5 Things To Look Out For In 2022 Spring For Every Textile Retailer
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5 Things To Look Out For In 2022 Spring For Every Textile Retailer

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Having concluded the display of all major fashion weeks around the world with their Spring Collections, it is that time of the year when the fashion world is talking about the Spring 2022 trends. The designs presented on the runways with the discussion of collections done allow the retailers to pick up on the latest trends. The Spring 2022 collections are now going from the runway to the retail outlets. Here are the 5 top Spring 2022 trends that textile retailers must look out for when stocking their spring collections.


The joy and enthusiasm of the world slowly coming back to life after a two-year pause was clearly visible in the fashion shows. The splendid colors bringing life back to the somber wardrobes was one of the highlights of nearly every show. From the biggest names in the industry to the latest entrants, each fashion house boldly played with different color palettes and styles.

Spring 2022 Trends\r\n

Looking at all the major fashion events showcasing their Spring/Summer collections, one can safely say that the most prominent Spring 2022 trend will be the use of colors. However, there are several distinct techniques employed by fashion houses to implement this trend. Textile retailers would do great to go into a little more detail about these, as these will give a better idea of the textiles to pick in the Spring / Summer season.

  • Color Blocking – The one trend that never goes out of style as far as high fashion is considered. Color blocking was one of the most prominent Spring 2022 trends as big names like Tom Ford, Versace, and Valentino used this technique in their collections. When more than one fashion greats adopt a particular style, it is the perfect trend to pick on for a retailer. As a textile retailer set to order your Spring 2022 collection, take a leaf out of the book of the biggest names in the industry for color blocking.
  • Monochromes – While the stalwarts may have gone for color blocking to add a splash of fun in their designs, there is no denying the elegance of monochromes. Be it the saturated Fuschia, the color ruling the runways this year – yellow, or even the timeless black. Monochromatic dresses are the statement all fashion enthusiasts want to be making this summer.

To capitalize on the Spring 2022 trends as a textile retailer, make sure you have a good selection of monochromatic sophistication in your collection. Want reassurance before you add them to your catalog? This year, the names showcased this style – Bottega Veneta, Versace, Max Mara, and Blumarine. The other important factor was that this trend wasn’t restricted to dresses—everything from bags, shoes and even baseball caps utilized it.

  • Bridal Vibes – A slight variation of the monochromes, making its presence felt, was the abundance of white and its many shades. With spring being a season of celebrations, the bridal vibe among the collections was unmissable. Whether getting married this season or attending one, the variations of the bridal whites are definitely on top of the Spring 2022 trends. As a retailer, this is one trend you must be aware of.
  • Patterns – When the collections are about colors, why not play it up a little more? That seems to be the question asked by most designers themselves. The answers played out in various patterns on display at the runways worldwide. From bold and meaningful to abstract, patterns were a mainstay of the designs of some big names. The actual patterns differed according to designer styles. While Lanvin and Isabel Marant preferred print-on-print floral patterns, Jason Wu opted for watercolor renditions. Tie-and-dye and geometric patterns were other choices. Whatever be your choice, know that as a fashion retailer, you can not ignore one of the biggest Spring 2022 trends – patterns on dresses!

Black & White –

With so much emphasis on color and design, it is easy to assume that color will be the focus of this Spring 2022 trend. That, however, cannot be further from the truth. While color dominated many Spring/Summer collections across the fashion weeks, another popular trend was at the other end of the spectrum. Black & White graphic designs were prominent on the runways around the world. If you are a textile retailer trying to finalize your collection for the next season, know that one of the hottest Spring 2022 trends will be the B&W graphics. So, choose wisely. After all, you will follow the guidance of designers like Balenciaga, Carolina Herrera, and Missoni.

Oversized Jackets –

Moving on from colors and patterns, make a note if you wonder which are some of the must-have pieces in your collection. A garment piece that will be the hottest of all the Spring 2022 trends is the oversized jackets! Yes, the comfort of the pandemic years is not going away so quickly. Free-flowing designs with a lot of room for movement and coziness are what this trend is all about. The oversized jackets add their charm coordinated with oversized trousers or a fitting evening dress.

Backed by the biggest names in the industry like Prada, Louis Vuitton, Raf Simons, and Chanel, you cannot go wrong with these beauties. So, stock up on the oversized jackets, and remember – the bigger, the better when it comes to these voluminous lovelies!

Fringes –

Spring 2022 Trends\r\n

When you think of fashion, is it only about dresses? No, right! Then, how can the Spring 2022 trends be only about dresses? Here is a trend equally applicable to dresses and accessories – the fringe. Whether a maxi dress, a crop top, or a playful handbag to go with the dress, fringes made their presence felt everywhere on the runways. They are now ready to make their presence felt in the wardrobes across the world.

While the fringe has been around as a design concept, it's not on the fringes anymore! Their relative importance is more prominent this season. The designs are not restricted to tiny ruffles on hems. Instead, the heavier and detailed fringes are the trend this time around. That is what you must know as a fashion retailer. Need more evidence on the relevance of this trend? Some names presented and backed this trend – Fendi, Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani, and Oscar de la Renta. Can you want any more assurance before adding this Spring 2022 trend to your offering?

Stripes –

Another timeless staple design that is back in trend for the Spring/Summer collections. Adding an element of freshness, clear definition, and a sense of direction in the abstract world of fashion design, stripes are a great tool in the hands of creative designers. From the bold color-blocked stripes to the more traditional vertical lines, stripes are here to stay.

A strong pick among the Spring 2022 trends for fashion designers and retailers alike, there are so many ways one can play with stripes. The classic black & white stripes or the tastefully woven lines; stripes add playfulness and life to the garments. The Spring/Summer collections for 2022 have been about the creative use of these stripes to bring out the defining characteristics of garments. Not just apparel, the design has also found a way onto accessories and is a great contender for the most popular Spring 2022 trends.

Stripes must be a part of their collection for any textile retailer looking to update their Spring 2022 offerings. Some designers who creatively incorporated stripes in their designs during the Fashion Weeks include Tory Burch, Marni, Schiaparelli, and Kenneth Ize. Go ahead, add the stripes to your catalog and be on top of the Spring 2022 trends.

Closing Thoughts

Do you like the idea of having all the Spring 2022 trends summarized in one place for your quick reference? Does this make your life as a textile retailer a little easier? We have just one more question, if you answered yes to any question. Would you like to keep updated with all the latest happenings in the fashion industry? If you do, head over to Fashinza.

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