How to Play It Safe with Colors: 5 Colors for Clothes That Always Sell
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How to Play It Safe with Colors: 5 Colors for Clothes That Always Sell

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Selecting fashion colors for garments is tricky for designers. While some colors sell quickly and disappear from shelves, others, in spite of great design and cuts, fail to do good business.

Hence, business-minded fashion designers always go for the colors which sell the best. They might not think that those are the best colors for those dresses or shirts; however, success in business can be achieved by sales figures. 

Five Colors for Clothes That Always Sell

Colors have an emotional impact on the looker, and studies have proven that people often do not buy clothes if they are not available in the particular color they are looking for. According to research results, 85% of shoppers buy products based on their color preferences.

It is also proven that colored advertisements in magazines and newspapers do 26% better than black and white advertisements. Hence, companies spending money on advertisements in print media should spend a little more money and advertise in a colored medium. 

This is the list of five fashion colors that always sell the best:

1. Red: Red is the color of passion and love. People love to wear this color when they are selecting a party dress. In India, brides traditionally wear a red saree or lehanga on their wedding day. Red is believed to be the color of female power in Hinduism.

Scientists at the University of Durham conducted research in 2005 wherein they concluded that sports professionals who wore red created emotional stress on the opponent, which helped them in winning the game.

Red denotes urgency and danger. It is also a power color, and being at a higher end of the spectrum in a prism, it has a higher wavelength too. Hence, it attracts attention much faster than other colors. Therefore, in traffic signals, red is used as a signal to stop. The driver can detect the color from a distance.

Many designers believe that the color red triggers the sensory nerves of the brain and prompts the buyer to take action. Hence, the sale of red-colored garments is often quite high. This is also the reason why many e-commerce portal creators color the “’buy now” button in red.

If you have noticed carefully, the “Sale” sign in any store across the globe in any industry will be in red. It attracts the onlooker from a distance, and even though they wouldn’t have planned to buy anything, they often get into the store after seeing the “Sale sign.” And in all probability, they might not get into a shopping spree, but they will end up buying an item or two. The topline of a retail company increases by these one or two extra sales. 

Colors for Clothes That Always Sell


2. Black: After red, the most sought-after fashion color is black. Celebrities wear black to the red carpet events. The “little black dress” (LBD) has been the favorite for party-going women for decades. 

Black has religious significance too. Muslim women wear black burqa or hijab. Traditionally Catholic widows wore black in the Western world. To date, black is worn for Christian funerals in any part of the world.

Unlike red, blue, yellow, or green, which have their own specific wavelengths of light, black isn’t exactly a color. As per the laws of physics, we see something as black when an object absorbs all visible wavelengths. Since black absorbs all the colors in it, it has a different appeal for the onlooker.

On January 30, 2018, many actors and actresses walked the Golden Globes red carpet wearing black to show their support against sexual harassment of women in Hollywood. Black is a color that signifies protest too. Across the globe, people wear black bandanas, black badges, etc., when they are protesting against something.

However, that has not reduced the appeal of the color black. Henry Ford, the manufacturer of the famous Ford cars, once said, “I will design my cars in any color as long as they are black.” It goes without saying that black is the most sought-after color in the automobile industry.

The color black is associated with seriousness and diligence. Every famous or budding fashion designer across the globe has experimented with this color, and there is no fashion designer on this Earth who did not design black dresses.

Colors for Clothes That Always Sell


3. White: The serene color attracts everyone. Catholic women wear white dresses when they get married. White is a color of peace and tranquility. In hot regions, during the summer months, people love to wear white cotton dresses and shirts. It keeps them cool as white repels heat.

In Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism, monks and spiritual leaders often wear white clothes. In olden traditions, Hindu widows also used to wear white. To date, in Hindu funerals, everyone wears white as Hindus believe that the soul never dies and it will take birth again.

One can never go wrong with a white dress. Since the color denotes peace, someone in a white dress can attend a wedding party, a red carpet party, a corporate event, or a cocktail party. Hence, fashion designers give a lot of importance to this fashion color as it suits every skin tone and body type.

Colors for Clothes That Always Sell


4. Blue: Men’s clothing industry will struggle a lot if blue is removed from their catalog. Most of the men’s shirts, business suits, silk scarves, silk handkerchiefs, and ties can be found in this color. This color represents male power and stability.

Even in the Western world, men prefer to wear blue clothes. Jeans adorned this color much before they adopted all other colors. If one looks around in nature, one will be mesmerized by the beauty of the blue azure sky. Blue, like red, is a primary color. When anyone sits near a blue water body, they feel calm. That is the impact of the color blue, and hence, it is one of the most popular fashion colors.

Since 70% of the world is covered with oceans, and they look blue, this color has a special appeal to human beings. They feel calm and in sync with nature when they wear this color. That is one of the primary reasons why the sales of this color are so high. It is a very neutral color that suits almost every skin tone. People with darker skin can carry off this color quite well. They might be hesitant to wear yellow or orange or red or fuchsia. However, seldom will there be any resistance to the color blue. Hence, fashion designers rely a lot on this color, and when they are not sure about the taste of a new client, they always have a few dresses in blue for them. 

Blue triggers the male hormones and propels them to buy a product, be it online or offline. This color subtly works on the psyche of a consumer and helps them make slow but steady decisions. This color denotes security, and hence, security service providers across the globe wear sky blue/navy blue uniforms.

Big tech giants like IBM, Infosys, Microsoft, Intel, etc., have the name of the company written in azure blue. The medical industry also uses this color a lot. Top pharma companies like Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, etc., have the name of their company written in blue.

Fashion designers should use blue in those garments when they try to project an image of reliability. So they should design dresses in blue for corporate men and women, for red carpet events for women entrepreneurs or C banders.

Colors for Clothes That Always Sell


5. Green: This color is associated with Mother Nature. Olive green is the color that Army professionals wear as it camouflages them and safeguards them during combats. Being close to nature, it is very soothing to the eyes. This fashion color is the favorite of many designers across the globe.

Multiple variants of green are used for manufacturing t-shirts, shirts, and dresses. Darker green colors look very good in women’s gowns. It is not very bright and flashy like red and orange, and hence, working professionals prefer this color for their office wear too.

Green denotes peace and eco-friendliness. Hence, if a fashion designer is designing clothes for delegates who are going to talk about environmental issues or world peace, they should seriously think about this color. Darker shades of green work beautifully for men’s suits. Against a white shirt, a green silk tie and handkerchief folded neatly inside the breast pocket make a man look elegant and young. 

Colors for Clothes That Always Sell



Remember to keep these top-selling colors in your collections, and you will not be disappointed. Colors have a key role in shopping decisions, and you must take them into account while designing and planning your collection.

Fashinza connects you with manufacturers within the industry. We manage every stage from design to delivery. Talk to our experts, and we will be able to help you to negotiate for the best deals with the sourcing companies and garment manufacturers. 

If you are planning to source materials in the top five colors mentioned above, we can help you with that. We can source materials like silk, cotton, tulle, satin, organza, taffeta, voile, leather, polyester, etc., in all the popular colors. You can match them with other contrasting colors and create beautiful dresses and menswear. 


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