Here's How To Take 90s Grunge Style Into 2023
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Here's How To Take 90s Grunge Style Into 2023

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Summary: Grunge fashion is resurging in 2023 with a big bang. And we're not just talking about flannel shirts and ripped jeans. If you want to add a slice of the 90s grunge look to your label’s collection, then read on. 

The OG urban 90s fashion trend, grunge is being revived in 2023 with full force. Runways across the globe showcased grunge styles in their SS ‘23 collections. The new take on grunge retains the same angsty temperament of the original trend, but with added polish. Check out some of the hottest pieces of the grunge era that you can add to your brand without looking like it’s stuck in the past. 

1. Plaid Shirt - Classics That Won’t Fade Away

Kate Moss donned jeans, a tank top, and a plaid shirt at Bottega Venetta’s Spring Summer 2023 show, and it's bonafide proof that the plaid is back! This classic pattern from the urban 90s fashion is making waves for its retro yet classic look. In 2023, style this iconic piece with a pair of neutral-colored chinos and combat boots. 

Plaid Shirt

2. Slip Dresses - Chic With a Side of Sensual

The OG grunge icon Courtney Love rocked slip dresses in the 90s like a total pro! The Spring Summer 2023 collections at Ralph Lauren and Kenzo have revised this urban 90s fashion staple into a chic and posh style. This classic style can be dressed up or down, and in 2023, it’s best worn with layers during the colder months and on its own during summers. 

Slip Dressess

3. Big Boots - Statement Makers of All Time

Platform boots and combat boots were ubiquitous in the 90s. Anyone with a fashion sense in that era owned at least one pair of these. In 2023, these boots are resurging and we’re truly excited. They are a great statement piece to wear with everyday clothes and can also be worn as a part of an all-black, grunge-inspired outfit. 

Big Boots

4. Bowling Shirts - Bringing Back the Cuban Buttondowns

This year’s wildest fashion curve ball is the unlikely revamp of the bowling shirt. It is not particularly a style that began in the 90s but was quite prevalent as a summer pick for men of that decade. Loose, airy, and usually made from viscose or silk, bowing shirts in 2023 are packing a punch as layering pieces. Perfect for both spring and autumn wear!

5. Baggy Denim - Loose Fits For the Win

The days of slim fits and tapered bottoms are overturned with baggy jeans from the 90s. In 2023, this style is more refined and has a better silhouette making it the ideal bottom wear for everything casual. One of the easiest ways to welcome the rebirth of grunge fashion is by adding baggy jeans in a couple of different colors to your brand’s catalog. As far as styling goes, it looks best with an oversized tee and chunky shoes.

Baggy Denim

6. Leather Everything - The OG Grunge Fabric

Owing to the current vogue of biker clothing and grunge theme, leather has made its remarkable presence on the catwalk of SS’23. Leather was the default material of choice for jackets, boots, accessories, and even pants during the 90s fashion decade. In 2023, this trend is omnipresent with LBDs, corsets, T-shirts, and trousers being designed with leather and similar materials. 

Leather Everything

7. Oversized Utility Apparel - Functional Fashion Picks

Baggy was the default fit of the urban 90s fashion. Be it baggy jeans or coveralls, oversized ones were the norm. This loose, comfy, and breezy fit is stomping its way back into 2023. Utility wear like trench coats, cargo pants, and khaki rompers in oversized fits are a practical and cool way to experiment with the grunge trend. 

Oversized Utility

8. Fairy Grunge Aesthetic

Fairy grunge style was a subset of the mainstream grunge craze in the 90s. Flowy maxi dresses teamed with contrasting combat boots, messy braided hair, and dainty accessories are a great way to take this trend into 2023. The key to cracking this trend effortlessly is mixing elements of fairy lore and femininity with dark grunge aesthetics! 

Grunging forward to 2023

The grunge style was a bonafide urban 90s fashion trend that has lived a long life and went on to become legendary. These styles are as popular as they were 30 years back and will surely be logged into the book of fashion classics. Adding these to your label in 2023 is a great way to boost revenue and attract the attention of style-savvy millennial customers. 

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Key Takeaways

  • The 90s decade saw the birth of many iconic fashion trends that continue to influence fashion three decades later.
  • Fashion companies and designers can tap into this urban 90s fashion trend of grunge by adding classic pieces like high-waisted jeans, crop tops, flannel shirts, metal chains, ripped jeans, and tracksuits to their collections. 
  • These items can be combined with more modern trends to create an avant-garde, 90s-inspired look.

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