A Model’s Guide For Aceing the Perfect Catwalk
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A Model’s Guide For Aceing the Perfect Catwalk

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Summary: For a successful show, a catwalk model has to put together the right outfit, be in top shape, and get the right walk. You can learn the art of catwalking with a few easy steps. Start by focusing on your facial expressions, posture, walk, and personality that oozes confidence.

Catwalk is an art, and catwalk models should ace their walks to perfect this art. Every time they showcase a brand’s collection on the ramp, they should walk with the utmost ease, confidence, and smooth movements to make the designs more presentable. Here’s your model’s guide to the perfect catwalk.

Be Versatile With Your Facial Expressions

When you’re walking down the ramp, it is important to have facial expressions that do not take the attention away from your outfit, as the idea of a catwalk is to showcase a designer’s collection in the best possible way. A model’s facial expressions during a catwalk are one of the most significant factors in defining their long-term success. If you are just beginning your career as a model, follow these simple steps to nail the perfect facial expression. 

  • Chin down, attitude up: Without hanging or drooping your head, set your chin slightly down. When you are on the ramp, doing your catwalk, you are above the eye level of the audience, so setting your chin down makes your face more visible to the audience and adds the perfect angle to your face to flaunt the right attitude of a model—not too boastful yet powerful. While your chin is down, don’t stoop your head too low; act like a string attached to your head is holding your head high.
  • Straight face at its best: Showcase your expression without having a smile on your face. Don’t keep your lips too light; have a more natural look with your lips slightly parted. Remember, a model should not distract the audience from the collection they are wearing for the catwalk. Practice a straight face in front of the mirror before you’re ready for your catwalk.
  • Focus with Your Eyes: As you cannot smile or give any other expressions during a catwalk, the only way to exhibit your confidence on the ramp is through your eyes and eyebrows. Do not look around; keep your eyes fixed on a point in front of you. Just like the focus of the camera's lens, keep your eye contact focused. However, keep your focus balanced and feel confident and natural. 

A Confident Walk Takes You a Long Way 

Confident Walk

If you watch professional models walking the ramp, you’ll notice they have one thing in common—a walk streaming with confidence and a self-assuring posture. While it may seem easy, a catwalk is far trickier to perfect. To get more opportunities in your career and walk the ramp for fashion weeks in Paris, Milan, and New York, you must master the skill of a perfect catwalk. 

  • Don’t swing, stand straight: At the front of the ramp, hundreds of cameras are capturing the collection from all angles, so it is vital to maintain a confident posture. Stand as straight as possible, shoulders slightly back. Don’t keep your body too stiff, and make the look easier and more natural. 
  • Long, sure strides: Imagine you’re walking in a straight line without looking down. Consider it like walking on a rope with your lower body swinging left to right and then back from right to left without any scope for tripping. For the catwalk of a classic model, walk with confidence. Place one foot directly in front of the other; do not swing your lower body too much to make it look natural.
  • Sync your arms with the body: Do not exaggerate your movement. Keep it elegant yet classic. Swing your arms lighter than you swing your body. The key is to have a natural flow, don’t keep them too stiff, and don’t keep them too loose. Let your hands relax, and do not hold your fingers closely. It is okay to keep the natural spacing between your fingers. 
  • Practice with heels on: Practice your catwalk in heels as much as possible. Regardless of how comfortable the footwear is, you must practice. No catwalk is complete without a pair of high heels; practice as much as you need to before you hit the ramp. 

Work on the Attitude for Your Catwalk 

Attitude for Your Catwalk

Even when you don’t feel it, pretend confidence and attitude in your walk while being natural. You might be incredibly nervous, but you cannot show that on the ramp. Practice and learn during your pre-walk-throughs.

  • Add rhythm to your steps: While practicing your catwalk, play some music with strong beats. Practice walking with your heels on and an attitude like you're grooving to some upbeat music. Maintain a composed posture and go with the flow. 
  • Master your catwalk by looking at the experts: It is always best to look at the models who ace their catwalk and learn from them. Check out the iconic catwalks of Karlie Kloss, where she adopts a different walk for each of the fashion show themes. You can also learn from Kate Moss, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, and more. The more you watch them walk and practice, the better you become. 

Showcasing a collection in style

While walking down the ramp, one needs to ace the catwalk and do justice to the collection they’re presenting to the audience. While a designer’s success depends on their collection, presentation holds the key to capturing your audience’s attention. That’s where a model comes in. If you are a brand or designer looking for ideas for fashion trends and sourcing clothes for fashion shows, visit us at Fashinza.

Key Takeaways:

  • While walking down the ramp, models should focus on their facial expressions. Keep your chin down and your eyes focused on one point without smiling. 
  • Walk straight without your arms swinging too much. 
  • Practice your catwalk posture and walk with confidence and attitude. 

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