How to Choose the Best Catalog Design for Ethnic wear?
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How to Choose the Best Catalog Design for Ethnic wear?

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A catalogue has a vital role to play for any fashion brand. Why? Because this is where all the products are showcased. A catalogue is what will attract or detach a potential client from making a purchase. In my opinion, the design is crucial in determining the overall look of the catalogue. Your products can be fabulous but what makes those products stand out is the design. 

Your catalogue can be digital or traditional. Both of these have their advantages. So, how do you choose the best catalog design for ethnicwear? Designing catalogues can be pretty fun, but it gets tricky to put together ethnic outfits. One might think it's because of a lack of options, but it is quite literally the opposite! Traditional wear has numerous styles and clothing pieces. Lehengas, sarees, kurtas, churidars, and the list goes on and on for the ladies. Men's selection is not easy either because you have to curate multiple types of kurta, pyjamas, and sherwanis only if there is a guide to provide any help. But why search somewhere else when I have curated the list for you myself! 

How to Choose the Best Catalogue Design for Ethnicwear?

Ethnic wear

There are a few essential points that you need to remember before choosing ethnicwear catalogue designs. Listed below are a few:

  1. Define Your Audience

As a fashion brand, you need to have a target audience in mind. Without narrowing down the target audience, it is impossible to decide on the look and feel of a catalogue. If your audience comprises a younger crowd, you can play with the colors and patterns more than you can if your target audience is 45+. When you target audiences of all types, you can explore several designs that reflect your audience's style and wishes.

  1. Format and Size

Ethnic wear is in itself a grand visual. However, I recommend that the size of the catalogue is crucial because you can't have a small-sized catalogue as the dresses won't be visible clearly and won't stand out. The size should be good enough for the customers to hold it comfortably. Your customers should also be able to view the dresses properly, with every dress being pleasantly visible. The page count of your catalogue is an important aspect too. 

The format has to be given equal attention because your customers wouldn't want too many dresses cluttering a single page or too much content on a single page. For your ethnicwear catalogue designs to hit your customers in the right way, the dresses in the catalogue must be placed in the right place. The format of your catalogue should be such that it is spacious and looks neat and clean.

  1. Decide whether you want a traditional catalogue or a digital one.

You have to narrow down on whether you want a traditional catalogue or a digital one. If you choose a traditional one, you also have to decide on the quality and the type of paper that will be used, whether you are going to decide on a matte finish or a gloss finish. Traditional catalogues give customers a sensory experience, and to leverage that, you can also add scented pages and pages that change colors when exposed to light!

If you choose a digital catalogue, you will have umpteen chances to make as many changes to the catalogue as you want. Choose some great and relevant colors with striking pictures of your ethnic wear dresses collection and watch your ethnic wear design catalogue do the wonders!

  1. Use high-quality images

Images are the core of the best catalogue design for ethnic wear. Using high-quality images will make the ethnic wear collection more attractive and show off all the intricate work and designs. This will lead to generating more sales. Ensure a relevant background to the images and get these images printed with high-resolution printing.

  1. Develop a support strategy

Your catalogue should not be a one-time thing. Your catalogue should be such that it fits all the channels. You can use your catalogues to drive traffic to your website and social media channels. 

  1. Write a copy for the dresses

The best ethnic wear catalogue will also have the right content in it. I have always noticed that the descriptions of the dresses influence the customer in a great way. A good copy will help the brand to accelerate its sales.

  1. Use templates available

If you are looking at a digital catalogue, many pre-designed templates are available on tools like Canva and Figma. You can pick templates from there and then design the rest of them as per the template.

8. Theme and color palette

Ethnic wear

Colors largely shape a customer's opinion. You have to be very careful in choosing colours for your ethnicwear catalogue and make sure that it aligns with the brand colors. If you have a pastel color palette, you can't choose dark colors for your Catalogue. 

For an ethnicwear catalogue to be a hit, several factors play an essential role. From content to design, nothing should be overlooked while choosing a catalogue for your ethnic wear designs.


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