25 Best Fashion Trends of the Early 2000s
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25 Best Fashion Trends of the Early 2000s

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Summary: 2000s men's fashion legendary styles are back in vogue. Read about these fashion trends that are making their way back into people’s wardrobes. 

The past has always influenced the present, and it is true for the fashion industry. The early influencers of 2000s fashion trends were baby boomers and millennials. They took heavy borrowings from the late 80s and 90s fashion to craft a culturally relevant identity. 

Fashion and technology became a part of the cultural zeitgeist in the late 90s with the introduction of the iPod and social media. Hip-hop rappers lent their names to clothing lines during the early days and became a part of street fashion. Athleisure (latest avatar) is now a billion-dollar industry (Yeezy, Supreme, Off-white) with a massive fan following.

Here’s a list of the top 25 early 2000s fashion trends that have made their way into people’s wardrobes. 

  1. Cyberpunk or Y2K
Cyberpunk or Y2K

Cyberpunk or Y2K fashion was characterized by flashy, neo-futuristic high-tech clothing and streetwear. Y2K aesthetics were dominated by silver vinyl pants, mesh tops, and clear plastic shoes. 

2. Hip-hop clothing

Hip-hop clothing

Naughty by nature, the grammy award-winning band was one of the first hip-hop bands to sell their own clothing line. Oversized tees with band logos and bling became a part of streetwear vocabulary for the fans.

3. Low-waist bottoms

Low-waist bottoms

The enfant terrible of the fashion world Alexander McQueen came up with aggressively low trousers that we now know as low-waist pants. The low baggy pant trend was helmed by rap artists.  

4. Y2K sunglasses 

Y2K sunglasses 

The wrap-around sunglasses with small lenses were the cynosure of the eyes for the fashion junta in the early 2000s. The color of the lens was on an experimental streak with pop artists like Justin Timberlake turning it into a trend of sorts. 

5. Skinny scarves 

Skinny scarves

The scarf took on an uncharacteristic look in the early 2000s men's fashion. They became skinnier and didn’t particularly solve any purpose other than being a fashion accessory. 

6. Von Dutch caps 

Von Dutch caps

Worn by pop culture royalty like Jay Z, the Von Dutch cap brings instant 2000s energy, and we love it.

7. Statement belts 

Statement belts 

Low-waist trousers were accessorized with flashy belts. Early 2000s men's fashion was monogrammed with names or phrases and was used to make a style statement. 

8. UGGs


UGG boots became prominent when celebrities like Ben Affleck and Shia LaBeouf were spotted pairing them with everyday casual wear. They've made a comeback in a very big way now.

9. Bling 


Bling became synonymous with rappers in the early 2000s men's fashion. The word came to be associated with loads of jewelry they wore onstage and in music videos. 

10. Tracksuits 


Athleisure is not a new phenomenon. In the early 2000s, Juicy Couture made it into a coveted wardrobe item for people. 

11. Livestrong bracelets 

Livestrong bracelets 

The ubiquitous yellow Livestrong bracelets were all the rage in the 2000s. People were spotted wearing the one-size-fits-all silicone bracelet to show their support for cancer awareness and raise funds. 

12. Pashminas 


The buttery soft pashmina shawl took the fashion world by storm in the early 2000s. Initially favored by grandmas, their grandkids took the pashmina scarf/shawl to a new level by pairing it with their outfits. 

13. Skinny jeans 

Skinny jeans 

Skinny jeans were the next level of the low-rise generation. Superskinny in a whole plethora of prints and colors were favored by the trendsetters in the early 2000s.

14. Vests


Vests in the early 2000s men's fashion were worn in several different cuts. They were worn over tees, shirts, or just like that. Both men and women were seen sporting vests at events. 

15. Leather jackets 

Leather jackets

2000s men's fashion took heavy borrowings from pop culture icons like the Backstreet Boys. Their black leather jackets influenced many youngsters who added them to their everyday style. 

16. Embellished jeans 

Embellished jeans

Fashion influencers wore denim embellished with embroidery, rhinestones, and crystals in the early 2000s. It was soon adopted into the streets by the youngsters. 

17. Cargo pants

Cargo pants

The minimalistic futuristic clothing made way for cargo pants. They were all about pockets and more pockets in a baggy style. It was a look highly favored by rap music fans. 

18. Graphic tees 

Graphic tees 

Graphic tees by Ed Hardy heavily inspired by tattoos were a strong influence in the early 2000s men's fashion. The graphic tees with slogans and band logos kickstarted a new wave of self-expression. 

19. Pirate pants 

Pirate pants 

Baggy pants meet capris is what best describes pirate pants. The trend took off with the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise and entered mainstream streetwear fashion.

20. Bootcut jeans 

Bootcut jeans

Bootcut jeans were the cult clothing item of early 2000s men's fashion. It was a must-have item in everyone’s wardrobe. 

21. White tank tops 

White tank tops 

White tank tops achieved a popular status from the depths of notoriety. They were worn frequently by rappers who accessorized their look with over-the-top bling. 

22. Turtlenecks


Luxurious turtlenecks paired with chunky gold jewellery were an iconic style statement of rappers like Puff Daddy. They were usually paired with complementing long jackets. 

23. Baker boy caps  

Baker boy caps 

Baker boy caps or newsboy caps in the early 2000s men's fashion took over the trucker hats trend. Reminiscent of working-class accessories, it was favored by celebrity influencers of the early 2000s.

24. Painted jeans 

Painted jeans

Denim morphed into many forms in the early 2000s. Painted denim gave people a new form of self-expression for their regular pair of jeans. 

25. Neckties 


2000s men's fashion had a very unusual fashion accessory - necktie. Favored by both men and women, slim neckties were worn as a tie or sometimes belt by the style conscious. 

A Great Comeback!

The early 2000s were a time of experimentation in men's fashion. And now, almost two decades later, we are seeing a resurgence in some of those bold sartorial choices. While some might say that the fashion of the early 2000s was a bit too try-hard, we think that there's something to be said for taking risks and having fun with your style.

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Key Takeaways

  1. Gen Z exhausted from the pandemic and lockdowns is seeking inspiration from the cyberpunk and rap culture fashion.
  2. Celebrity style spotted on social media is still influencing fashion.

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