5 Easy Ways To Style Flare Jeans In 2023
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5 Easy Ways To Style Flare Jeans In 2023

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Summary: Flare jeans were a wardrobe must-have in the 90s. Everyone growing up in that era had at least one pair they loved and wore with everything from spaghetti tops to tees. In this blog, we’re sharing five exciting ways to style these bottoms in the 21st century. 

Flare jeans are pants that start getting broader at the knees and keep widening as they reach the ankle. The base of flared pants can have a regular flare, like the iconic bootcut, or have dramatic wide bottoms. Another style of flare jeans is the bell bottom, which are pants that have a bold, bell-shaped silhouette from the knee below.

This style was popular in the 1960s and then became one of the most influential fashion trends of the 90s decade. Flared denim became ubiquitous in the 90s and has made a comeback in recent years. They are comfy and easy to pair with an array of tops and footwear, making them a go-to denim choice even in 2023. Let’s check out how to style flare jeans in five ways, in sync with the millennial consumer’s fashion sense. 

1. The Classic & Elegant Look 

A plain white shirt teamed with any kind of bottom wear is a style that can never go wrong. It is chic, graceful and the perfect definition of smart casual. Pairing the iconic white shirt and flare jeans with peep-toe pumps and a structured handbag is hands-down the best casual outfit ever! If your brand stocks flared jeans in its catalog, then add some styles of white shirts and statement shoes to create a look that’s timeless and stylish.

2. Casual Meets Cool & Trendy

While flare jeans and other denim styles in the 90s were big and bold, the flared pants that have come back in fashion are a bit more structured and have better silhouettes. Now, if you are wondering how to style flare jeans for a casual and trendy look in 2023, keeping it simple and adding modern elements is the key! 

They can be worn high waist along with a knitted sweater and oversized jacket for a truly contemporary look. Add a woolen scarf to complete the winter ensemble and pick a pair of neutral-colored boots to tie the whole look together. If you plan on having flare jeans in your label’s collection this year, then be sure to add some oversized outwear to go with it. 

3. Go Grunge à la the 90s 

Flare jeans are back in 2023 and so is the iconic era of grunge fashion. And what’s better than mixing the two and creating a look that’s retro chic? A classic turtle neck or a full-sleeve bodysuit teamed with a biker leather jacket and flare jeans is the ultimate tribute to the 90s grunge look. Pick combat boots or chunky sports shoes and accessorize with slim sunglasses and ring stacks to create a style that’s rugged with a side of smart. 

4. Flare the Formal Way

Thinking about how to style flare jeans for a smart formal look? Well, the answer is a chic, well-fitted blazer. Pair the flared denim with a simple blouse and layer it with a structured blazer to take the look from basic to stylish in a few seconds. Choose platform heels or stilettos and a formal handbag to bring the whole together. 

If you are a fashion brand that specializes in formal wear, add a couple of flare denim styles to your casual collection, so your customers can create smart workwear looks that are anything but basic. 

Formal Way

5. The Truly 90s-Inspired Look

Flare jeans paired with a flannel shirt is an outfit that’s straight out of a 90s lookbook. These two iconic pieces were a hit outfit during the 90s era. Today, this look can be worn with a modern spin by layering with oversized jackets and boots. Accessorizing with metal chain jewelry and adding a leather belt can take this look to a whole new level. 

90s-Inspired Look

Flaring The Way Into 2023

Flared jeans are big in 2023 and rest assured they are here to stay. Millennial consumers are resurrecting iconic styles from the 90s and getting into the retro fashion vibe this year. And now that you know how to style flare jeans, it is good to add some top wear and accessories to your brand that will complement this pant style. 

Key Takeaways

  • Flare jeans are back in fashion in 2023 and have been seen on catwalks everywhere. 
  • This pant style has revamped its loose-fit look from the 90s into something more well-fitted and clean-cut. 
  • The possibility of styling flared jeans is practically endless. It can be worn with everything from casual tees to blazers and styled in the most basic or bold and outrageous ways. 
  • Flared and loose-fit denim are the trendiest bottoms in 2023. And if you are a brand that’s looking to venture into casual wear, adding these styles to your collection is sure to set you up for a good start. 

If you want to pop up your brand’s collection with some 90s appeal, Fashinza can connect you to reliable manufacturers and suppliers to make your operations easier, transparent, and hassle-free. Contact us to know more! 


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