Top Trending Fabric Patterns Spotted at Runways in 2022

Top Trending Fabric Patterns Spotted at Runways in 2022

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The fashion season of 2022 is all about unique textures and patterns that are sensual and seductive. The style and fabric patterns appeal to the senses through subtle sheen and 3D architecture, between corsets and silhouettes to drapes and fringes. From well-tailored winter attires to casual floral prints, the fabric patterns of 2022 bring a wide range of quirky and exotic styles that will sweep the fashionistas off their feet. Here are a few of the top trending fabric patterns that will help professionals refine their choices and be runway-ready this year.

Timely Velvets

Fashion can be bold, Sassy, iconic, and modest. However, even today, there is one type of fabric pattern that still manages to stand out. That is nothing but our very own 'versatile velvet,' and the year 2022 didn't disappoint us in this aspect. A velvet wardrobe with luxury and elegance tightly wrapped in the 2022's heartthrob style. The Velvet fabric is trendy because of its luster, texture, shine, and comfort. Experimenting with various bold colors of this fabric pattern is a bonus add-on to modern attire. There are many outfit styles like tuxedos, jumpsuits, dresses, tunics, etc., that come in velvet, and each one of them grabs the eye of the entire crowd. Need more convincing? All eyes on Simone Rocha's Fall 2022 velvet collection.

Faux fur? Always a big yes!

Sustainable fashion is an ideology that promotes change in the products and procedures used by fashion designers. It helps preserve ecological integrity. The discontinuity of real fur and the adaption of Faux fur is one brilliant initiative. It enables modern luxury to be socially and environmentally safe. The Faux Fur vests are the trend of 2022, and they give a cozy yet stylish look that is quite chic. By combining Faux fur with soft shine looks, one can dazzle their audience with minimal effort.

Fifty Shades of Pink

The pink palette is feminine, romantic, soft, and nurturing. At the same time, the color is also known to be sexy, bold, and spicy. Valentino's hot pink winter 2022 show echoes the popularity of the palette for every experience. The fabric pattern can do no wrong, from nude to blush and cozy to coral shades.

The Exotic Flower Garden

Flowers play a crucial role in this fabric pattern. You can find large floral prints splayed across the fabric to give a breezy and fierce look. They can be in the form of painted effects or stamped images. Exotic colors and handcrafted feelings are the heart of this style. It is good on the eyes and heart. Floral prints or Floral graphics were the highlights of the Paris Fashion Week. The Dior look with fringes shook the entire runway with its classy yet titillating style.

Checkout the Checks

Fabric Patterns\n

The Checks fabric pattern is a very famous 90s school girl look with the most creative color blocking. This fashion trend hit the Versace runway this 2022 with a unique array of apparel like fitted custom pants, Blazers, and more. Various checkered fabric patterns will help in truly achieving a classic wardrobe style. Gingham Checks, Glen Paid, Windowpane Checks, Tartan Checks are just a few of the many. A positive aspect of owning a checked fashion attire is that one can always add more layers to give a more exotic look. "A checkered shirt": the official emblem. "A multilayered checkered shirt styling": a night out at the best restaurants around town. See how one can go from office to party within seconds? This talent will come in handy.

Mixed Prints

A mixed pattern is simple, easy on the eyes, and a handy trick that will help you stand out. A blend of polka dots and floral prints is an absolute classic. A striped shirt seamlessly styled with simple patterns has taken the fashion trend by storm. This runway style inspires professionals to be creative and elegant with their art. One can be loud and subtle by combining a checked skirt with a solid colored top or relying on staples for an effortless look. 


If there is one runway style that people started to adapt quickly to (from runway to streets), then that fabric pattern is the fringe style. The manifestation of this style from the western-inspired fringe jackets is an eye-opener to fashion designers. This style subtly points out how today's fashion trend can be more thoughtful and elite. From fringe sweaters to fringe mini skirts, you have an ensemble that suits you for every season. Top designers like Danielle Lee leveraged this style to convey to the audience that whimsy and frivolity are as crucial as a shirt or a tie in the outfit.

  • Tulle-Inspired Pattern

It is known as the floatiest fabric among designers, and this pattern rose to power super quickly in the industry. The material exceeds all eras as it's been in trend for a long time now. Molly Godard and Simone Rocha, the two tulle style inspired girls, took the style to great heights. A tulle-inspired attire is suitable for a night out in a bar and a casual calming evening walk. This flexibility made this design even more accepting among the fashionistas of 2022. The Milan Fashion Week runway of spring 2022 adorned their stage with a beautiful green tulle-inspired outfit that charmed the crowd. 

Animal Print

When people think about Animal Print, the first picture that comes to their mind is the tiger stripes. It is a constant trend in the ever innovating fashion field. The fauna-inspired designs like leopard spots, zebra stripes, and more are abstract and realistic. This spring 2022, a tiger-striped inspired look has made mind-blowing appearances at all four fashion weeks. It had its biggest hit in Italy, where the designers combined Animal Prints with pencil skirts, busty tops and chiffon dresses. The world-famous fashion designer Archana Puneeth says that an animal print-inspired wardrobe of clothes and accessories is a must.

Howdy Cowgirl!

Models whipping up their cowgirl boots and strolling down the runways in exquisite leather clothing made the fashion week even more successful than it originally was. When people talk about the cowgirl trend, it's not all about the attire. It is also about the accessories that highlight the unique features. Leather bags, belts, and shoes are add-ons that complete the look to give out an outback cowgirl vibe. Take a look at Selena Gomez's candid outfit for inspiration. Combining the simplicity of denim shorts and a white t-shirt with cowgirl boots, she aced her street look. A leather jacket paired with a plaid dress is another such combination.

Sculptural Silhouettes

A comfortable sunny day outfit has always been light dresses that help the skin breathe. But this year, it is time to break this flow. With new collections coming in, there is a better alternative: structure. Every professional who works in fashion consumes apparel style as an artwork. The sculptural silhouettes are one such innovation. It is an intelligent amalgam of suiting details, corsets, and repetition of cotton peplum that attracts and comforts the wearer. All thanks to Alexander Wang for flaunting the summer-friendly layering and giving us a nudge towards this new-age trend.

It's All About Texture!

Fabric Patterns\n

The texture is the most crucial aspect of a fabric pattern that will make or break a fashion attire. There are various patterns available for multiple occasions. Satin, sheer crisp, glossy, delicate, matt are just a few. The texture a person wears reveals a lot about their persona. For example, A glossy outfit is not suitable for a work meeting, but a crisp satin shirt is. The main reason for texture to be crucial is that it holds attention. It helps fashion designers leverage the visual medium to attract the customer. One can categorize the fabric texture via the help of human emotions.

  1. Hypnotizing: The fabric pattern has teasing glitter and a magical shine that glimmers in the light. 
  2. Surrealistic: This texture is a masterful creation with sensual fluidity and faded softness.
  3. Exotic: This fabric has bright patterns and colors that light up the day.

Hood and Cape

The Hood and cape is a courtly and elegant fabric pattern proposed by top fashion designers. There isn't any scarcity of capes and capelets in today's era. The best fashion industrialists (including Louis Vuitton) leverage this style to improve brand recognition. Simplicity being the fairy dust, this pattern spellbound even the greatest fashion enthusiasts of the decade. By making the best use of heavy fabrics and a lot of drapes, this pattern thrived in Valentino, Lanvin, and Channel.

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