10 Simone Rocha H&M Design Ideas that You Should Steal Right Away!
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10 Simone Rocha H&M Design Ideas that You Should Steal Right Away!

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The Irish designer, who is known for her subversive femininity, has now collaborated with the retail giant, H&M, making everyone a part of the romantic and fairy-tale world of Simone Rocha. 

Over the years, H&M has collaborated with several brands, right from Jimmy Choo to Versace to The Vampire’s Wife, but the Simone Rocha H&M collaboration is one of its kind. It has been an instant sell-out since its launch. The sensational collection ranges from Victorian frocks to pin-tucked trenches to organza overlay tunics. Simply phenomenal!

What’s more, Simone Rocha H&M has for the first time created designs for men and kids. They have come up with a collection based on neo-classical references, babydoll silhouettes, lurex tweed, embroidery, and baroque pearls ensuring Rocha’s aesthetic touch. This collection is a jaunty ode to Rocha's unique style. 

Simone Rocha H&M considers sustainability a key factor. Hence, they have used sourced organic cotton, recycled polyester, and new, compostable yarn. The collection uses a subtle color palette with shades of cream, pink, and red. 

Also on offer are pearl headbands, beaded earrings and sides, heel derby shoes, and mules. It also has a limited city line edition which was created in London, Paris and Shanghai to mark her 10th anniversary. Simone Rocha created dresses to be exclusively sold in corresponding cities - such as, for New York, she has a tinsel tulle coat; for Paris, she had a scuba mesh dress; and for Shanghai, she has a water repellent trench coat. For London, she made a red sequin dress and an embellished band. She created only 10 of each piece and they were sold in seconds.

You should go for the collection’s frilly frocks, tulle pieces, and the timeless tartans ranging from cotton candy to black in color. A plaid dress in bright red and white colors is exactly what you need when you go out on lunch dates - pair it with black boots and a cute bag. Or pick a sleeveless cotton candy floral dress paired with flats or sandals - just add statement earrings and a necklace. 

Take your pick from organic dresses, trousers, bubble knits, woollen cardigans, hoodies and joggers, and even pearl-embellished T-shirts with statement looks. Trenches with puffed-up sleeves for women and full-hand trench coats for men are some of the latest designs. 

10 Simone Rocha H&M Design Ideas to Die for

Simone Rocha H&M Design Ideas

1. A cute Simone Rocha H&M accessory is a must. The bright red earrings will go perfectly with long midi dresses. Also, the red hair pins can add a little mischief.

2. Simone Rocha H&M chunky knit sweater is a must-have, which can be paired with bootcut denim and white shoes with a pearl headband. You can also pair it with a jacquard midi dress - add statement jewelry to complete your look. Pick a Simone Rocha H&M black bow handbag. 

3. A beautiful black satin tie dress can be  paired with a white or black handbag and pearl earrings - you will be elegance personified.

4. And for all the casual people who try to keep it minimal, you have the best flared hoodie and joggers paired together to give you a comfy and dapper look. The hoodie and joggers are both in black, the color that suits every occasion and place. You can complete this look with black slippers or boots. 

5. To have a more dramatic look, you can pair a pink dress with a mesh dress - top it up with bright red shoes and red hairpins, all from Simone Rocha H&M. The mesh dress has pearls embellished at the center ensuring a minimalist yet elegant look. You can also pair a long, pink coat with red high socks and feather slip shoes - accessorize with a headband and bow earrings. 

6. A sheer top, tartan trousers, and beaded earrings can be perfect for an outing with your friends. A black sheer top with flared sleeves goes amazingly well with checkered red and black trousers - team them up with black boots or black marabou mules. You can also pair the tartan trousers with a pink bow blouse. 

7. A black mesh dress can be paired with a pink floral dress - black beaded earrings and black socks will add some extra drama to this look. You can complete this look with a black bow and hair tied in a low bun. Clean, neat and dramatic - isn’t it?

8. A tartan dress in pink and red can gel with a pearl headband with marabou mules. You can complete this look with a small, cross-body bag with white shoes. Or you can pick a side sling bag, black or brown, with flats or sandals. Hark back to your high school days!

9. Another statement look involves pairing an embroidered dress with a bow bag and beaded headband with clean, black shoes and cute, minimalist bow necklace. A period piece, no doubt. 

10. A floral black dress with puffed-up sleeves can be paired up with floral, full-length socks, and accessorized with black feather mules and a black bow bag. You can also pair this black dress with a knitted sweater and black boots. This look can be complemented by a black school bag.

Simone Rocha has also created timeless looks for men with options ranging from casual outerwear to a cool summer park embellished collar trench coats. Men can also choose from hoodies, T-shirts, shirts, knitted sweaters and colorful cardigans. 

Simone Rocha H&M not only has dramatic, elegant dresses, but also beautiful, statement-making accessories - headpieces, necklaces, and so on. The red and black crystal hair clips and earrings can match with any outfit. She also offers bow earrings and tiaras.

H&M is a fast fashion brand, Simone Rocha has value for sustainability and together they created a sustainable fashion range using organic cotton and recycled polyester. The women's wear collection is available from XS to L. 

Simone Rocha H&M Design Ideas

The Simone Rocha H&M launch was shot by Tyler Mitchell. The collaboration was dainty and sanguine just like H&M colorful fashion and Simone Rocha’s beautiful designs. The two giants definitely made a dreamy collection for all the ladies, gentlemen and little ones out there. 

The prices at Simone Rocha H&M range from $5 (for kids’ socks) to $199 (for men and women’s dresses or shoes). But some pieces have been sold at higher prices when the collection was launched (and sold out!). For someone who doesn't have a designer budget but has an eye for Simone Rocha, the collaboration with H&M can be ideal. 


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