10 Books To Help You Ace Fashion Illustration Sketches
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10 Books To Help You Ace Fashion Illustration Sketches

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Fashion illustration sketches demand a creative mind and a good understanding of color, fabric fluidity, human form, and texture. For every fashion designer, fashion illustration sketching is a crucial skill. Without it, you cannot communicate your design with your team or your manufacturers.

While popular opinion says creativity is a talent people are born with, the truth is it's a skill that can be acquired and improved through practice. Fashion design and illustration books can be a great resource for anyone trying to improve or experiment with their fashion illustration sketches.

In this blog, Fashinza's editorial team has shortlisted the Top 10 fashion illustration sketchbooks recommended by seasoned professionals in the industry.

  1. Fashion Illustration Techniques: A Super Reference Book for Beginners
Fashion Illustration Techniques: A Super Reference Book for Beginners

Zeshu Takamura's Fashion Illustration Techniques: A Super Reference Book for Beginners is the best book if you need fast results and don't want to delve too deep into body anatomy. Following the book and practicing a bit will allow you to draw a decent fashion figure within a week.

Zeshu Takamura introduces a technique for drawing figures that is very different from European art traditions. There is no intricate anatomy, just a simple step-by-step guide that is easy to follow and yields good results every time.

Aside from providing sufficient amounts of model poses, the book also covers nearly all subjects an amateur fashion artist or designer should be familiar with.

There are chapters on rendering textiles, drawings of flats (technical drawings) and clothing, tips and tricks to make sketches look more professional, as well as a comprehensive "drawing from photos" tutorial.

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2. Drawing for Fashion Designers

The topics included in this brilliantly illustrated volume cover everything from drawing sketches to developing collections.

Various methods are described, including gathering and organizing references, altering portfolios and illustrations to industry standards, performing market research, and meeting the expectations of a target audience. 

  1. The Fashion Sketchbook

The book offers advice, examples of fashion illustration sketches, and other helpful information. There are sections on setting and drawing body posts, creating body forms, drawing accessories that flatter the body, and other essential sketching tools.

It is an excellent resource for fashion designers who need to excel at sketching and illustrating for runways and showrooms.

  1. The Encyclopedia of Fashion Illustration Techniques
The Encyclopedia of Fashion Illustration Techniques

This is an ideal book for those starting out in fashion illustration sketches. It covers major techniques so you'll have the scope to explore what interests you or what you might try.

There is a lot of color and an array of styles and illustrations that make this book visually appealing.

  1. Essential Fashion Illustration - Details

A lovely and straightforward resource that provides flats and technical drawings for fashion accessories and details. It is also a great book for those who are just beginning fashion illustrations, as the drawings are easy to understand and draw.

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  1. 200 Projects to Get You Into Fashion Design

The book is very useful for anyone wanting to upgrade their design skills. This book offers a detailed guide on creating a fashion portfolio as well as guidelines for researching, drawing, using fabric, photographing, and showing your finished work to buyers.

In addition, it contains numerous useful resources, such as websites, journals, and books that fashion designers should read regularly.

  1. Fashion Design LookBook
Fashion Design Lookbook

A fun read and easy to explore guide, this fashion illustration sketch book offers colorful, fashion-forward illustrations aimed at young consumers. It will get creative juices flowing no matter what kind of fashion illustrations sketches you like.

In this book, you will find information on working with colored pencils, watercolor, markers, ink, and gouache, as well as examples and tutorials for each medium.

A cute little how-to section shows you how to make all kinds of fun and cute accessories. These tutorials are broken up into seasons so that you can find some common ones for summer, winter, fall, and spring.

  1. Fashion Illustration: Inspiration and Technique

There are beautiful images and tutorials in this book that will help you draw figures, garments and create mood with your drawing. The book is contemporary and different from other books about fashion illustration sketches.

Also included are tips on art supplies, as well as examples of illustrations created using various media. People who are interested in character design may find the illustrations particularly useful.

Fashion illustration sketch books will help you to communicate your designs. But to bring them to life, you'll need a manufacturer who understands your vision and has the resources to produce your collection. Fashinza has a network of 400 manufacturers, reach out today to meet your perfect manufacturing partner.

  1. Launching a Successful Fashion Line ( A Trendsetter's Guide)
Launching a Successful Fashion Line

It's a pretty visual book that's easy to study. It provides an overview of how one can launch their own fashion line. Content ranges from the creation of a brand to the selling of the collection.

A number of useful case studies and step-by-step instructions are provided as well.

10. 20 Ways to Draw a Dress and 44 Other Fabulous Fashions and Accessories: A Sketchbook for Artists, Designers, and Doodlers

As amazing as it sounds, the book 20 Ways to Draw a Dress is great. The book gives 20 different ways of drawing dresses. Furthermore, it also tell you how you can design 44 fashion accessories.

For artists, designers, and doodlers, this fashion illustration sketch book is the perfect companion. This book contains 45 illustrated examples, including black dresses, stylish shoes, summer hats, and fur coats.

Moreover, it provides you with space to put what you've learned into practice. The stylized dresses in this book are simplified, modernized, and easy to understand, despite it not being a step-by-step technique book. 

Once you're all set with the designs, you'll probably want to bring them to life. If you need a fast and reliable manufacturer to launch a collection based on your designs, Fashinza can offer you end-to-end production support.

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