5 Simple Tips To Improve Your Fashion Sense
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5 Simple Tips To Improve Your Fashion Sense

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Summary: Fashion is not a one-size-fits-all concept. One person's definition of fashion might be another person's biggest nightmare. Fashion is a subjective phenomenon. Good dressing is a skill that takes time to master, so let's start with five simple steps that can improve anyone's fashion sense.

Not only does fashion enhance our personality, but it also determines how an individual is perceived by others. Fashion is subjective, and it is hard to become an expert in the field of fashion. However, it's not hard to understand what trend is in and what is out. Fashion is mostly all about colors, textures, and prints that are available and trending during a time.

Fashion has been a major topic for the past few decades, with the fashion industry growing worth billions of dollars.

The Game of Style

It's imperative to look presentable and stylish. The sense of style in a person's clothing communicates a lot about their personality, and it is achieved only with time. And so, there should be a conscious effort while compiling an ensemble for an occasion.

It is often said that style is timeless and unique. A relevant sense of style can be achieved only by adding must-have staples and statement pieces to the closet. There should be a basic knowledge of color schemes and body tones. It's the key to developing a good sense of style.

In-depth knowledge of body shapes and proportions also adds to achieving a splendid styling sense. It's very important to stay updated with the latest trends and styles. Professional fashion enthusiast is always on a mission to improve the styling sense of their clients.

5 Ways To Look Effortlessly Stylish

This blog post talks about how to be stylish by enlisting five simple tips. Read on to explore.

1) Essential bottom separates

Let's start with the must-have bottoms. Denim is a wardrobe staple, and as per the trend, they are available in various fits and structures — like boot cuts, flared ones, iconic distressed denim, mom jeans, and straight fits.

Breezy trousers with dainty prints, crafted in mellow fabrics, are also a must-have. A pair or two of shorts are for those fun getaway looks. Skirts of all kinds — the pencil fit, the skater fit, and the A-line fit, are mandatory to upgrade the sense of style. One of the most in-vogue bottoms separates is the biker shorts. With so many varieties of bottoms in a wardrobe, splendid styles can be achieved.

Essential bottom

2) The Staple Tops

Good styling includes the addition of trending tops. The ones charting the trend in tops are crop tees, graphic T-shirts, corset tops, draped tops, ruffled tops, printed tops, and solid spaghetti. Oversized button-down shirts are also very much in style.

It is strongly advised to choose the texture of the tops based on the weather conditions. Experimentation with quirky colors, prints, and patterns always adds a refreshing element to the ensemble, which contributes to a good sense of style.

Staple Tops

3) The Darling Dresses

Dresses are a must-have in a woman's wardrobe. Let's enlist the kinds of dresses that are essential to developing a good sensibility for style and elegance. Slip maxi dresses with tiers and dainty prints are essential for date outfits. And a little black dress is like a staple and adds charm to a party look. Whereas, shift dresses usually play a great role in enhancing the workwear look.

Experiment with different cuts, drapes, and structures when it comes to nailing the style of dresses. Carefully pick the prints and colors as per the choice of the clients.

4) Layering and pairing

A good sense of style revolves around the layering elements. A few of the winning and trending styles are beige trench coats, sheer capes, denim jackets, kaftan-style overlays, tie-dye shrugs, blazers, cardigans, and bomber jackets.

The layering is the game changer of an ensemble. It adds structure and grace to a look. Play with varieties of prints and fits for a stand-out look.

Layering and pairing

5) Accessories and more

The accessories play a vital role in upgrading any ensemble. A few of the accessory staple includes well-structured totes, sling and clutch bags, printed scarfs, gold and silver accent chunk jewels, stockings with different patterns and colors, cinches of basic shape and colors, and lastly functional yet stylish sunglasses.

The key to good styling is the right selection of undergarments, it's imperative and non-negotiable to be aware of the size and proportion of the client to pick the right fit. Makeup and hairstyle also play a key role in the upgradation of a look, and one should not go wrong with it. It's recommended to decide on the same after studying the mood of the ensemble.

Accessories and more

The Final Touch

Professional fashion aesthetes are advised to keep these how to be stylish guidelines handy, and apply them in creating their next line of the ensemble. If any help is needed regarding logistics or to reach out to distributors and manufacturers, visit Fashinza's AI-driven platform. Contact us to book your demo.

Key Takeaways:

  • Always keep the measurement guides handy and pick the outfits accordingly.
  • Add statement pieces through which more than one style can be achieved.
  • A look test before finalizing the ensemble is highly recommended.

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