How To Style Leather From Fall To Winter 2023
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How To Style Leather From Fall To Winter 2023

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Summary: Leather is ruling Fall/Winter street style trends and fashion weeks alike. It is a sensible fashion choice for sweater weather, therefore, adding leather to one’s wardrobe at this time of year is totally worth it.

The Fall Winter 2023 trend charts declare all-over leather fits to be the most avant-garde way to wear this classic material. Even statement leather pieces in an outfit juxtaposed with softer or textured garments are highly edgy and more ready-to-wear. Vegan leather is also a top choice for modern-day leather outfits as it is more in line with the sustainability shift that many fashion brands are adopting.

Fashion houses, budding designers, and fashion labels need to hop on the leather trend this season because it is all the rage. Here’s a guide to styling leather in the chicest ways possible for Fall.

Leather Midi Dresses: Structured Statement Pieces With A Feminine Spin

Paris Fashion Week saw Katie Holmes attend the Chloé runway show in one of the designer’s leather creations. This whipstitch leather midi dress in a creamy white hue is the perfect example of how the fabric can elevate an otherwise feminine dress with a textural edge. Leather midi dresses can be considered formal and business casual as well.

Leather Co-Ord Sets: Versatile & Edgy Wardrobe Essentials

Imitation leather co-ord sets offer an easy-breezy style that also exudes an edge. These are the kind of co-ord sets that can be transitioned from day to night, effortlessly. The silver shirt and short set by Adidas X Ivy Park is a sporty co-ord set with a crinkled texture that can be styled even in a rush and still look awesome.

Leather Gowns: Couture Garments That Scream Artistic Elegance

Kim Kardashian is a fan of dramatic leather gowns and she’s been rocking everything from Dolce & Gabbana to Balenciaga couture in that respect. Leather or imitation leather gowns have an artistic appeal and let the wearer exude ornamental elegance. Incorporating leather gowns in one's evening wear collections is a great idea that not many other brands will think of.

The Leather Skirt: Constructed For The Femme Fatale

As the temperature dips, the lengths rise! Leather skirts are flirty and can be paired with almost any other piece of clothing. The trend features a silhouetted structure that is fitted. Leather skirts, be it low-rise or high-waisted, come in different shades and tap on the consumers' desire to express their sexuality as well as classiness.

Leather Corsets: Mid-Century Modern Style With A Gothic Twist

The leather corset is an extension of the regency core trend and has been popping up in different versions, popular among which include the strapless versions and tank sleeve corsets. Bella Hadid was spotted wearing an underbust leather corset over a sleeveless black tank top and it looks utterly stylish. This leatherwear taps into the consumers' desire to be audacious while emitting feminine sexuality and empowerment.

Leather Boots: The Classic Footwear Choice That Is Always Being Reimagined

Be it Chelsea style, knee-high, thigh-high, cowboy, calf length, or pants boots, leather boots are always a good idea and an essential fashion accessory. It is durable footwear that can be worn with flowy dresses and even all-leather outfits. Zendaya makes a case for it through her collection designed by Tommy Hilfiger. 

Patchwork Leather: The Devil’s In The Details

Jackets with leather patchwork or a knit skirt with leather pockets are a great way to showcase leather detailing. Dua Lipa, on the other hand, took patchwork leather to a whole other level as she posed in a vintage Thierry Mugler leather gown that resembles a flame and has patches of pink, purple, and black leather material sewn together. 

Leather Jacket: The Grungy Biker Fashion Staple

The leather biker jacket is untouchably timeless and is one of the easiest leatherwear to style. A good leather jacket goes well over dresses or even with a basic tee and jeans and is hands down one of the best fits for fall and winter.

Leather Leggings: Imitate The Glossiness Of Leather With Latex 

You can imitate the glossiness of leather with latex materials instead and the results are beautiful. Bella Hadid walked the Versace runway show and displayed the beauty of red latex leggings alongside other models, including her sister Gigi Hadid.

The LBD But Make It All Leather

The Little Black Dress gets a whole lot edgier when leather is involved. Kylie Jenner proves that leather LBDs are the hottest choice whenever in doubt about what to wear. At first glance, this looks like a one-piece dress but it really is a skirt and blouse set from Blumarine. Note how she also pulls off this stunning latex ensemble with leather boots.

Leather Be Swagger

Styling leather for Fall isn't that tricky at all. Everything from statement leather pieces within an ensemble to head-to-toe leather outfits is runway-approved and even celebrity-approved. Therefore, incorporating leatherwear into your upcoming collections is a smart decision. As listed above, there are tons of ways one can style leather for Fall. So if you're a designer label or fashion house, offering up a selection of stylish leather garments this season will be highly lucrative.

Key Takeaway

  • Singular leather pieces can be easily styled by consumers. For example, they can throw on a leather jacket with a tee and jeans or pair a leather skirt with a formal cotton shirt.
  • Wearing leather from head to toe is highly fashionable and it is also runway-approved.
  • Classic design pieces like leather biker jackets, leather skirts, leather trench coats, and leather boots are trending this season. These key pieces can be mixed and matched to create stunning leather looks.

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