All You Need To Know Before Taking On The Catwalk Way
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All You Need To Know Before Taking On The Catwalk Way

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Summary: When a brand takes the catwalk route, they allow the audience a sneak peek into its collections. Fashion shows are a great way for designers to keep in touch with their target audience. These catwalk events also help brands make money and boost sales, which is why they should carefully select models and properly market the event.

When a brand takes the catwalk route, it is the start of its designs’ journey from the runway to its buyers’ closets. It is, therefore, important to present the designs in the right light. While the designs are the key to the buyers’ hearts, equally important is a well-produced fashion show that allows a preview of the designs.

A successful catwalk event is comprised of a combination of quality apparel, the right models, a suitable venue, and, most importantly, marketing to reach the right audience for the brand. A fashion show is a great way to introduce a brand to the public and help promote new designs. The fashion industry is something that is growing fast, and many different brands are trying to break into the industry. Read on to learn more about what goes into making a successful catwalk event.

The Elements of a Successful Catwalk Event

Catwalk shows are events where a fashion designer or brand introduces their upcoming collection. Major brands spend a lot of money producing these shows, and with good reason since a catwalk show can make or break a brand. There are a lot of moving parts to a successful catwalk show, and it's not just about the clothes. Here are the most important elements of a successful catwalk show:

Designs that tell the brand’s story

When a brand’s designs follow the catwalk, they speak to the target audience. A lot of production and creative elements go into the organization of a successful fashion show, but enough emphasis cannot be laid on the importance of clothes. Designers should pick from the latest trends but also keep the collection universal to let the designs survive short-lived trends. They can take a cue from global fashion weeks to get an idea of what’s in store for the coming seasons. They can turn to AI-based trend forecasting to help brands make profits from each collection. 

Picking a venue and setting a theme 

A catwalk event is a great way to introduce fresh designs to the target audience. Once a brand has decided to go the catwalk route, the next step is to choose a venue with the right ambiance. Then, they should pick an innovative theme that matches the design aesthetics of their collection. Lighting and color set the mood for the catwalk; stage layout and backdrop are other essentials that go into a critical planning stage. The atmosphere is the key to bringing out the best in the designs. For example, an urban or industrial setting works for a contemporary show, while comfortable, warm surroundings are suitable for formal clothing.

Models that fit the brand image 

After the designs, choosing the right models is the most important element of a successful fashion show. When models walk the catwalk, they are not only representing a brand but also bringing their designs to life. Once the show's theme is decided, brands can hire models accordingly. They may choose models with various body types, sizes, and diverse ethnic backgrounds. Based on the collection and the theme, brands can use a mix of male and female models.

Do they have a social media presence?

social media presence

Recently, Vivien Models manager Catherine McGill revealed that many brands refuse to work with models who have less than 10K followers on Instagram. The rise of our "now" supermodels like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid is as much attributed to their social media stature as to their beautiful poses. While brands may not have the budget to hire supermodels, they should go for models with a social media presence to reach the model’s followers.

Using social media to market the catwalk event 

social media

Social media is now a major component of business marketing. From virtual shows to design previews, brands and designers can use it to generate buzz around their collections. They can inform audiences about what to expect in a fashion show by posting curtain-raisers and a sneak peek of upcoming designs. Working with models or social media influencers before their designs hit the runway can also help the brand's social media presence.

Making use of technology

use of technology

In the age of live streaming, brands should embrace technology wholeheartedly. Tech can help brands reach a wider audience and also boost their image. Catwalk events can be live-streamed to reach audiences beyond those present at the venue. Moreover, brands can use technology to enhance the audience's experience at the show. Virtual effects or big screens will give guests a better view of the clothes from different angles.

Get, set, go!

fashion brand

While walking for a fashion brand, a model should reflect the brand and embody its design aesthetic. As more brands become conscious of their choices, catwalk events need models who blend in with their brand image. Before a brand’s designs take the catwalk, they should also look at the latest trends and themes to make the right selection of clothes. Brands looking for trend forecasts can get in touch with Fashinza now!

Key Takeaways

  • Going the catwalk way now requires brands to be more tech-savvy and it is important to embrace technology. Live-streaming and recording their event is a must!
  • Clothing, venue, and ambiance can all make or break a catwalk event.
  • Before their designs hit the catwalk, brands should use social media and traditional methods of promotion to generate pre-event buzz.

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