Elegant Ways to Style Crop Tops for all Occasions
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Elegant Ways to Style Crop Tops for all Occasions

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Crop tops have reentered into the fashionista’s conversation and are here to stay. This clothing item has found universal appeal for its versatility. A crop top can be styled in any way the wearer chooses to. Remember the iconic scene in Flashdance that took the fashion industry by storm for displaying Madonna’s toned midriff?

Crop tops had taken a hiatus for a brief period, but now they are back with a bang. Fashion experts predict that 2022 will be the prime year for crop tops, which is evident from the different varieties of crop tops already flooding the fashion market. Even so, some womenfolk are still apprehensive about riding the crop-top wave, unsure whether they can pull off this revisit in the style of their choice.

Fortunately, Fashinza is here to explore this revolutionary clothing item in its entirety. Do continue reading further to pick up a range of elegant ways to style crop tops for all occasions.

First things first, it is essential to understand some basic elements of style. Going through the section below is essential for learning how to carry crop tops with finesse and confidence. 

The key is to wear season-appropriate fabric. Go for crop tops made with 100 percent cotton during summers, while crop sweaters and cardigans made of cashmere or thick woolen material are excellent for colder months.

A sleeveless or short-sleeved crop top is perfect for highlighting the arms, and statement sleeves can always be chosen to exude an air of classical elegance.

Do remember that fitting plays a major role in styling. For women who love to wear crop tops but are not very comfortable exposing too much midriff, crop tops that are slightly longer are the ideal proposition.

Be mindful of the crop top design, as bold designs and prints draw undue attention to the body’s upper part. 

Lighter colors such as light blue and pink are great for summers. Always invest in basic colors as they seamlessly blend with a variety of looks.

Now, with the crash course in Style 101 done with, it would be worthwhile to look at some ways to enhance style and make room for crop tops in the wardrobe.

The Soft Feminine Look

An effortless, casual look exuding femininity, there are myriad ways to achieve the soft feminine look without getting overwhelmed. A crop top in a lighter fabric can be a perfect match for a flowy skirt made of equally delicate fabric to uncover femininity in its softest avatar.

Another great way is to go for a co-ord set with a belt cinching the waist. Fabrics such as silk, satin, and cotton would be the best choices. For a casual, yet dashing look, a favorite athleisure can be paired up with a white crop top and statement bag.

The choice of color should lean more toward pastels. When paired smartly, darker hues can appear enchanting. A classic monochrome look matched up with huge sunglasses and dainty jewelry never goes out of style. The soft feminine aesthetic can be achieved in both western and Indian looks.

The Urban Street Style Look

Think of a girl donning a crop top, denim, and a leather jacket with coffee in one hand and a mobile phone in the other. She would appear a picture of confidence, and this is what the urban street style look is all about. The secret is to go for minimal accessories and good-quality fabrics, and steer clear of cheap and shiny alternatives. Even so, always be open to experimenting with different fabrics, colors, and patterns. Remember, the key here is understated. Pick comfortable sneakers over bone-crushing stilettos to master this look. Learn more about solid colors and small patterns on crop tops. Pair a long blazer with such a crop top and wide-legged pants to ace this look.

The Fashion Influencer Look

Fashion has taken huge leaps forward in the age of social media. Women are more open to experimenting with different styles and look up to fashion influencers for inspiration. Bring out the hidden fashion influencer by trying out new styles and bolder fits. Remember, it is never too late to hop on to the crop top bandwagon. Crop tops are for everyone, be it a young woman who has just turned eighteen or a grandma who will be 80 next week. Understandably, first timers may feel shy when putting on a crop top, but this can be overcome by going for slightly longer lengths of darker hues. Moreover, including the right accessories and footwear can always tone the style quotient up or down.

In contrast, a bolder look that would draw raves on Instagram calls for pairing one’s favorite crop top with a mini skirt or denim shorts. The look can be perfected by keeping the hair tucked in a bun and picking up a tote bag.

The Indian Goddess Look

Whoever said crop tops cannot be paired with Indian outfits? It is time to put an end to such myths, as the versatile crop top can be paired in a plethora of ways. A lot of girls are swapping their Kurtis with crop tops. Pair a crop top with a palazzo or dhoti and complete the look with oxidized silver jewelry for a scintillating display of Indo-Western fusion.

The saree is one of the most-worn Indian outfits. Try out the next outing with a saree by switching the blouse with a bold-colored crop top. Add a sparkly handbag and juttis to spice up the look. Pairing a fitted crop top with a long skirt coupled with a vibrant dupatta can be another option. The possibilities are endless.

The Celebrity-in-making Look

Arouse the diva lying latent inside by pairing a crop top with a favorite pair of high-waisted denim pants. Celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, and Gigi Hadid vouch for the crop top and denim look. Style a printed crop top with a midi skirt and sneakers for that extra edge. Take a cue from the fact that celebrities are not afraid to experiment! Apply the mantra, "Go big or go home," when making styling decisions.

Do not forget to wear huge sunglasses to complete the look. Tying the hair into a sleek ponytail and picking up some delicate jewelry will perfectly complement the outfit, while keeping the overall look minimal.

The Gym-ready Look

Crop tops are a godsend for all those ladies who love to work out. They are stylish as well as very comfortable while moving about. Celebrities are also huge fans of crop tops paired with workout bottoms. Even so, anyone can achieve the gym-ready look with minimal effort and at a fraction of the price. Workout leggings pair perfectly with a crop top. The only mantra here is comfort. Consider, for example, the make of the fabric. It should not cause discomfort or itchiness while working out.

Sportswear brands the likes of UnderArmour, Nike, Adidas, and Puma offer crop tops made especially for workouts. They are made of quick-dry fabric and have better elasticity. Loose-fitting high-waisted joggers also look great with a fitted crop top. Complete the look by adding comfortable sneakers and a high ponytail.


Crop tops are a timeless outfit choice for millions of women across the world. They have peaked in different eras and will make always find their place in a savvy fashionista's wardrobe.

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