20+ All-Time Vogue Fashion Styles To Steal For Your Collection
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20+ All-Time Vogue Fashion Styles To Steal For Your Collection

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Vogue Fashion is the bible of fashion, and the world’s most renowned luxury lifestyle publication. It began as a weekly journal centered on society and fashion in 1892. 

Vogue Fashion quickly gained a reputation for its unique fashion photoshoots and strong editorial standards. It employed the greatest stylists and photographers of the day, who created reliably sophisticated and frequently groundbreaking magazine covers.

Today, it is the legendary fashion-related brand that everyone looks up to when they need styling inspiration. It has gained worldwide popularity and tops the list when it comes to styling, fashion, fashion designers, or anything related to the industry.

All-Time Vogue Fashion Styles

Here is a list of over 20 all-time Vogue fashion styles for your next collection 

  1. Black slip dress

A black dress has become a wardrobe must-have for every woman. Jennifer Lawrence pulled off a stunning black slip dress. This effortlessly chic piece of clothing is not going anywhere, especially paired with a white tee or a cozy sweater.

  1. Knitted shell tops

The basic knit shell top may be considered the most underrated wardrobe essential of all. But it has proven itself to be extremely versatile. It can be layered beneath a warm cardigan during winters or worn with a pair of white jeans when the weather warms up.

  1. Tailored blazers

US Vice President Kamala Harris’s campaign captured the aesthetic beauty of the structured blazer. This blazer looks fantastic when draped over a tee or hung on the back of a desk chair in between Zoom meetings.

  1. Trench coat

When talking about coats, the trench coat signifies timelessness and ageless beauty. This classic garment enhances any outfit and keeps traditional wardrobes looking fresh.

  1. Sweatpants

Sweatpants became very popular during the pandemic. Looking ahead, this wardrobe addition is certainly going to become more permanent, so make sure it is part of your loungewear collection. 

  1. The elegant skirt

This iconic flared Prada skirt is a statement piece,and has inspired several fashion trends. Paired with floral t-shirts or blouses, this one makes an appearance almost every season, and never goes out of style.

  1. Turtlenecks

Kim Kardashian has led the way for some iconic white turtleneck looks. This elegant piece of clothing is warm and comfortable, and looks great on its own or layered beneath an oversized sweater.

  1. White t-shirt

Laura Ingham, fashion market director at Vogue, said: “I wear a T-shirt almost every day and keep my wardrobe shelves stocked with an edit of black, white and grey tees.” The white tee is a must for every wardrobe and occasion, and should be a year-round fashion staple.

  1. Statement coat

Noami Campbell’s statement Burberry coats are a thing of beauty. The best part about a statement coat is that it can be worn with casual clothes beneath. This coat looks simple, elegant and pairs well with any type of clothing.

  1. Leather jacket

Leather is timeless and ageless. A high-quality leather jacket may last decades, becomes better with age, and instantly elevates any ensemble. 

  1. Tailored sailor pants

Tailored sailor pants pair wonderfully with a tucked-in shirt or bulky sweater. In fact, tailored sailor pants are back in vogue this season, thanks to their universally flattering shape that suits almost any body type.

  1. Polo sweater

The Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt is timeless and classic and a Vogue fashion statement. This soft sweater that can be worn with a long-sleeved tee, and looks fantastic tucked into a pair of high-waisted slacks.

  1. Denim

According to Vogue fashion, denim is evergreen and has wonderfully adapted to the times. Spring/ Summer 2021 collections feature baggy denims that match people's lockdown styles. This is going to stay for a while, so make sure denims feature in your collections.

  1. White shirt

The plain white cotton shirt suddenly became a favorite for Zoom meetings. Given its versatility and elegance, more people are likely to embrace it in 2021. Katie Holmes and Irina Shayk have carried off the plain white cotton shirt with absolute elegance, according to Vogue fashion. 

  1. Sneakers

Heels are out and sneakers are in. That’s the new Vogue fashion trend of the season. Sneakers are a tried-and-trusted, wear-with-everything classic that are a must for your new collection.

  1. The waist belt

Belts are making a comeback, from Emilia Clarke accessorizing her white shorts with it, to Jennifer Lawrence completing a black and white polka-dotted dress with a statement slim waist belt.

  1. Black leggings

The ultimate in comfort-wear, leggings have soared in popularity with brands like Lululemon popularizing the fashion staple. 

  1. Silk scarf

The silk scarf is a wardrobe must-have. It can be teamed with almost anything to transform even the dullest outfit into something elegant.

  1. Hoop earrings

This one is a winner, and can be paired with almost any style. It can be worn year-round to accessorize summer or winter clothing, so make sure it features in your 2021 collection.

  1. The tote bag

The tote has been a humble fashion accessory for numerous celebrities. But it has been styled to keep up with modern fashion sensibilities. So, expect red, green and nude totes to be popular this season.


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