What Will Be The Most Demanded Fabrics Decor For 2022-2025?

What Will Be The Most Demanded Fabrics Decor For 2022-2025?

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With the start of 2022, fashion enthusiasts are more excited than ever to discover the fabric home decor trends for 2022-2025. Although there are a lot of amazing predictions for the upcoming and trending decor fabrics, experts have voted for some of the top trends that will rage in 2022-25. These most demanded fabrics for decor include:

Earth-Inspired Fabrics Decor Prints 

Earth-Inspired Fabrics Decor Prints

Beth Travers, the founder of Bobo1325 - a maximalist design house, predicts that environmental changes will be the most concerning thing in 2022. 

“Climatic changes have made it through the headlines, and this narrative getting transformed via design has already started,” says Beth. “Fabrics for decor are bringing the stories into homes, and it’s the stories hidden behind every fabric home design which are going to become the trending talking points for the upcoming years.” She added.  

Founder of Davis Interiors, Jennifer Davis, agrees with what Beth has to say. 

“It’s my prophecy that we will see more nature or earth-inspired fabrics for decor purposes: foliage, florals, and cloud-like designs or lines that recreates blades of grass. If fashion gets followed by design, it’s obvious to see splashes of colors in earth tones. Nature has been rediscovered by many in the past year and a half, and I believe that it’s going to keep inspiring fashion design for 2022-25 in terms of decor fabrics, color and pattern.” Davis shared. 

The co-founder of Chasing Paper, Elizabeth Rees, thinks in a similar line and says that “we’ll witness ethereal, celestial prints with an earthy color palette and a soft hand exploring the way into everyone’s home for 2022-25. These earth-inspired fabric for home decor prints will be serene and airy, working efficiently in any space.” 

Heritage-Inspired Fabrics Decor Prints 

The founder of Cumbria, a UK-based design house, Liam Barrett, says that heritage and community are the key factors to play a big role for 2022-2025 interiors. “There’s always something appealing and special about your hometown, whether you made the decision to shift and settle there or were born there,” he says. “So, that’s why community heritage will play a significant role in making its way inside homes for 2022-25.” He added.  

“From symbols that are replicas of specific regions to eccentric urban legends, the emergence in demand for local artisans who can choose to sell their designs to the wider audience via sites like Etsy indicates that interior design is progressively getting shaped by the local community,” Barrett says. 

If this idea is loved, but there’s still some need for anticipation by the fashion designers, Barrett advises to think of “a hand-drawn map, a complete decor fabric inspired by (your) city, or a print of a famous local landmark.” 

Global Fusion Fabric Home Prints 

The artist behind Avalana Design and the fashion designer, Avalana Simpson, says that a global fusion of fabric home print designs will be one of the biggest trends for 2022-2025. 

“The imagination of interior designers has been captivated by Chinoiserie over the years. However, a maximalist makeover can be noticed on it. This fabric for home decor style, which gained popularity from the latter half of the 18th century to the mid-19th century, is distinctive with its stylized bird and flower motifs and exceptional Asian-inspired scenes,” says Simpson. 

Although this style is more suitable for walls or murals, designers are all set to introduce this ethereal print into decor fabric items. 

Animal Print Fabrics Decor

Tapi Carpets owner, Johanna Constantinou, says that “we’ve stepped into a year full of animal prints, which will be mostly seen in carpet fabrics.” 

“As we’re all ready to upgrade fabric for home prints this year, there will be a great opportunity to see flooring differently. We will mostly see the smooth departure from one-dimensional options of beige, and soft gray for 2022-25. Instead, renters, homeowners, and renovators will initiate bolder statements with their fabrics decor for carpeting by adding some designer flair and elevating schemes,” she says.  

“Wool-blend animal print decor fabrics for carpets is all people need to instil a maximalist makeover in homes as we witness detailed leopard print, ocelot designs and zebra print.” She added.  

Fabrics That Will Make The Trend For 2022-2025

Cotton, wool-blend, organic linen, Tencel, and silk are some of the high-quality fabrics that will undoubtedly make the trend for 2022-25. These fabrics are predicted to be a hit in the fashion world for these next few years as they’re preferred for the natural look, sensitive patterns, and “less is more” feeling. Cotton will remain the undisputed fabric king due to its year-round comfort and easy care feature. These above-mentioned fabrics can be used for almost any home print design while ensuring the best comfort, appeal, and style. 

Final Words 

Based on the most demanded decor fabrics for 2022-2025, designers and fashion brands should start making their year-round work strategy to follow the trend while delivering the exact thing that customers want. However, every designer or brand must source their fabric from the most trustworthy and reliable vendor. For instance, Fashinza is the right platform to connect with thousands of reliable vendors to meet your fabric needs. After taking care of the fabric quality, they need to be confident of their skills and creativity, follow the trends, and start designing.


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