What Are The Different Types of Pique Knits and How To Use Them in Designing Clothes?

What Are The Different Types of Pique Knits and How To Use Them in Designing Clothes?

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Hey! Have you been searching for Pique Knits for a very long time but still haven’t succeeded? Well then, you are at the right place. Here, we’ll be helping you pick the best Pique Knit among the different types available. Also, we’ll guide you to use them in designing comfortable and attractive clothes. But before that, we will know what exactly is Pique Knit and its types. Let’s begin.

Pique Knit is a classic polo knit with a ‘honeycomb’ texture. It usually originated from cotton, consisting of upright parallel cords and geometric patterns in the fabric. It is flexible, more durable and the gap between the knits makes it breathable.

So, now you know basic details about Pique Knit, let’s dig deeper into different types of Pique Knits.

Different Types of Pique Knits

There are five different types of Pique Knits:

  1. Double Pique Knit Fabric
  2. Baby Pique Knit Fabric
  3. Micro Pique Knit Fabric
  4. Swiss Pique Knit Fabric
  5. French Pique Knit Fabric

How to Use Pique Knits in Designing Clothes?

Double Pique Knit Fabric

Double Pique Knit Fabric is an old technique to combine the two types of threads. This thread is used to design clothes for all seasons. Double Pique knit is generally used to cut down manufacturing costs. Most of the time, a cheaper quality thread is used with an expensive one. This not only cuts down the cost but also makes it look more aesthetic and appealing. In designing, threads with the same colors are combined to make a similar pattern with a singular effect. Well, for experimentation and learning purposes, you could start with a cheaper fabric.

Baby Pique knit Fabric

Pique Knits Designing Clothes

Baby Pique Knit is knit by attaching the dobby loom. It is made by knitting with fine patterns of ribbing. They are different from jerseys and have parallel cording at the length of the fabric. The fabric is medium-weight and originates from cotton and polyester. It helps in ventilation which makes the cloth bearable, and one can breathe wearing it. The fabric provides a smooth base for children and is more durable than other fabrics. It is suitable for warm summer months.

Micro Pique Knit Fabric

Micro Pique Knit fabric is suitable to design golf shirts and athletic clothes. This fabric is usually soft, made of polyester, and helps to consume sweat from the skin. It is a fussy fabric when stitched. It is preferred to choose simple designs while picking up the Micro Pique Knit Fabric. For Micro Pique Knit, a no-show mesh is preferable because it is soft with a cutaway stabilizer.

Swiss Pique Knit Fabric

Swiss Pique Knit Fabric is a double knit fabric. It is made in honeycomb patterns using knitting and welting methods. It generally leaves minimum wasted space between threads. These are highly elastic and extensible. It often distorts upon laundering. The honeycomb pattern gives the textured centerpiece to the fabric and needs to be knit without leaving a ruffle.

French Pique Knit Fabric

Pique Knits Designing Clothes

French Pique Knit is a stretchy Knit Fabric and has raised the fibers from ribbed-like textures. It comes from different diamond-like shapes. This makes it suitable for designing blouses, knit skirts, and shirt dresses. Likewise, it is adaptable to weather and generally helpful in soaking moisture. Not only that, but it makes fashion apparel more comfortable and stretchable. Furthermore, it is expensive and might not be suitable to make daily wear clothes.


Now you know the different types of Pique Knit fabrics and their pattern and which type can be used to make children’s clothes, designer clothes, blouses, Polo t-shirts, and whatnot. We’re sure you can use these knit fabrics to design your favorite patterns and convert them into a well-aesthetic designer piece of cloth. 

Also, if you further feel confused or have doubts, you can try out your hands at Fashinza. We are a B2B apparel manufacturing platform for budding and already established fashion designers. We can help you connect with the suppliers to get your desired fabric without any problem. You can simply place your order and wait till it arrives at your doorstep.

Best of luck!!


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