usually created on a plain background. Some designers also combine leopard prints with other designs, like stripes or floral prints. They may suggest wearing a leopard print top with a striped jacket or a skirt with floral prints.

Though leopard print is mainly seen on women’s garments, some male rock stars are found wearing casual short-sleeved shirts or deck footwear bearing this pattern. Now, stylish tracksuits are also available with leopard prints for both men and women. Leopard prints in neutral shades can be paired with other designs in bold colors. Other small animal prints can also be combined with leopard prints to highlight any particular design according to the creativity of a fashion designer. 

Leopard prints are also found on ladies’ purses or clutches to match their outfits bearing this print. It is still seen as a mark of sophistication that inspires people to go crazy for this design. Due to its brightness, leopard print dresses are mostly used in spring and summer. However, warm fur jackets with leopard prints are widely used during winter. People can wear garments with leopard prints on any occasion, including both formal and informal ones. However, leopard prints may not be suitable for wearing in classrooms and some workplaces, as they may be considered too flashy due to vibrant colors.

Early 2000s Fashion\n


Tank tops, hoodies, cargo pants, crop t-shirts, cardigans, v-neck t-shirts, trucker hats, and bowties made a vital comeback in the 2000s as fashion designers wanted to revive some fashion statements of earlier decades in the new millennium. All these early 2000s fashion are also loved in the modern time and sold in the market by many reputed fashion brands of the world. Some accessories of the 2000s are still popular among youngsters, like sweatbands, rubber bracelets, digital watches with large dials, and shades. Hair clips of cute designs, strappy sandals, and baguette-shaped handbags were other favorite accessories of young girls in the 2000s and even today.   

So, it is now proved that all those styles of the early 2000s are not at all outdated and even more loved by the present generation. Of course, it is the contribution of many renowned fashion designers who are working currently. They have revived all those old styles in a new light so that everyone loves to wear these fashionable outfits now.  


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