How Do I Print A Brand Name On My Clothes?
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How Do I Print A Brand Name On My Clothes?

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Everyone wants to customize their clothing with nice prints. The practice of printing the company name or logo on the dresses and accessories of company employees is considered one of the easiest marketing techniques. However, the major concern is how to find the best T-shirt printers near me. An experienced printer can print the given brand name or logo on clothes that I need to design. 

Steps for printing brand name or logo on clothes

Create a suitable design – It is essential to make the brand name or logo visually impressive before printing it on clothes. Therefore, we should design it in an interesting manner to draw the attention of viewers when printed on our garments. We may hire an experienced designer to do this job satisfactorily so that people remember the brand name when they see it on clothes.

Ø  Sometimes, both company name and logo can be incorporated within a single design, along with a slogan or popular tagline of the brand.

Ø  The chosen design should be able to provide enough information about the brand on a first look. Thus, the designer needs to ponder on a few factors, like the brand identity and the target audience of the brand.

Ø  The selection of colors for the design of a t-shirt depends on the background color or the base color of the t-shirt on which it should be printed. The visibility will be more if the t-shirt and its chosen design are of shades that are in sharp contrast to each other. A light-colored design will look best on a dark-colored t-shirt and vice versa.

Ø  The right style, typography, and imagery should be chosen to create the best design from the given components, like the brand’s name, logo, or message.

Choose the type of printing – Different types of printing systems are available for printing brand names on clothes. So, choose the printing type that suits the fabric of the garments and your budget.

i)        Block printing is an easy and cheap method of printing. It is done by putting ink on a simple wooden block where the chosen design is carved carefully. This wooden block is pressed over the fabric to print the design. However, this manual technique consumes much time and effort of printers, for which it is not much in use for printing bulk quantities of clothes.

ii)      Roller printing is done by rolling a metal roller with the engraved design over the fabric, leaving distinct prints all over. Only soft metals are used for this purpose, on which engraving is easier. This type of printing is better for imprinting numerous small designs all over the clothes and may not be suitable for printing a large logo on a t-shirt for marketing purposes.

iii)    Transfer printing is another easy procedure where the design is printed on a special transfer paper with an inkjet printer. Then that transfer paper is ironed on clothes to get the design transferred from the paper to the fabric. This technique is useful for printing only a few clothes and is not suitable for commercial printing in bulk quantities.

T Shirt Printers Near Me

iv)    Screen printing is quite popular nowadays. In this method, the print is obtained by laying a screen made of gauze fitted on a frame, along with a tool for printing designs with multiple bright inks over light fabrics. Hence, it is one of the best methods of printing t-shirts in bulk quantities. The quality of screen printing is very good compared to some other techniques. Thus, if you are looking for “t-shirt printers near me,” try to locate a printer that can provide screen printing at affordable prices. However, it is better to choose designs with only one or two colors for the screen printing option, as the printer needs to change the screen for each color. 

v)       Heat printing is actually done with transfer paper, applied under huge pressure and very high temperature. The special ink needs to penetrate into the fabric, resulting in a strong bond between the fibers and ink. Thus, this type of printing is highly stable, though quite expensive for bulk printing on a commercial basis.

vi)    Embroidery is an old yet stylish way of creating brand names on clothes. The company name or logo is embroidered with threads of different colors. The embroideries look embossed, or a bit raised on the fabric surface. However, it is a time-consuming process and not suitable for bulk manufacturing of t-shirts.

vii)  Vinyl graphics can be considered another modern technique of printing t-shirts and other light garments. The transfer printing method is adopted here, though the outcome is much more prominent and visually dimensional than conventional transfer printing. Vinyl is used here instead of ink, making the printing more long-lasting than ordinary prints. Vinyl printing is really outstanding and can render a gorgeous look to a simple t-shirt. However, the use of multiple colors can be expensive for vinyl graphics, as the printer needs to change the screen for each new color. Also, it is not convenient to do bulk quantities of t-shirts, as each t-shirt has to be printed separately. Vinyl graphics can work best only to print simple designs on a few clothes.

viii)  DTG or Direct-to-garment printing is the latest technique used by adopting the method of inkjet printing.  Normally, the inkjet process is used to spray ink on the paper. However, DTG only uses fabrics instead of paper to spray ink. Designs can be customized with many intricate features and colors in the DTG method. But it cannot be used for printing over dark-shaded clothes where bright colored ink will not be visible enough. Moreover, only a limited number of t-shirts can be printed in a batch, as the prints fade away after using for a few times.

Choose the type of printing ink – Various varieties of inks are available for printing brand names on clothes. Printers need to select any suitable ink as per the requirements of their clients. The density of ink varies from ink to ink. Printers choose ink of specific density according to the type of printing.

Ø  Plastisol ink is commonly used for printing t-shirts and other garments. It is highly durable and versatile for use on all kinds of fabrics. It has a very high density. So it can produce opaque prints even on dark-shaded fabrics.

Ø  Water-based inks are made of water and pigments only. This type of ink is most suitable for light-shaded clothes. Lead-free inks are used for the safety of printers and their customers.

Ø  Special effects provide more vibrancy to printed designs. It is most effective for special designs. Glowing in darkness, fluorescence, metallic luster, and shimmer are the most popular special effects found in printing inks.

T Shirt Printers Near Me

Decide the location of printed design – Usually, the company name or logo is better printed as a large design on the front part of a t-shirt to provide maximum visibility to it. If several designs are to be chosen for t-shirts, the company logo should be a prime part of each design.

a)      In the case of a small design, it can be printed many times all over the front side of the t-shirt or top.

b)      If the t-shirt or jacket has a front pocket, the brand name can achieve the best visibility if imprinted on this pocket.

c)      The practice of printing brand names on the label stuck on the inner side of the neck is very common in all garment companies.

d)     However, the company logo can also be printed on the sleeves of a t-shirt, as that is a rarer location for this purpose and may draw more attention.

e)       The backside of clothes can also be used to print large designs comprising both company name and logo.

Thus, before you search for “t-shirt printers near me,” decide on these key aspects of your design. The printer may also suggest the best way of printing the brand name on clothes based on texture, color, and ink to achieve the attention of the maximum number of onlookers.

Fix the budget for printing – We need to set a budget for bulk printing of t-shirts. A competent t-shirt printer can provide an estimate of this printing job. He needs to consider a few factors before quoting the price of printing t-shirts:

  • The number of t-shirts to be printed
  • The size of the design that should be printed
  • Type of ink to be used for printing
  • Type of fabric of the t-shirt

The size of a design should be directly proportional to the size of the t-shirt. It is best to order for printing in a bulk quantity. Many printers offer discounts on printing a large number of t-shirts. We need to print a brand name on clothes for all employees of that company or to give as gifts to customers. Therefore, placing an order in a bulk quantity is the best option. However, we also need to find a suitable t-shirt printer which is capable of handling bulk printing of clothes. You can ask your acquaintances to refer good printers or may look online for a list of local printers. Usually, all local t-shirt printers have their websites and online presence, for which it is easy to find the most suitable one.  It is best to check their earlier works to see if they can print any type of design successfully on clothes.


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