Ultimate Guide For Varisty jackets - Men Specific
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Ultimate Guide For Varisty jackets - Men Specific

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Varsity jackets, first came into the limelight when students from Ivy League colleges like Harvard decided to amp up their styling game by coming up with jackets that represented their sports team. Varsity jackets were a sheer representation of athletes. It was symbolic of the student belonging to a sports team who was categorized as a jock by the general public. As time passed, not only did jocks gain a lot of fame and popularity as individuals, but they also stood out from the crowd for their fashion game.

This Ivy League-inspired collegiate staple is a testimony to vibrant, self-assured young culture and, when styled appropriately, can make a strong fashion statement. This button-through outerwear essential, also known as a "letterman jacket," gets its name from the huge cloth letter that is customarily stitched to the chest. These letters, which are often the player's school's first initial, were/are a sign that the wearer had participated in varsity athletics.

Even today, if you watch a high school US or K-drama, you are likely to spot the jocks wearing the same varsity jackets. Although it had been a thing of the past for a long time, it became an overnight sensation when stylists realized the potential and capacity that this particular piece of clothing held. With huge initials embroidered on the jacket, this garment is a holy grail for celebrities and influencers now. 

Let us look at the growth and development of varsity jackets through the last decade to understand their origin and trends! 

The origin of varsity jackets

Varsity jackets were initially a representation of the school and college jocks. Nowadays, they are worn by celebrities all across the globe for a casual outing or movie premiere. Age, sex, nationality, or place of residence poses no bar when it comes to the style quotient. Every celebrity, from Chris Brown to Ayushmaan Khurana, is interested in showing off their varsity jackets. It is no longer a thing of the past now.

The origin of the varsity jackets can be traced back to the 19th century. The varsity jackets were a mark of authority and dominance among the school and college students. Back then, it was worn as a sweater rather than a jacket. It was in 1865 that Harvard University decided to amp up its sports representation using grey pullovers with a humongous H sewed at the back for reference. The pullovers soon transformed into cardigans, and finally, they evolved into jackets. The gigantic letter at the back also shifted its position from the middle to the side. 

Evolution of varsity jackets

The origin of the varsity jackets dates back several decades. In 1865, the baseball team at Harvard University received blazers and sweaters with the letter "H" on them. Since then, the iconic letterman jacket has continued to be a tradition.

However, it was not until the 1930s that the varsity jacket that we know today was born. It was a wool jacket with leathered sleeves - a sturdy uniform created for the team. After it gained popularity, it paved the way for Ivy League Colleges. In modern times, the trend of varsity jackets has widened its horizon to celebrity closets. 

There have been many occasions when celebrities were spotted wearing varsity jackets. The most prominent one is Michael Jackson donning a red varsity jacket. It had gold, leathered sleeves, with a gigantic 'M' embroidered at the middle of the jacket. It has been a fashion sensation ever since. 

No matter how far we have come along in time, the initial design and looks of the jacket have remained the same. The classic look of a varsity jacket has shone for several decades now.

Significance of varsity jackets

A varsity jacket is a classic clothing piece with a robust history. Although it does not come in an array of colors, it is surprisingly versatile to carry off. In recent years, these jackets have entered the world of streetwear. Fashion experts curate several garments around varsity jackets such as a hoodie, Jordans, a white tee, and ripped jeans.

Varisty jackets

Best brands of varsity jackets 

Here is the complete list of most renowned labels of varsity jackets:

  • NIKE

Sportswear giants like NIKE are one of the most reliable brands designing varsity jackets. The deadly combination of Swoosh’s modern versions with design motifs and contemporary fabrics leaves no room for dissatisfaction. NIKE is surely the best choice for athleisure-type outfits. 

  • Polo Ralph Lauren

A street look feels incomplete without a classic varsity jacket from Polo Ralph Lauren. It is an iconic label that produces varsity jackets featuring embroidered and patched details. Its wool body protects from the cold environment while being easy on the pocket. 

  • Champion

Champion is believed to be a century-old brand that has been a popular choice among all fashion experts. Besides a classic varsity jacket, it has created an excellent presence on the streets. 

Styling varsity jackets

There are many ways and means by which customers style a varsity or letterman jacket. If letterman jackets are styled in the best possible way, it makes the wearer the star of the show. The most appropriate way to style it would be to focus on their colors and style, among other aspects. The basic ways to style a letterman jacket are: 

  • A dark colored varsity jacket

Varsity jackets are available in a variety of shades. It is noteworthy that most of these shades are dark in color. The various dark shades available as varsity jackets are red, yellow, navy blue, and green. When going for a dark varsity jacket, it is best to pair it with a lighter shirt or pants. A contrasting color scheme of clothes always works wonders. 

  • A black and grey look

Black and grey are two prominent color sensations in the fashion industry. They are not only chic and classy but also highly sophisticated. Creating a look that resonates with these shades surely makes a mark on the public. The best way to style these colors would require pairing a black and grey varsity jacket with a black button-down shirt. Additionally, they can be coupled with a pair of faded blue denim. This makes for a sleek yet casual look that is perfect for an outing or house party.

Final words

Varsity jackets have come a long way since their origin in the 19th century. From darker hues to lighter tints, varsity jackets are available in all shades and styles. Although they are on the expensive side, having one in everyone’s closet is imperative as it aces the fashion game. No matter the occasion, varsity jackets are a perfect fit. 

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