2000s Fashion Trends That Are Still Valid in 2022: A Quick Look
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2000s Fashion Trends That Are Still Valid in 2022: A Quick Look

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It has been 22 years since the decade started, and if you were born in the 80s or 90s, you have witnessed the iconic fashion trends in 2000. You might have moved on from the skinny jeans and tracksuit phase, but the fashion world seems to have not. Whether you have liked it or not, the fashion industry is now bringing back the vibrant 2000s fashion trends to everyday fashion.

Here are the most relevant fashions trends from the 2000s that you can get your design inspiration from:


One thing about corset dresses is that they keep coming back with a more evolved style. While the royal corset never went away, the recent corset top trend has reminded us of corsets in the 2000s.

In the 2000s, the new generation brought the corset back into fashion in a more stylish way. The reappearance of the corset shows how the meaning of an outfit is constantly being redefined. 

Corset tops have been trending for over a year now, and with Megan Fox flaunting her style in a corset top, you can imagine it being among the most trendy ways of clothing in 2022.

Colourful Tube Tops

Summer is here, and so are the colourful tube tops, right from the 2000s fashion closet. Sure, everyone loves tank tops and boyfriend shirts, but the reappearance of tube tops has brought back the nostalgia from early 2000.

Everyone from the 2000s made an appearance in tube tops and black choker necklaces, paired with a mini skirt or low waist denim. Who can forget Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez in a range of glittery tube tops during the 00s?

The structure of the tube top elegantly sits on the body like a modern-day corset. Today, fashion icons like Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid are giving major tube top goals for the summer!


2000s Fashion\n

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Deepika Padukone are making the ultimate 2000s fashion trend popular again. Velour tracksuits are back in 2022, and fashion lovers already love every bit of it.

It used to be a go-to style for celebrities in the early 2000s, and Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears rocked their airport looks with some refreshing and comfy tracksuit looks. Now, 22 years later, the tracksuit style is getting into the limelight again.

You could call it the pandemic effect as people started to like more comfortable clothes during the lockdown. And what's better than a velour tracksuit with a comfy pair of sneakers?

For loungewear lovers and travelling enthusiasts, velour tracksuits are a perfect blend of elegance and comfort. The velour garment has a strong reputation among fashion lovers. In the 2000s, even the tracksuit pants were very low rise, and the pockets were added to highlight the waist area.

Now, the designs have been recreated more comfortably with a laid-back look. Recently, neon and navy blue-like colours have been used for the tracksuit design, and there are hundreds of ways to make the design stand out. For instance, Gucci's tracksuits have a multi-faceted, cosy vibe that fails to look out of style. In an '80s-inspired cut, this collection showcases a retro charm whilst being updated for 2022 fashion.

Dresses Over Pants

Yes. It's back to rock the fashion world again! Dresses over jeans used to be a big style trend in the 2000s. And even if it makes you think why it is back in the trend again, fashion experts are talking about it.

Celebrities like Anne Hathway, Miley Cyrus and Jessica Alba have already enjoyed wearing these dresses over denim over and over again. 

Low Rise Bottoms

No matter how many times you made that face when someone wore the low rise jeans in the 2000s, it's back in 2022. Models like Bella Hadid and pop star Dua Lipa have brought back the 2000s fashion with their style. The low rise bottoms with an exposed midriff make it look chicer. Just so you know, the search for low rise jeans is up 60% on the global fashion shopping platform Lyst. 

So, now you know how to create low rise jeans or thong jeans, whatever you want to call them.

Floral Dresses

Although floral dresses are timeless, the 00s were the years for pretty floral dresses and skirts. Summer is the best season to redefine style with floral outfits, hitting the fashion world in 2022.

If you are into fashion and style, your designs are just not complete without floral dresses and skirts.

