What Are Body Measurements, And How Do You Figure Them Out?
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What Are Body Measurements, And How Do You Figure Them Out?

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Body measurement involves measuring the body length, width, girth, and other specific body measurements per the requirement of apparel manufacturers, tailors, etc. Typically, body measurements are done to ensure that a garment fits perfectly, neither loosely nor tightly. They are distinct from measures used for clothing. Let's find out more about the concept of body measurements as a whole.

Guide For Body Measurements

Body measurement focuses on a lot of stuff and not only the measurements. One needs to consider the fabric, design, etc. Here is a complete guide for body measurements.

Consider The Concept

While selecting the fabric for a specific collection, the concept of fabric with design, pattern, and collection must be considered thoroughly. It can be apparent when the design and concept of the dress are pre-determined. For example, purchasing flexible fabric would be better if one needs to get a bodycon stitched.

Understand The Fabric

Understanding the fabric refers to using accurate and flexible fabric according to the design and collection. Using flexible fabric like elastane, spandex, etc., stretchable is suitable for free-size design. Hence, understanding the fabric according to the designs develop it according to all body measurements. 


To measure the body, one needs to have a measuring tape. A flexible measuring tape, a second tape with hooks or string at the end, and a digital copy of the measurement would be helpful.


Getting the body measurement according to the design of the clothes is a perfect way to get the appropriate sizes. For example, dress sizes can be pretty loose for flow and flair. In the case of bodycon designs, the measurement is according to different body shapes. However, many established fashion brands implement standard body sizes with a resizing option according to the requirement. 


The body measurement for a specific body type needs a measurement in an upright posture. Considering the posture, it must include standard heights and body shapes according to the postures. 

Using Of Tools

Make sure that the tape is used correctly. Do not hold the tape loose from the body; there shouldn't be any slack in the tape. Please do not hold the tape so tight that it changes the body's shape and affects the dress. With a proper posture, there is a high probability of getting the perfect fitting and shape in the designed outfit. 

What To Measure?

Knowing precisely what to measure is crucial when taking body measurements. The type of collection and current fashion trends have a big impact on the measurement. Chest/Bust, across the shoulder, and hip measurements are required for creating women's tops and skirts. The outfit's design is also enhanced by taking measurements from the HPS to Apex, length from the waist to the hip, CF neck to the waist, CB neck to the waist, CB neck to the floor, and CF neck to the floor.

Measurements of the waist, total rise, full hip, high hip, thigh, and inseam are required while designing the bottoms. Depending on the collection and outfit design, these dimensions change.

Across Shoulder, Bust/Chest, Hip, HPS to Apex, Vertical Trunk, CF Neck to Waist, CB Neck to Waist, and Waist to Hip Length are the main measurements taken when having a piece of clothing sewn.

Why Take Separate Body Measurements For Separate Dresses?

  • Style Prerequisites: 

The inappropriate body measurement can adversely impact the dress style. Even a minor short or long difference can ruin the designs and make them look untidy and vague. Hence, while designing the clothes for a collection must leave a cushion to adjust the fitting. 

  • Running Garment: 

The inappropriate measurement can impact the garment quality with style. The garment creation (digital) procedure, a lengthy dress designed for numerous occasions, is ruined by improper body measurements. Even in fitted apparel, unsuitable measurements can disturb the design and appearance.

How To Take Body Measurements?


Body measurements are all about correct postures and measurements according to the design and different body types. Fashion design companies prefer technical solutions to examine accurate measurements according to the body types. 

Although designers have to set specific parameters concerning the fabric quality, targeted age group for the collection, season, etc., here are a few tips that one should consider while practicing body measurement.

Bust/Chest- Hold the tape around the fullest part of the bust/chest, not too tight or loose. It will let you attain the perfect measurement.

Cross Shoulder- While getting an outfit stitched that must be worn on the upper body, one must get their cross shoulder measurement done. In this, the measurement from one shoulder to another shoulder is noted down.

Armhole- Measuring from the outside edge of one shoulder down to the armpits.

Arm Length- One must put the measuring tape from the armpit to the wrist to measure the arm's length.

Wrist- Measuring the circumference around the wrist's widest part would give appropriate measurements.

Waist- It is the measurement of the area right above the belly button, the smaller circumference.

Hip- Measuring the lower Hip's widest part would give the perfect hip measurements.

Thighs- To measure the thighs, one needs to place the measuring tape around the widest part of the thighs to get a perfect fit of the garment.

Calf- While making a trouser or any other bottom wear, calves measurement plays an important role. One needs to measure the circumference around the calves to attain the desired fitting.

Length- To measure the overall length of a dress, the model needs to stand straight. By then, the measuring tape should be placed at the top of the shoulder, falling to the floor or the required length.

Importance Of Body Measurement


Perfect body measurement is every designer's aim to satisfy the collection's theme. Body measurement plays a vital role in the fitting, style of the dress, looks, and durability.

A perfect body measurement helps maintain the fabric's quality with effective use of fabric in a better way. A single inappropriate measurement disturbs the entire collection set and eventually impacts the fashion brand's value. The fashion designers leave some cushions in the design to adjust the measurement according to the dress pattern.


A well-known fashion brand must keep its designs unique while maintaining a high standard of quality. In order to maintain garment construction, accurate body measurements are essential. This will assist to preserve the fabric and ensure that the collection has the right body form.

With improper body measurements, the fabric material exhaust, and at certain times the valuable collection gets ruined. However, additional effort is required to fix the wrong sizes. It impacts the capital, labor work, and eventually, the fashion brand's reputation. Hence, it is necessary to include appropriate sizes in any collection while launching. 

At Fashinza, we offer you the best tech solutions to match the sizes according to design, fabric and body type. Several customized designs and tech packs are available, which help to examine the sizes according to the approved designs.


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