How to Select the Best Dye for Your Design?
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How to Select the Best Dye for Your Design?

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Dyeing is becoming the trend as it is cost-effective and offers an easy way of making designs look new without having to spend too much on budget. With the use of a fabric dye, you can have access to endless possibilities for your designs and collections.

Designers and manufacturers like to choose different types of dye colors for their designs for different purposes and events. Some designers want to give a brand-new look to their designs, while some want to dye them for different occasions. Professional designers and manufacturers impart a unique touch to their fabrics and craft materials, trying to unleash their mastery over colors.

However, selecting the best fabric dye could be a daunting task as you should have moderate knowledge about the possible suited pigment, fiber type, and comfortable dyeing method required to do your specific fabric design. Designs must be dyed properly with the right type of dye that is appropriate for your designs and collections. Hence, picking the right dye for your design is mandatory for your design to look stunning and fascinating.

Let’s not let these obstacles ruin your creativity, as with a little learning, you can easily decide what fabric dye would be best for your design. Let’s look in detail about fabric dye and how to select the best dye for your design:

What Is Fabric Dyeing?

Fabric dye is a colored substance that allows materials and fibers to be colored. It bonds chemically through the material. This process makes fabric dyes different from pigments, as pigments do not chemically bond to the material. Gray textiles are now dyed in the most desired hue after they have been manufactured.

Benetton was known to be the first major user of the fabric dyeing method that was used to dye their Shetland wool knitwear. Fabric dying has gained a lot of popularity in the recent digital eCommerce age of shifting fashion trends due to the benefits of rapid responsiveness to enhanced inventory control and market demand.

Advantages of Fabric Dyeing

Using fabric dye on your designs has an endless benefit in providing solid colors to your designs and collections. Some of the benefits are given below:

●  Comparatively low rejection

●  Few and less capital investment

●  Save scrappage cost by re-dying of old garments

●  Custom designs and effects can be implemented

●  De-sizing, dyeing, finishing, bleaching, and finishing can be accomplished in the same machine.

●  Speedy turnaround and quick response on the basis of real-time demand.

●  Flexibility to choose dye colors

Fabric Dyeing Techniques and Selecting the Best Dye for Your Design

Fabric Dyeing Techniques and Selecting the Best Dye for Your Design

Bale Dyeing

●  Bale dyeing is a low-cost process to dye cotton fabrics. Without blazing, the fabric is passed through a cold water bath, where the sized warp contains an affinity to dye.

●  It is suitable for dyeing low valued designs.

Bean Dyeing

●  In the Bean Dyeing method, the warp is colored before weaving. The fabric is coiled in the perforated beam, and then the dye is pushed with holes in order to color the fabric.

●  It is suitable for knitted and woven designs.

Jig Dyeing

●  Jig Dyeing is done in an open formation of the products in a vat, beck, vessel, kier, or jig. The fabric is passed from one roller to another in a deep dye bath until the required color is attained.

●  It is suitable for dyeing textiles that can be easily wrinkled, such as satins, poplins, suiting, etc.

Jet dyeing

●  The jet dyeing process includes both flowing the dye liquid and movement of the cloth. Extreme high temperatures are required to heat the dye bath.

●  It is best suited for knitted fabrics - jeans, trousers, shirts, and denim.


●  Tie-dyeing is one of the popular methods used to create colorful patterns and designs on clothes. It is becoming popular to dress up basic t-shirts and other designs through innovative folding techniques and utilizing colorfast dyes.

●  It is suitable for producing a broad range of designs on clothes involving conventional patterns such as diamond, marble, peace sign, and spiral effect and also magnificent artwork.

Spray dyeing

●  Spray dyeing is a type of dyeing method which produces a white appearance on a specific zone of design. Spray dyeing is also called pigment spray.

●  It is suitable for dyeing delicate clothing such as woolen blends, wool, and silk.

Over Dyeing

●  Over dyeing is the process of adding a fabric dye a second or a third time with a variety of colors to salvage an unsatisfactory or unappealing colored cloth. It helps in creating an uneven appearance.

●  It is suitable for dyeing socks, innerwear, and sweaters.

Cold dyeing

●  In the cold dyeing method, clothes are colored as a ready-made product at a cool room temperature that involves no heating.

●  It is suitable for dyeing shirts, trousers, and t-shirts made of cotton, viscose.

Washable Dyeing

●  After the conventional dyeing method, an acid, caustic peroxide, and enzyme wash are needed to get an uneven appearance. If we use washable colors, we are not required to employ acid washes, caustic peroxide, or enzymes wash in order to get an uneven appearance.

●  It is suitable for a temporary coloration of fabrics such as shirts, trousers made up of silk denim or cotton material.

Reverse Dyeing

●  Reverse Dyeing includes removing the color that is already present in the fabric. It is an interesting dyeing technique in order to apply certain shapes and designs to colored pants and t-shirt designs.

Fabric Dyeing Techniques and Selecting the Best Dye for Your Design


There are numerous garments dyeing techniques. However, simply developing a beautiful design that captures the buyers’ attention is not sufficient. Today you need to give your customers care and wash information because customers expect to receive standard today. Displaying instructions on a clear label meets the expectations of the customers. The information helps to take care of the garment, and relevant care should be taken and not be overlooked. The quality brand ensures that the customer promotes your brand for you through word of mouth.

Designers must collaborate with the best fashion manufacturer in the fashion field, who can help them to produce the best designs at the fastest speed. Meet the experts at Fashinza who can give a boost to your fashion business. Fashinza is a B2B apparel manufacturing platform. We help clothing brands to manufacture their awesome collections by connecting them with suppliers. Our chief offering is our platform using which brands can place an order, track it, receive daily production updates, communicate with manufacturers, and make payment. We make the apparel manufacturing process hassle-free, fast, and transparent for the brands.


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