20 Design Inspirations From the Internet's Favorite Fashion Icon: Doja Cat
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20 Design Inspirations From the Internet's Favorite Fashion Icon: Doja Cat

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Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, also known as Doja Cat, is a popular American songwriter, singer, and rapper. Besides being a prolific musician, the artist has also become a notable fashion icon, which is why the term Doja Cat fashion has acquired a title of its own. 

The artist is also known for her fearless and daring sense of style. So great is her impact on the fashion world, that many term her as the next Lady Gaga. Doja Cat regularly appears in unorthodox looks that raise many eyebrows. Her sartorial choices continue to leave a deep impact on fashion enthusiasts and the industry.

Here are the top 20 Doja Cat fashion themes that inspire fashion enthusiasts with their originality. 

1. Yarn Balls Outfit

At the 2019 BET awards, Doja Cat went for an extremely unorthodox look with yarn balls. This particular Doja Cat fashion statement was highly experimental. It was entirely pink and adorned with white yarn balls. 

2. 70’s Style

Doja Cat’s fashion is not always influenced by contemporary fashion experts or legends. Rather, Doja herself confessed that her style has a 70’s vibe to it. The fashion sense of the famous 70s furniture designer Verner Panton is her inspiration.

3. A Style that Portrays Different Personas

Doja Cat’s fashion represents multiple personas all at once. Such a distinguished variety gives Doja a real competitive edge over her contemporaries. Experts describe her fashion palette as “eclectic.”

4. Alien Style

Doja Cat is not afraid to adopt the extra-terrestrial theme in clothing, as witnessed in her music video ‘Kiss Me More’.

5. Clever Use of Pink

Doja Cat Fashion Icon Design Inspirations

Many fashion enthusiasts are cautious of the color pink. Doja Cat isn’t one of them. The singer knows to enhance her appeal with pink. In fact, many of her dresses have a pink theme.

6. 80s Disco Vibe

Doja Cat is bold enough to try the 80s disco vibe. Disco elements from the 80s frequently inspire her fashion choices. 

7. Inner Neo Vibe

Doja Cat has been seen indulging her inner “Neo” vibe.  This is evident in her fashion taste inspired by the Matrix. 

8. Clueless-Inspired Outfit

The 90s movie ‘Clueless’ is an iconic teen movie known for its innovative fashion. Doja Cat’s fashion has been inspired by this particular fashion theme.

9. All-Denim Look

Doja Cat Fashion Icon Design Inspirations

Doja Cat has gone for an all-denim look many times. This can be risky,  but she pulls it off effortlessly.

10. Sexy Outfits With Prosthetics

Doja Cat knows how to appear sexy, and she does it with prosthetics. Her music video "Need To Know" showcases this.

11. Focus on Aesthetics

The Doja Cat fashion theme is characterized by a lot of aesthetics. In a five-minute performance on Billboard Awards, Doja Cat showcased many aesthetics that fans found extremely appealing.

12. Rock Star

Doja Cat does not fear trying a rock star look. This was apparent in her ‘Say So’ music video.

13. Cher-Inspired Disco Look

Doja Cat has portrayed a Cher-inspired disco ball look plenty of times. She even experimented with a long baby pink mermaid look characterized with studded gemstones.

14. Ethereal Theme

You can see an ethereal theme in Doja Cat’s delicate white lace-up puff sleeve dress picture that she posted on Instagram.

15. Futuristic Look

Doja has also opted for a futuristic look with a latex outfit.

16. Early 2000s silhouettes

Early 2000s silhouettes are another theme that characterize Doja Cat fashion. This is evident from her cutout designs, such as the Cult Gaia’s beloved twisted dress as well as Monôt’s peek-a-boo designs.

17. Fun Schoolgirl Look

Doja was seen wearing a chic blazer and skirt that gave her a fun schoolgirl look.

18. Skin-Colored Jumpsuit

Doja Cat Fashion Icon Design Inspirations

 Doja Cat’s skin-colored jumpsuit left many wide-eyed. Added to that were tattoo patterns all over that added to its unique appeal.

19. Bold Use Of Colors

The singer was seen wearing a very outlandish pair of pants with pink, blue and purple glitter. 

20. Leopard-Print Coat

Doja Cat’s leopard-print outfit has become iconic. It takes tremendous courage to sport a leopard-print coat with Timberland Boots and a grey bodysuit.


Doja Cat is the internet’s favorite fashion icon who isn’t afraid to take risks. Designers could take a leaf from her book and come up with unique designs this year.

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