How To Wear A Beret The Right Way: Tips From Military Experts
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How To Wear A Beret The Right Way: Tips From Military Experts

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Summary: The beret was originally intended to be used while marching and during battle. Today, the beret is used in civilian attire, fashion, and even in the military to some extent. A beret is a pretty cool piece of headgear. It's super fashionable, it has a very unique look, and it goes well with a lot of different outfits.

A beret has a long history. Nearly 400 years old the beret was used by the French military to prevent head injuries from their firearms. It's a popular hat that has been around for centuries.

It looks stylish and looks great on anyone who wears it the right way. This post entails a few hands-on tips to wear and style the beret in the most elegant way possible.

How to wear beret hat elegantly

The very chic and Parisian beret was first developed in the Basque region of Spain in the 19th century. It became a popular hat across Europe in the 20th century with many different nationalities wearing the hat. Originally crafted for military personnel, the cap caught the eye of a few fashion aesthetes and was later turned into a huge statement style.

A beret is a type of soft cap that is often shaped and can be decorated with a badge or pompom, or some other kind of ornamentation. A beret (or béret in the Languedoc-Roussillon dialect of Occitan) is a soft, round, flat-crowned hat, worn in the last two centuries by soldiers and civilians in many countries (chiefly France and countries that were once French-speaking).

The beret cap was very much flaunted by Anne Hathaway in "The Devil Wears Prada." And the trend has been featured in various movies and songs. It's one of the favorite accessories of the tinsel ladies, runway muses, and fashionistas making big on the "Gram".

There are varieties of textures used for crafting these beret caps. They come with a suave finish, there's a military beret, and lastly, there are knitted ones. The cap accessory can be used to add a touch of sophistication to any ensemble. It can be paired with tailored jackets, crisp white shirts, bodycon dresses, off-shoulder tops, dresses with flattering necklines, floral blouses, and much more.

It's imperative to have a clean hairstyle to fasten the beret cap. A sleek hairdo or a low bun would be a great choice of hairstyle while sporting a beret cap. Fastening the cap with bobby pins ensures its placement and keeps the look clean and intact.

A fashion professional is recommended to bookmark a line of beret ensembles for their clients.

Dive Into The Uber Chic Beret Trend

1) The Hair Hacks

A beret cap goes with all hair types. It is recommended to have a neat hairdo for the placement of the cap. The bobby pins are often attached to secure the positioning of the cap and keep it looking neat. 

Hair Hacks

2) The delicately laced silhouette

Beret caps can be styled with a delicately laced top or a dress to attain that sartorial edge. The lace, or schiffli detailing highlights the intricacies of the style. Dewy makeup and pearl accessories are recommended to complete the look.

3) The charm of off-shoulders

A beret cap, teamed with an off-shoulder top or a dress, narrates the tale of elegance. The cap somehow enhances the beauty of the bones and the structure of the face.

4) The Cosmopolitan Tees

A simple tee can be spruced up with the addition of a checked beret cap. The look can be completed with solid-toned trousers and a pair of sunglasses. 

Cosmopolitan Tees

5) The perfect Bodycons

Team a solid-hued beret cap with a dark-toned bodycon dress enhanced by a boatneck design. The ensemble shouts highly Parisian with the addition of a pair of pointed stilettos.

perfect Bodycons

6) Floral Print Play

Fashionistas are frequently seen wearing solid-colored beret caps with floral-printed blouses or dresses. The ensemble essays elegance at its best. 

Floral Print

7) The Suave Trenchcoat

A well-structured trench coat is often graced with a knitted beret cap during the fall season. The tinsel divas are often seen sporting a military beret with the trench as well. The ensemble is worth a perennial spotlight.


8) The Structured Blazer

Long blazers in shades of beige, white, plaid, and black are the preferred ones when sprucing up a beret cap ensemble. The fabric belt adds an extra touch of urbaneness to the look.

Structured Blazer

9) The elegance of a crisp white shirt

A crisp white shirt dress cinched with a corset belt is the perfect ensemble to grace a suede-finished beret cap. The look can be further completed with a pair of sheer stockings and ankle-length boots.

10) The Skinny Trousers

A leather beret cap with leather skinny trousers paired with an oversized shirt is the outfit of the year. Nothing can beat the chicness of the look with the addition of suave ankle-length boots and an oversized tote.

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Key Takeaways:

  • The beret caps are a military accessory; do follow the steps the personnel take to wear them with ease. 
  • There are an endless number of beret varieties; pick the ones that complement the ensemble.
  • Put time and effort into the look test before committing to the ensemble.

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