Harry Styles Added the Fur but Missed the Shirt? Check Out his Grammy 2021 Outfit
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Harry Styles Added the Fur but Missed the Shirt? Check Out his Grammy 2021 Outfit

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When it comes to experimenting with fashion, the focus is always more on women’s clothing than men’s simply because there are so many options. Fashion is a somewhat limited concept for men as they conventionally do not have many silhouettes and styles they can play around with. 

Therefore, male celebrities usually stick to wearing expensive designer suits at red carpet events. Tuxedos and ascots are also quite popular. However, Harry Styles’ Grammys 2021 outfit was as exciting as it was unconventional. 

Harry Styles has repeatedly made headlines for his unique style. The 2021 Grammys were hardly an exception. The singer rocked three different outfits for the occasion and captured fashion critics and fans alike. Italian designer brand Gucci created Harry Styles’ Grammys 2021 outfit. The brand also happens to be the singer’s favorite. The Watermelon Sugar hitmaker was nominated in multiple categories for the Grammys, including the Best Music Video, Best Pop Solo Performance, and Best Pop Vocal Album. 

For the stage performance of his latest hit, Watermelon Sugar, Harry opted for a black leather suit with a mint green feather boa sans the shirt! During the performance, he took off his scarf giving everyone a full view of the Gucci suit and his tattoos. Harry accessorized the outfit with some chunky rings and black shoes with brown heels. His fans were awestruck. It was unusual for a man to wear a suit without a shirt, and that too with a feather scarf as an accessory! Only Harry Styles could have managed to pull off the attire with perfect panache. 

On the red carpet, Harry donned a 70’s inspired striped blazer with brown velvet pants, cream-colored shoes, and a pink-hued shirt with a deep V neckline. He completed the look with a purple feather boa this time. After the ceremony, Harry appeared in the virtual pressroom wearing a tan suit contrasted with a black feather boa. Harry Styles’ Grammys 2021 outfits had different vibes, but they complemented each other magnificently. 

Netizens took to social media platforms to show their love for the outfits, especially the feather boas. Fashion critics were also in awe of Harry’s style. The latter rightly received praise for his sartorial choices. 

Today, red carpet fashion is not just about looking good. It is a chance for celebrities to make a statement by exploring and showcasing their unique sense of style. The Grammys is the most prestigious music awards show in the industry. It is the perfect opportunity for musicians to highlight their art and creativity, whether it’s through their clothes, make-up or music. 

In this regard, Harry Styles has always been a top runner as his red carpet style is a fantastic representation of his distinct personality. Harry is known for experimenting with different styles, wearing gender fluid and unconventional outfits. The singer made a bold statement when he appeared on the cover of American Vogue wearing a flowy periwinkle blue dress that caused quite a stir and re-fueled the debate about gender-fluid fashion.

Harry Styles Grammy 2021 Outfit

Key Takeaways for Fashion Brands

Celebrities like Harry Styles are promoting clothes as a medium of self-expression. They’re breaking all gender stereotypes and becoming increasingly neutral with their choices. Harry Styles has splendidly demonstrated that dresses or skirts are not meant only for women. Men can also wear them and confidently pull off the look. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before unisex clothes become a trend. Androgynous clothing is already gaining popularity with popular fashion labels.

Men's clothing is supposed to be more clean-cut, practical with no frills or decorations attached. On the other hand, women's clothing has different silhouettes, fabrics, styles, and unlimited designs. Now imagine clothes that combine both these approaches to create something utterly unique. From wearing jumpsuits and frilly suits to pearl necklaces, Harry has never missed an opportunity to flaunt his unique style. 

Fashion brands should take a cue from Harry Styles’ Grammys 2021 outfits and create aesthetics and designs that appeal to all genders. Clothes should be able to reflect the personality, mood of a person and look stylish. For example, Harry Styles' black Gucci suit paired with a feather boa made such a statement because it was unique and reflected his spunky personality. 

The fashion industry is ever-evolving. Trends appear and disappear overnight. Yet, the concept of gender-fluid clothing is something very fresh and revolutionary. It’s a reflection of the changing attitudes and perceptions of the masses. It would not be a far-fetched dream to assume that the future of fashion lies in inclusive clothing that does not differentiate based on gender.


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