How to Design and Manufacture Custom Clothing Labels for Your Fashion Brand?
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How to Design and Manufacture Custom Clothing Labels for Your Fashion Brand?

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If you are a fashion designer like me and have been creating clothes for your customers for a long time, you must be using custom clothing labels. However, if you have recently finished your tailoring course and have started as an entrepreneur, you must start using custom clothing labels. You need to start spreading your brand’s name from the first dress you design and stitch.

Any onlooker who likes the dress created by you would like to know the name of the brand. They will turn the back of the hemline at the neck, and if they do not find the custom clothing label for your brand, it will be a lost opportunity for you. When you start your career as a designer, word of mouth is your biggest weapon in creating a loyal customer base. Over the years, it will turn into a fashion brand, and there is a possibility that a big fashion house might acquire your brand name and designs in the future.

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Types of Custom Clothing Labels

You might need multiple types of custom clothing labels for the garments you create. Let’s have a look at the different types of tags.

  • Logo and Text Labels: The name and logo of the company are printed on satin, thick cotton, or rayon fabric strip to ensure that the branding is done properly. Some examples could be ‘’Susie’s collection, California 234-568-2973,’’ ‘’Daisy’s Boutique – Logo stamp.’’
  • Personalized Woven Labels: This label is mostly used for gifting purposes. A strip of custom clothing label is printed with personalized messages like, ‘’Knitted with love by Nancy Brown,’’ ‘’Happy Birthday- With love Anitha.’’
  • Vintage Sewing Labels: These custom clothing labels will have a nice embroidered vintage design, and the message which you want to write will be mentioned within. You can use your company’s name, the logo, or any design that is close to your brand on these vintage sewing labels.
  • Size and Care Clothing Labels: I am sure you have seen the size and care clothing labels on a dress or shirt. ‘’XL, machine wash only, ‘’XXXL- No bleach, soft ironing’’ etc.
  • Prayer Merchandise Labels: Some brands want to put specific religious symbols or instructions for using the clothing item, and such custom clothing labels could be ordered. For example, on prayer mats used by Muslims, an ‘ayat’ from the Holy Quran could be embossed or on a cassock used by Catholic priests, the symbol of the Holy cross along with a verse from the Bible could be mentioned.
  • Rush Printed Labels: They are quickly delivered to the customer within 2-4 business days from the day the order was placed. The customer can upload the logo of their company, picture, written description, etc.
  • Iron-On Woven Logo Labels: You can attach these custom clothing labels just by placing them on your garment and ironing them over.
  • Heat Transfer Logo: In this, there is no separate label created and attached to the garment. The logo and instructions for care are printed on the material itself. You will find these kinds of logos on T-shirts and other hosiery materials.

Materials Used for Creating Custom Clothing Labels

  • Satin
  • Blend of polyester and cotton
  • Cotton
  • PVC
  • Metallic labels
  • Leather
  • Tyvek (paper-like material)
  • TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane - Rubbery material)

How to Design and Manufacture Custom Clothing Labels

If you are planning to create simple custom clothing labels at home/with the help of professionals, you can follow these steps.

  • Design Strategy: First, you need to design a logo for your brand. If you are familiar with the applications to create it digitally, you can do so or take the help of a freelance logo designer and explain your idea. Ensure that the logo you are creating might be used on multiple products later, like bags, mugs, bags, wallets, caps, mouse pads, etc., in the future. Therefore, be careful about selecting a shape and design that looks good and fits on many types of objects.
  • Artwork: You can use Adobe Illustrator and write the information you want to put on your logo. If you want to make the custom clothing labels at home, you can cut the same sized satin ribbons and write with non-washable ink or fabric color. Else you can order them online through a provider who has a factory and can do mass production. Based on your budget, you can use the type of material mentioned above. You need to specify the measurement of the size of the final product so that the supplier can follow the instructions.
  • Choosing Your Labels: If you are ordering the material from an external website, request them to send some free samples. Before asking for the free samples, you should know the size and material of the custom clothing label you will need for your brand. Choose the one which appeals to you the most.
  • Manufacturing the Labels: If you are an individual, then mass production of the labels will not be possible at home. You can use cotton, satin materials and create the tags at home. However, for metal, leather, PVC, etc., a factory setup is required.

Tips and Tricks for Attaching Custom Clothing Label

  • Iron the label- If you have ordered the stick-on variety, ironing it on the T-shirt will be the easiest option.
  • Stitching- If you have created the label yourself or ordered it from a manufacturer, just use a simple line stitching and sew it on all four sides. If you want the label to be attached as a tag, you need to stitch one side into the sidecut of the shirt/T-shirt and allow the rest to be visible.

If you are not familiar with the process of creating custom clothing labels, it is always a good idea to source them from an expert like Fashinza. 


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