10 Big 2021 Casual Fashion Trends That are Already in Your Closet 
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10 Big 2021 Casual Fashion Trends That are Already in Your Closet 

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Summary: Trends in the fashion industry always change, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. As a fashion brand, you need to stay relevant with stylish yet comfortable looks. You can look at the 2021 fashion trends to elevate your 2023 collection. 

As fashion trends have rapidly changed since 2020, only some styles are worth keeping in the wardrobes. So many of the styles, like vests and belts, didn't have time to shine after the covid. But lo and behold, these styles and casual fashion trends haven't died with time. 

The timing of the pandemic allowed for the quickening of the required reforms in the fashion sector. The general attitude of the buyer may be their toughest obstacle, even though many retailers concentrate on saving themselves while laying off employees at the beginning of the supply chain

Various reports indicate that in 2021, many consumers changed their buying habits. But a few of the trends from 2021 keep repeating still in 2022. Today whether a person has a romantic date or brunch, or wants to spice up their wardrobe, 2021 casual fashion trends have it all.

We have curated a list of the most stylish pieces from 2021.

1. Flora Prints 

The popular flora prints from 2021 are still going strong. Wondering why? Because they can be paired with almost everything. This means it can be designed in multiple ways and looks incredible.

2. Seasonal Colors 

Over the years, seasonal colors have become a must-have in everyone's wardrobe. The vibrant and bold-colored apparel from fall/winter 2021 fashion trends is a must to match the feel of every season, even in 2023.

3. Statement Sleeves

Statement sleeves are elegant. They go pretty well as puff sleeve dresses or pair statement sleeve blouses with pants to create a stylish look. The trendy sleeves are never going out of style due to their functionality and chic looks.

Statement Sleeves

4. Belts 

Belts are another 2021 casual fashion trend that has not gone out of style. But we have definitely upgraded from simple belts to statement buckle belts. Fashion influencers around the world are bringing back the trend of buckle belts in the most creative way. 

Belts are used to clinch a dress, to add a luxury statement to the dress. There are several ways a belt is designed to match different dresses. 

5. Bralettes 

Bralette is a popular fashion trend from 2021 that we are still obsessed with. Be it celebrities or fashion influencers; bralette collections can be designed in multiple ways and because of this reason, several actors, influencers and even normal consumer falls in love with this fashion piece.

6. Matching Sets 

Monochromatic has never gone out of style ever since the 1920s. When Coco Chanel was experimenting with black and white designs in the 1920s, the style had its start. The goal was to improve apparel's sophistication, style, and modernity which shows in the trend even today.

Matching sets can be designed and worn for social settings. This trend not only looks stylish but is also comfortable.

7. Chunky Flats 

All it takes is chunky flats in the wardrobe with long-length socks to create a fresh look. Nobody goes for over-the-board looks today. 

Chunky Flats have been the most popular flat shoe type over the past few years. Although undoubtedly sneakers and boots exist in the market, there exists a trend of loafers, ballerina flats, and baby doll shoes. 

8. Maxis 

The maxi dresses from the 2021 fashion trend casual collection are still going strong because not only do they look stylish, but they also cover our legs. So for chilling days, maxi dresses make a perfect partner.

There's no going back for the maxis. Maxi dresses have been the best choice for their comfort and style. Since the inception of hip-hop fashion, they’ve taken up a huge space in the fashion industry. They are today designed with other brands of silver jewelry and denim. They are emerging as chic and casual apparel.

9. Oversized Pants 

Oversized Pants

Oversized pants with oversized t-shirts or baggy clothes are inspired by hip-hop fashion today. Oversized pants paired with crop tops also create a chic and modern fashionista look which many influencers prefer during events and concerts. It has made its fashion statement by entering the millennial market

10. Athleisure 

Athleisure is an all-time basic and favorite trend of the millennials. It isn't a trend but a routine of how several people dress today. Especially with the work-from-home phase during the covid, several people were drawn towards comfortable athleisure clothes without giving it a second thought. Our last pick from the 2021 casual fashion trend is athleisure, which includes everything from baggy tees to leggings. 

The fashion industry has seen everything from big baggy clothes to print-on-print. And these casual trends mentioned above can make a huge style statement in 2023 and maybe even longer.

Key Takeaways 

  • Flora prints and matching sets are the two most popular fashion trends from 2021. 
  • Baggy pants with a crop top and athleisure are the favorite trends of the millennials. 
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