Whether designing looks for cocktail parties, spring weddings, or casual beach days, your designs need to touch the feminine appeal and celebrity style prints. Flora pattern and graphics matter the most, like 3D daises in Dior. With a breathable fabric, flirty designs, and flower prints, you can make the 2000s flora dresses more elegant and lustrous.

Cargo Pants

2000s fashion was all about rebellious fashion trends. From skinny tops to candy colour sunglasses, it had the most buzz making styles. Another fashion trend from the 00s that is resurfacing is cargo pants. Everyone wore it at least once in their life. However, 2022 seems to have brought these functional cargo pants back with style.

From Kim Kardashian to Bella Hadid, everyone is posting their cargo pant inspired outfits on Instagram. The surprising thing about cargo pants is that the multiple pockets never served the purpose of carrying stuff that matters!

Also, the evolved versions of 2020 cargo pants look a bit more classy and worthy.

Bubble Hem Outfits

Although it looked cute, 2000s fashion was a bit over the top if you see it now. Bubble hem outfits were another over the top fashion experiment that made a return after 22 years. 

Bubble hems are created with a tight bottom half and extra material over them to give a bubble design. Today, young stars like Millie Bobby Brown, Sophie Turner and Selena Gomez seem to enjoy their Bubble hem dresses and give major fashion goals without making them look questionable.

Designers like Louis Vuitton have created bubble hems inspired Cruise collections in the 2000s, bringing back memories for 00s teenagers.

Baby Tees 

No offence to other 2000s fashion trends, but this one is among the best ones.

Linda Meltzer used to search through thrift shops and markets looking for children's size French-cut T-shirts from the 1970s.

One could never get tired of the cute and teeny tiny baby tees, and it's great that they have made a comeback. Baby tees perfectly fit women who love soft fabrics. This is the main idea behind creating baby tees. 

Millennials and Gen-Z seem to like these cute baby tees paired with loose-fitting jeans, pleated skirts and even low cut denim. 

Bootcut Jeans

Unlike the plain boot cut from early 2000s fashion, the latest version of boot cuts features a smaller flair, flatter high waist, and longer length to give a slimmer look. When you are trying to get inspiration from a throwback, it gets easy to evolve the designs with something that's fresh and updated. Also, keep in mind that the denim trend today is going far away from tough silhouettes to a comfy and laid-back kind of look.

Mini Skirts

Like it or not, mini skirts were the closet buddy for every 00s girl, even if you don't admit it. The classic mini skirt and uggs have made a comeback after 20 years, and fashion enthusiasts seem to enjoy it more than ever before.

Now is the trend of 'Upping the ante and hemline'. Diesel and Miu Miu have recently launched the micro-minis and mini skirt collection inspired by work clothing. 

2000s mini skirts had baffling straps and toggles dangling from each side. And the leather miniskirt was a go-to for nights out. However, the denim minis always ruled the fashion with peasant blouses and slogan tees.

Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Miley Britney Spears made appearances in their mini skirts and uggs quite ironically, and one can not deny its appeal. 

Shirtless Blazers

2000s Fashion\n

Jennifer Aniston and Zendaya are the best fashion icons to get inspiration from the shirtless blazer trend. Back in the 2000s, models used to wear a three-piece suit with nothing underneath. Now, stars like Zendaya have made the trend super sexy with their low cut shirtless blazer look.

A great way to design and promote power dressing style, it allows women to follow the trend in the workplace.

Over the last few years, the return of 2000s fashion trends has been making a buzz thanks to social media and fashion influencers. Looking at the current Y2K fashion trends, fashion designers can get some inspiration from the celebrities who already made them look popular back in the 2000s.

All you can do is to expect more ore style trends like translucent tops, hot pink and barbie hairstyles making a comeback.

If you are into fashion and designing, you can always count on Fashinza to connect you with the best suppliers. Helping big clothing brands, they handle the entire process from placing the order to delivering it to your doorstep. Focus on your fashion love and let manufacturing be a hassle-free job.


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