10 Best '80s Outfits That Remain Trending
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10 Best '80s Outfits That Remain Trending

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Summary: The 80s outfits trends were full of bright colors and patterns. Top trends from the 80s are now making a comeback in 2023. Fashion brands can make a throwback to the 80s by introducing a range of clothing lines that includes power suits and patterned mini skirts.

The 80s hold a distinct place in the fashion industry. Whatever makes it to the runways today, in one way or the other, draws inspiration from 80s fashion.

In a world where there was no social media or fashion influencers, the 80s outfits drew inspiration from TV shows, movies, and music, creating fashion trends that would be worshipped by designers and brands for a long time to come.

Some synonyms of the 80s fashion would be 'bright', 'grandeur', 'vibrant', and 'loud', with eye-catching and neck-turning patterns that were reflected in power suits, dramatic jewelry, faded denim, and whatnot.

Let us take a sneak peek at outfits that are still in style! 

1. Power Suits

Power Suits

Power suits in the 80s represented fiercely independent women in the corporate sector. The iconic Grace Jones power suits from the 80s with broad and padded shoulders were a big inspiration for the cross-dressing movement of the 1980s. Artists including Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Lorde have embraced these suits. Brands have recreated these iconic pieces in vibrant shades of Pantone colors such as Viva Magenta. 

2. Leg Warmers

Leg Warmers

The 80s outfits saw a huge wave of support for leg warmers. Olivia Newton and Jane Fonda's appearances turned the humble leg warmers into everyday 80s outfits. These leg warmers became a rage as ‘finishing touches’ for 80's outfits including oversized sweaters, skinny jeans, and leggings. Leg warmers have become trendy now, posing as thick fur-lined stockings worn with skirts during winter.

3. Preppy Fashion with 80s Outfits

Preppy Fashion with 80s Outfits

Brands such as Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and Polo launched college-style jerseys, jackets, trousers, and shirts in the 80s. These dressing options still ride the crest of popularity with millennials and Gen Z customers. Fast fashion brands such as H&M and Mango have tapped into the trend to launch varsity jackets and trousers in pastel colors with stripes. 

4. Statement and Slogan Tees

Slogan tees

The 80s fashion-defining slogan T-shirts were beautifully exemplified by the pieces of Katherine Hammett. Slogan T-shirts are quite common with today’s customers. Witty one-liners that take on social, economic health, and even climate issues have been in trend. Many celebs are seen wearing statement and slogan tees at casual outings and events. 

5. Mini Skirts of the 1980s

Mini Skirts

Even though mini skirts, as a fashion statement, first surfaced in 1966 and were matched with go-go boots, they became a trend during the 80s when they were worn with leg warmers and leggings. Popular materials included spandex and denim and Madonna-styled laces with mesh layering. Since then, K-Pop artists have fueled the trend of mini skirts. Various brands have introduced distinct patterns ranging from stripes to checkered. 

6. Bodysuits


While the 70s fashion was influenced by freedom and drugs, the 80s was more of a self-conscious decade. Jane Fonda and Cher took women's obsession with exercise, aerobics, and dance and catapulted it onto the mainstream fashion stage with fitness videos that showcased a wide range of vibrant-colored bodysuits. The trend continues to date with bodysuits being worn casually with jeans.

7. Acid Washed Denim

Acid washe denim

Another 80s wear that has found its way to the 21st century is acid-washed denim. Brands can look forward to adding acid-washed denim jeans and jackets to their collection. This eternal statement brings out a casual yet confident look that vibes with the viral fashion trends of today. 

8. All Things Lacey 


Lace became popular among pop stars in the 80s and then became a runaway hit with mainstream fashion. Various skirts and slip dresses were adorned with laces in the 80s. This was the time of self-indulgence and a renaissance in self-expression. Today, the feminine elements of whimsical lacey fabrics have already started to make their way into designer collections. It is time your brand jumped on the trends ship too. 

9. Slouchy Boots 

Slouchy Boots 

Another beloved trend that was handed down to us in the 80s was the slouch boots popularized by Princess Diana. The year 2023 will be seeking out more styles with these boots. These can be paired with mini skirts and sheer dresses. These boots are highly versatile and can complement all kinds of outfits casual, fancy, or anything in between. 

10. Moto Jackets 

Moto Jackets

The classic leather jackets from the 80s were inspired by racing track gear. Popularized as motorcycle uniforms and outfits, these jackets include hardware such as metal zips, badges, and logos. These are going to be around, and as a clothing brand, you can create your niche for customers who wish to look confident yet purposeful in their ensemble. 

Back to the 80s

The trends that emerged during the 80s have been carried forward to the current year with some variation. The 80s outfits were all vibrant, bold, and full of colors. They have birthed the trends we have today. With the era filled with puffed-up sleeves, sequin skirts, preppy fashion, and power suits, the 80s was the boldest decade in the history of fashion. Several of the 80s wear is making a comeback. As a brand, you can ride the crest of fashion with these resurfacing trends. 

Key Takeaways

  • The 80s outfits and fashion trends were bold, vibrant, and full of colors.
  • Many fashion trends from the 80s like bodysuits, printed denim, power suits, and moto jackets have made a comeback in recent years.

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